Thursday, June 28, 2007

When it rains, it pours...literally...

So if you're in England you know that we're having record breaking rain and flooding all over the country. Now, I know that brits in general are OBSESSED with the weather, it's all they talk (complain) about. This time last year it was a record breaking heatwave. After months of wishing for the sun, everyone complained that it was way too hot (which is was, sometimes around 100F) in a country with little or no air conditioning it wasn't pretty. This year they predicted much of the same, but due to our friend CLIMATE CHANGE, the small island is being blessed with the opposite.

This morning I woke up to a rather bright day, luckily the rain hasn't been bad here compared to other parts of the country. So with the best of intentions I put a set of sheets in the washing machine. About two hours later, when they finally finished the spin cycle, I went to hang them on the line. The majority of people in the UK line-dry their clothing, since tumble dryers (which are built in to the washers) aren't very practical and use up LOTS of energy (spending loads of £ on the electric bill). So...I walk out in to the garden, the wind is picking up, and to the left of the house is a big black cloud. WONDERFUL. Ironically, to the right the sun is shining. After almost a year here I know the unpredictability of British weather, so I decided to take the safe (more expensive) route and shove them in the dryer.

I think I'm officially becoming British...I just waste a whole blog post on the weather! Ahahaha! Now I'll state that I'm really excited about getting away from the rain and going home to sunny (freaking hot) Florida in less than a month! Woohoo!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

You Can Go Home Again...(but you might have to clean the house)

The reality of living in a different country, far from home, can never really be explained to someone. Before you depart from home you know that you'll miss your family and friends, your local area, the familiarity of it all. A few months go by, you start to miss your family, start missing certain foods and ways of doing things. A few more months pass, you start feeling isolated, like a stranger in this foreign land that should feel like your home by now (at least a little). It edges towards the year mark, and suddenly it hits you. You've been living this alternative life for nearly a year, feel a bit lonely, and totally out of touch with what's going on at home. As that mark inches toward for me (it'll be in August), I've decided that contrary to popular belief, you can go home again. So with a week off work at the end of July I'm traveling for about 12 hours each way (with connecting flights, not counting the waiting in airports bit) to go home for a week. Desperation makes you do funny things! I'm excited but realize that I will be well and truly knackered (very tired) by the time I get back!