Friday, September 30, 2005

Death by Starbucks: My Latest Addiction

My downfall began when Molly's (the college snack bar/coffee place) started 'proudly brewing' Starbucks coffee. Now, with normal budget constraints I usually refrain from Starbucks unless its a treat. But with this new acquisition of Starbucks on campus I began to falter. The main reason: I get $100 worth of 'Molly's money' on my student ID card because I live on campus and therefore am subjected to the eatable delights of the dining hall. As I type this, my fingers twitch with the familiar buzz of caffeine and sugar jolting through my veins as I consume my tall, white chocolate mocha. I get at least 3 of these per week, sometimes more. I know my balance for my free money is getting low, but I can't help myself. This cup is my demise:

Sweet Addiction

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Whole Lot of Nothing Much

Not much to report on here, just papers, articles, presentations, and all that fun stuff. Loving my new car - I went to Target the other day and got cute seat covers for it and a flip flop shaped air freshener, which reminded my of my future mother-in-law. Speaking of the Queen, she and the rest of the royal court are living it up, in somewhere I've never heard of, on holiday. I swear I don't think my in-laws and co. are ever not on holiday. But thats another reason why I love them.

So Pete had been home alone and fending for himself, so I've been calling him on the phone since we're both alone and therefore, lonely. I'm thinking about going there for almost 2 weeks before Christmas, that way I can spend some time with Pete and his family. Plus it would be weird not to see Pete until just before the wedding!

Oh, speaking of the big w-word, my sister and I went to a wedding expo on Sunday. I guess I should do a bit about what I'm thinking of from that, what I still need to do and etc on my wedding blog. Well that's about it for now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Say Goodbye...and Hello

This may very well be the last day I ride in you, my little Toyota Tercel. Well, this isn't goodbye forever, but soon Chris will probably make you spantaneously combust. I'll miss riding down A1A looking at the beach with you. I'm sorry for running you into that fence at Lopez...for letting you get broken into...and for generally not cleaning you very much. But we've had 5 fun years together, and you're getting old. I hope you don't take this personally...but I'm on to greener pastures. Goodbye my friend, I will remember you fondly as my little car that always got me where I had to go.


Hello new car, with your air conditioning and sun roof. You're newer and brighter, like a fire engine, and although I never saw myself in a red car I can see myself driving you. You're comfortable and dark inside with tinted windows that I'm not quite use to yet but I think we'll be good together. I'm not sure how long I'll have you: it might be less than a year, or longer. But I'll try to wash you more often than I did my tercel, though that probably won't happen. But I won't run you into a fence...well at least I hope not! We shall be good friends...

My Saturday

Was your Saturday as exciting and impressive as mine? ....

No, I didn't think so...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Calendar Girls

I got Calender Girls (2003) from the previously viewed section at Blockbuster over the weekend for $8 woohoo. I wanted to get it for awhile but since Pete's nan has it I always figured I'd just borrow it from her when I was over there and see it, then decide if I wanted to get it on DVD. But $8 isn't bad so I bought it. I really like it, again it was one of those movies I didn't know what to expect and it was surprisingly good! I laughed out loud and cried a bit too, which is always a marking of a good movie. 7 out of 10 stars :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Couple Who Blogs Together....

Well just has headaches from messing around with templates all the time..wait thats only me... Pete has a new blog for game reviews...not for tender ears...he has a way with words. English Rednecks Rants & Reviews

Friday, September 16, 2005

Because I have no life...

I started another blog!

From Anglophile to Expat Yeah I know, I have too much time on my hands!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rest in Peace

My dad's brother, David, passed away today. He had cancer, although they don't know if he knew he had it but he slipped into a coma and passed away. I cried because life is just so unfair, and I know how his wife and children feel and I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. RIP Uncle David.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not too much to say but aren't we adorable? ;)

Monday, September 12, 2005

First and foremost...a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Sara!! Eddie will be here soon and I shall enjoy him before passing him on!! (This is in reference to Eddie Izzard, the comedian, on DVD...and is nothing dirty!)

Well I think I'm having an identity crisis. I just don't know who I am or what I want. Sometimes I think I want to stay here, be with my family, etc. and then I end up spending the whole weekend alone looking after the dogs and cleaning the house. I know everyone's busy but I just feel so alone. At least in England my mad in-laws are always doing something we can be included in, and there are the age old social gatherings of candle parties...which basically are the same as any other party to my in-laws...and excuse to drink, and the candles are an added bonus.

So I don't know. I'm thinking I'll stick with our current plan: me moving to England, then if we decided to move back we go through the visa process in reverse. That way we both can work (assuming we get jobs!) so that we MIGHT/MAYBE be able to afford our own place in the next 100 years. Oh yeah.

Well, back to my current life...including a messy and cold dorm room, a shower that has to be heated up, and Mass Media Ethics and Law at 10am.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Template...yet again! Any thoughts??? I like it so I guess thats all that matters really ;)

Friday, September 09, 2005

My friend Steph let me borrow her copy of The Wedding Date>. I don't think the movie ever made it to cinemas or if it did it was only there for a little while. I have to say I really like it, but then again I like small, kind of quirky movies like that. My rating: 6 out of 10 Stars :)
10 Years Ago

I was 11 and just starting 6th grade at OLL..I had tons of homework to do everynight...somethings never change! I started having a crush on Mike Metz..which lasted far too long! My sister had just gotten married in June...I thought 23 was way too young to get married (LOL).

5 Years Ago

I was 16 and starting my junior year at Lopez. I became better friends with Sara because we had English Honors class together. I had known Pete for almost 2 years, and my mom and I went to England for the first time to meet his family in June/July of that year.

1 Year Ago

I was starting my junior year at college. We were being hit by what number 2 or 3 of the 4 or 5 hurricanes we had in 2004! My mom was staying in my dorm room with me, after we had driven all the way up to Georgia and decided to come back again all in the same day. We were just thinking about wedding plans and didn't have anything booked (well we don't have much now but anyway...)


Went to class, ate, read for Mass Media Ethics...and watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

5 Snacks I Enjoy

Le Creme Yogurt, Reeses, Cadburys in the UK, Guylian seashells, and sour cream & onion potato chips.

5 Songs I Know All The Words To

Ummm Elton John songs (yes I'm sad), When You Say Nothing At All (Ronan Keating), almost all of the songs off the latest U2 CD because I always have it playing in my car...

5 Things I Would Do With $100 Million

Donate to Breast Cancer Research, the American Cancer Society, Humane Society etc. Buy a house in the US and the UK, buy another house in each for each family to stay in when they visit. Pay off the house for my dad. Spend a lot decorating the houses I bought. Put some in savings and then just blow the rest on stuff I really don't need hehe.

5 Things I Would Never Wear

Gigantic gold hoop earrings, crop tops, 4+ inch heels, anything with a lot of furriness to it.

5 Favo(u)rite TV Shows

Ab Fab, Mad About You, Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Friends

5 Biggest Joys

Pete, spending time with my family, traveling by plane, spending time with Pete's family, and I guess the wedding will be...

5 Favourite Toys

DVD player, Computer/Internet, TV, my car, digital camera.

5 People I Tag (meaning online friends I visit)

Gem, Jennie, Fiona, Miriam, Sarah (Ace's wife)...and a whole lot more!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So here I am...

I think I'm going to change the template for this blog over the weekend. Been considering closing it down but I think I'll just start a new one after the wedding, mostly about us being married, living together, probably living in England (we're back to debating this again but for now we've decided to stick to our original plan). But this template never really formatted well and I've downloaded another one from the same site so hopefully that'll work better.

Avoiding reading, its only the first full week of school and I just can't catch up with it. So glad I'm only taking 4 classes this semester! I guess all that busting my butt in previous semesters paid off..but I still feel totally overwhelmed. Oh well I'll get through it.

Been having dreams but also sleeping pretty good so I don't feel totally drained most of the time. I think I'm getting sick...or it might just be from my wisdom teeth coming in (I think my mom told me once that she felt the same kind of pressure and pain in her ears and throat when hers were coming in.)

If my mom were still around she'd probably be in New Orleans helping the Katrina victims. She'd probably load her van up with old bedspreads from the motel, that huge supply of canned goods she always kept in the house in case of such emergencies, and other stuff and drive up there. Then she'd probably bring people back with her, give them rooms at the motel to stay, and let them help out around there for payment. That's just the kind of person she was and I think thats what I miss most about her.

Today in my weird Great Short Stories class the wacko professor asked the question: "Have you ever really felt your parents' love?" And I started tearing up because I always did from my mom. In the few months before her death especially, she would say she loved me and when I would say it back she would reply: "You don't have to say anything in return, I just wanted to tell you that." And when I would get upset about anything major...most recently over my Uncle's partner's death in July... I remember how she would hug me as I was sobbing and she would hug me so tight sometimes I couldn't breath. And all these thoughts came flooding back to me in class. And just like I'm doing eyes welled up with tears.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I slept good last night..yay! Didn't go to sleep at all until 11pm and then got up at 7am yay.

So before I left for England, my mom got me this 27" TV with Dvd player and VCR all-in-one to bring to school with me. Well...I tried to use the dvd player last night to watch an episode or 2 of Mad About You or Seinfeld before bed. And the DVD player didn't play either sounded as though it was about to and then something to stuck and it started to make a clicking noise.

So I tried other DVDs. The only DVDs that would work were those that are 2 sided you know the ones, mostly for older films that have standard screen size and wide screen size on different sides of the disc. And Sliding Doors worked too...but that wasn't 2 sides it just didn't have an image label on the front, just the title of the movie on the disc itself. So does anyone know if its possible for a DVD player not to play dvds with labels on them? Or maybe the ones I picked just weren't clean enough or something? I'm confused!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

So my procrastination tactics begin early...I should be reading Madame Bovard but I'm blogging instead...surprise, surprise.

I moved into my new room on Tuesday, and classes began yesterday. I'm taking 3 english/literature classes and 1 communications class. I have 12 novels to read, in addition to other text books. Plus I'm doing the paper again this semester, so I actually have stuff to put in my portfolio in the spring.

My sleep patterns still haven't regulated...last night I had a nightmare which wasn't even about my mom. Actually my mom was still alive in it, but my niece and nephew died. Talk about shocking, I almost had to call my sister up to make sure they were fine. Other than that I don't have dreams, I just can't sleep. At home I was getting into a pattern of one night I wouldn't fall asleep until 1am and get up at least around 7am at the latest, and then next I would go fall asleep on the couch watching tv around 8pm and wake up, and go to bed around midnight, and then get up around 6am. Since I've been at school though I've been falling asleep around 9pm...waking up around 11:30 and then going to bed...and getting up around 6:30am.

Other than that things are good here, I still feel like there's a part of me missing. I don't feel as lost as I did when it first happened, I feel a bit more independent, but a bit detached from everything as well.