Saturday, May 31, 2003

Pete's Plan

Ooooo hehe Pete and I were talking on the phone last night ;) Nice convo as usual but we were also talking about his 'plan.' Well more like he was torturing me by not telling me anything ;) Obviously I know pretty much what its about (the e word) hehehe. But other than that he won't tell me - I did say I wanted it to be a surprise hehehe - although I can't stand when I know that there will be a surprise and no one will tell me the details. Anyway enough about that before I make myself crazy hehe. Tomorrow is JUNE yay!!!! Can't wait til the 27th!!! More so 7:00am GMT on the 28th but still hehe. Anyway I'll be off for now ;)

Friday, May 30, 2003

Friday Five for today! TFIF!!!!!

1. What do you most want to be remembered for?

Ummmm my sarcasm I guess - or my good looks whichever is stronger ;)

2. What quotation best fits your outlook on life?

Ummm its one of the quotes I used for my Senior quote last year in my HS year book - its by E.E. Cummings. This is the paraphrased version: "To be yourself in a world which is trying its best to prevent you from being just that is to fight the greatest battle and never stop fighting." Not sure if thats totally right but hey it was last year!

3. What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year?

Ummmm I guess graduating HS but that was last year technically - May 2002. Umm after that I guess getting into college (last year too) and being an aunt to my niece and nephew (as of Dec 2002)

4. What about the past ten years?

Being with Pete for so long (it will be 5 years this November since we met online!!!) and learning to live with my stuttering problem - ugh thats a work in progress!

5. If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide them through life, what would you say?

Ummm probably be yourself and laugh at yourself ;)

Ooo pretty deep Q's today! I'm feeling better (as my IMood says) :) Feel a bit dizzy at the moment but a lot better than I have been! Had my two mid-terms today and survived! yay! Thought my hand was about to fall off with all the writing! Ooooo TFIF Happy weekend!!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hi hi. Yes I'm alive and kinda well - just didn't have time to post yesterday. As my Imood says I'm sick/ill :( What I thought was allergies developed into a cold, then yesterday it was more of a sore throat/conjested head, now I just feel achey, tired, and a bit light headed but not 100% well at all. And...tomorrow I have two midterms in a row, thus I am chatting with Pete and also trying to finish my study guide for my Mass Communications test.

In other news, I got some really cute belated bday gifts from Sara & Tiff. From Sara I got a Union Jack (British flag) umbrella (prefect for England) and a Union Jack cover for my cell phone and a computer made card ;) And from Tiff I got adorable sheep pajamas that come in a little bag which is the same material and design as the pajamas :) She put those in a Oriental gift bag which I may recycle and use for Pete's Bday gift :) And... more good news - Pete got his days approved to take off when I'm there - the first week I'm there is booked off, the rest are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ...though he has to narrow it down and make 2 days work days and one day a half of day. But still its great we'll have to much time together :) Thats about it for now - I might be back later to do Weds Wish from yesterday but I dunno - see if I have time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Day of Chaos

Okay today was suppose to be a pretty easy day right ? Wrong! I only had one class today, my Mass Comm class was cancelled today to give us a day to watch 2 hours to TV - seriously its for a paper. Anyway so I get to school around 10:40 for my 11am class. Well I have to park all the way out in the freaking auditorium because where I usually park was full. As many of you know my school is like tragic for parking - during a regular semester there are close to 2,000 students with about 300 campus spots total, but even in the summer semester the 'prime' spots are taken at 10:40am. Sooo I walk all the way around to the Library (I couldn't cut through the main building as their repairing the fountain and the gates or something grr. So I get to the library, have about 15 mins to pop in my disk and print up my paper. So I got to pull it up - the conclusion and works cited is missing!!!! You see I typed those two parts up yesterday while I stayed home, exercised (3 mile walk for Abs), cleaned and did that and read for the same class. Well I guess it didn't save! so I quickly did the works cited from what I could remember/had with me. So its 11am now, I print up what I have, bs a title for it (as I left that til last) and printed it, ran (which I can't do without looking like an elephant), not the elevator to the 3rd floor, got to class, wrote the situation down on the paper (as the instructor wasn't in the room and I didn't know if she was going to be there when we left at the moment.) So then after class I told her about it and its okay I can turn in the rest on thurs or email it to her. So at the end of class I also hear that the study group is meeting tomorrow not today at 4pm. So needless to say I'm not driving an hour on my only day off a week to study with some ppl - which i totally can't do - because as Sara reasons like me - how can you study with other people ???!!!! Anyay so then my mom and my great aunt and grandma were meeting me in St Augustine to see the colllege and stuff. So we did that, it was fun. We met the couple that owns the Irish Store there and they were really nice. The woman is from England had her husband is from Ireland. Of course my mom told her about me and Pete so she asked me where he was from and then told me what I should see in Essex. Then she said I should move there and have fun ;) Then I head home in my car. My youngest brother calls me on my cell phone, asks me to pick him up from school. Well I said I was on my way back from school - he didn't hear me as the phone cut off. Then I call my dad and he told me that my brother called and that he told my brother to get the trolley up to the motel. Anyway to get to the point I say I'll go try to get him before he gets the trolley , I get all the way down there and my dad calls and says he's at home - he got a ride from a friend! UGH That was my day of confusion! Tomorrow I'm doing something with Sara and Tiff yay! Might stop off at my sis's on the way as her house is on the way to Tiff's.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Erm ugh (my new phrase) template isn't working, says its not on this server ummm ok, blogger is stupid. Not too much going on, catching up on work for school today - 4-6 page paper is done! is 4 and a half pages plus the works cited which is good. Need to do some reading and some posting on the Web CT (internet forum for colleges used in my Amer Lit class) Ugh tomorrow I only have American Lit which is good I guess, then on Weds I'm doing something with my friends from HS, Sara and Tiff, who are both outta school lucky devils, but Sara starts summer session a few days after mine ends hehehe. I feel sniffly and stuffed up - must be allergies of some kind! Anyway thats about it for now!

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Saturday Slant

Week 12

How does the way you appear to others differ from the real you ?

Ooo this is so me! I think when people first meet me because I'm shy most of the time I seem aloof or uninteresting or like I don't care. Also I think people who don't know me too well think I'm all innocent and that they can't say anything risque around me hehe actually I'm not that innocent as many of you might know :) Also because I'm not into drinking some people might think I'm a prude or I don't like having a good time - which I do, I just don't think you need to drink to have a good time. Also people might thing I'm religious because I don't drink, which I'm really not. Anyway thats about it for this meme!

Friday, May 23, 2003

Hellooo! Yay its Friday! I dunno how exciting I really should be as I have a paper due on Tuesday which I will be working on all weekend grrr. I might do something with my friend Sara and maybe Tiff - not sure yet as Sara just came back from school today! Ooo she still has my bday present yay gifts all year around it seems!! hehe. Well here is Wednesday Wish from Weds obviously:

Week Twelve

Picture your life 10 years from now. How would you wish it to be?

Ummm I would wish that Pete and I would be living in a nice house either here or England (not sure which yet!) And that we would have 2 dogs - a husky and a beagle, and two kids - a boy and a girl named Michael Ian and Chelsea Isabella. I would be working in journalism or communications somehow and Pete would be the next Bill Gates hehe ok maybe not ;) But we'd be happy! Ok thats a lot to wish for in 10 years but hey!! It could happen! (as Tony and Pete love to say) hmmmmm.

Well thats about it for now - hope everyone has a good holiday weekend as Monday is a bank holiday in the UK hehe. Peace out.
An English Redneck ? !

Well today the truth came out: Pete is actually an English redneck LOL It all start with him describing a song he heard about being tough and stupid or something. Hmmm then all the pieces of this puzzle started coming together: How he wants to move here all of sudden, how he likes ribs from this redneck place in Orlando called Cecil's, the way he likes the movie Jack@$$ and etc. I had to go on the internet to meet a redneck 3, 000 + miles away when I live in FL !!!! As you may know I strongly protest when anyone says I'm southern - not that I don't like southern people but my parents are from NJ but I'm not really a 'northerner' either hmmmm half breed I guess. Anyway I'm unofficially engaged to an english redneck so all is well. hehe. Don't mind me have gone crazy from procrastinating on my 4 - 6 page paper due Tues hmmmm. Feel tired - want to do Weds wish but I might just leave it til tomorrow when I'm more awake/energetic. Night.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Wasted Day

Well today was pretty much a lazy day. I didn't get up until about 10am which is late for me - and it felt so good not to really have to do anything. Of course I have a 4 -6 page paper due on Tuesday, two midterms and another paper to do next week but thats next week right ?! I have been pigging out on strawberries and cream mmmmmmm! My one vice is that I LOVE heavy cream - and especially when I'm in England this is a HUGE problem and part of the reason why I gain weight every time I go over there! ;) Everyone else has been quiet in blog land today - mmm best be off I guess and do something somewhat useful!

Ooo by the way: Pete got his credit card bill with the plane ticket on it - it turned out less than we expected with the conversion :) only 465 GBP ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Tuesday This or That (

1) Large or small family? Hmmmmm. Small immediate family but large extended family

2) Potato chips or Pretzels ? Both - depends on which I'm in the mood for.

3) House or apartment? House with my parents or Pete's parents at the moment - hopefully our own apartment eventually and then our own house eventually

4) Zebras or Giraffes? Ummmmm giraffes I guess - odd question

5) Candles or potpurri ? hmmmmmm I guess either - don't really use either at the moment I used to love candles though

6) Flowers or Trees ? Flowers I guess ;)

7) Right or left-handed ? Both Pete aned I are lefties :)

8) Model train or dolls/stuffed animals ? Stuffed animals - I have a ton from Pete ;)

9) Comedy or Drama ? Hmmmmm I guess either depends on my mood.

10) Thought-provoking question of the week: The city of Boston has recently banned smoking in all restraurants and bars. Would you want to see such a law passed in your city/town/country, or not ?

Well I think FL is passing it in Jan 2004 which wouldn't bother me - as I don't smoke and like it when there isn't smoke around me. In England people smoke in the mall which I think it weird as its been years since its been legal for people to smoke in a lot of public buildings here in FL , and probably most of this country. I don't think this law could be passed in bars in England, Guess we shall see.

In other news: Pete's parents have a birthday present waiting for me when I get there - awwwww ;) They're also going away the Monday - Friday after I get there so hopefully Pete won't have to work so we can have some alone time hehe yay!

Monday, May 19, 2003

Wanna see the most beautiful people in the world ????? Click here hehehehehe. I found the site thanks to Jennie's LDR links on her homepage ;)
Happy Christening

Awww today was my niece and nephew's baptism/christening. I say both because I'm unsure of the difference between the two. One I think is the actual sacrament, baptism, while the other is the celebration of it "christening." Anyway the babies were very well behaved and my Godson was an angel in church! If your a member of my MSN group go and see the pics - if you wanna be a member let me know and I'll email you an invitiation thing to it :) Oooo I also have started to transfer the members from the current US UK LDR yahoo group to my new one :) Thats about all the action for today - I could right more but I really must go change out of my dress and read for school tomorrow ugh.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Not According to Plan

Okay so Pete is considering moving here - don't get too excited it won't be too much in the near future. If you know us your thing, "What ? Wasn't the plan kinda set that Jul was going to move to the UK eventually???" Well it was in the past - lately we have been contemplating where we want to live, the more we think about it the more we really don't know! Pete has been talking about moving here more and more, and tonight he was talking to his parents and grandparents and ran it past them and they agreed with him. If you don't know I believe Blair is wanting the Euro to get into the UK without the people's vote on it (?) At least thats what Pete told me, I haven't read any articles online on it yet or anything. So that may have something to do with it as Pete said the other day if England becomes part of Europe in any way he's moving here. (If your English you will totally understand.) So anyway we *might* start looking into the K-1 Visa - again nothing set in stone. It feels weird and somewhat disturbing to me, but in another way really nice... give me more of the responsibility of everything though. Hmmmm we shall see - nothing will happen until I'm out of school either way really :( Oh well back to chatting with Pete ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2003


I'm chatting with Pete at the moment ;) Last night I was getting depressed about our situation and everything so I took out some old emails and cards I had in a box under my bed. One of them really made me cry from happiness :) So I thought I'd share bits of it. Its from December 21, 1999 which is before we met in person. These are a few of Pete's words:

"Just remember whenever things are getting on top of and you and feel down, theres someone that loves you more than anything in the world. I'd die for you Julie, I promise we will never fight when we're married cause the only thing that matters to me is to make the girl I love happy and when we're old and cuddled up together, I want you to be able to look back through your life and always know that your special [ xxxxxx] I'll hold you every night and I'll always tell you how much I love you. [ xxxx]

Your my reason for living baby [ xxxxx] I need you so much [ xxxxxx] [...] I love you so much Julie [ xxxxx] I'll always be yours and thats a promise [ xxxx]

.... Thanks you for being the most beautiful girl to enter my life, and I'll always do my best to make you happy even though I might not be there in person right now, in your heart I'm right with you, as you read this I'm holding you and kissing you ever moment that goes by, whether your awake or asleep [ xxxxx] I love you [ my full name]

Always and Forever yours

All my love and soul


[ xxxxxxx ]

If your not crying by now theres something wrong with you! hehe. Enough sharing for now ;)

Friday, May 16, 2003


Instead of TGIF, I'm saying TFIF. If you think about it for a second you should get it - Pete says TFIF was the original phrase but then they changed it to TGIF for obvious reasons. Hmmmm. I've been busy with school! Two summer classes are like the equivalent to 4 semester classes in my opinion - twice as much information in half the time and 4 days a week - whats up with that ?! Oh well 41 days til I leave for England! Yay

Ok all the Meme's suck for today but I found Spark - so here it goes:

Greatest Day — 16 May 2003

What, so far, has been the happiest day of your life?
Why was it special? Explore and enlist every one of your senses, and recall that day. How did it begin? Was there a scent in the air? A song on the radio? Who else, if anyone, was there? What other things today remind you of those 24 some odd hours? And how soon did you realize that it may very well have been the best day of your life?

Could you, conceivably, experience an even greater day in the future? What would it take?

Ummmm I have to say the happiest day of my life had to be when I saw Pete for the first time in the airport on Febuary 4, 2000. Actually up until then it wasn't the happiest day of my life - but probably the most stressful, to read about that click here. Anyway it all turned into the best when I hugged Pete and then when we were in the car and kissed for the first time. A lot of things remind me of that day, the bear my mom got me (she got me an "english" bear and Pete an "american" one - mine was dressed as a solider and his had stars and strips.); pictures from that day; conversations about that day, and memories. I realized it may have been the best day of my life the minute I got to see, talk, cuddle with, kiss with Pete for the first time. I think a greater day than that would have to be when we get married, which will be 100 times greater because we will be together forever and not have to leave each other.

Awwww anyway now I'm depressed! Have class in 20 mins grrrr.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Tonight we're going to Cry like it's 1998

1998 was an important year for me: it was my first year of HS, at close to the end of the year I met Pete online, and most importantly the best Teen Drama of all time...Dawson's Creek started!!! Hehehe. Well Dawson's Creek survived 6 seasons on the WB, the the drama and teenage angst culminating in the 2 hour Series Finale which just ended. Wow.

The show takes us 5 years in the future when Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, and Jack all are back together in Capeside for Dawson's mom's wedding. (No one else gets married unfortunately :( ) Anyway so they all meet up again: Jack is an english teacher at the HS, is dating Pacey's brother (who is in an in the closet homosexual) ; Jen has a baby about one year old named Amy, is living with Grams in NYC, Joey is an editor in NYC, Pacey runs the local Icehouse Restraunt (formerly owned by Joey's family.); and Dawson is writing and producing a TV teen drama called 'The Creek' about his time in Capeside with the gang.

Ok here's a quick rundown of the action:

Pacey is sleeping with a married woman, the night before the wedding he gets beaten up by her husband. Also at the wedding Jen faints, she is taken to the hospital. Gram's breaks down and tells everyone she has a heart problem (Jen) the doctors can't do anything etc. Dawson and Pacey are still in the love triangle with Joey - she doesn't know who to pick. They all do a ton of soul searching in about 2 hours in the space of a few TV land days, Jen leaves a video for her daughter, Jack asks to raise Jen's daughter, she agrees etc. Jen dies in her sleep with Gram's right in the chair next to her sleeping, as soon as Grams wakes up Jen is already gone - she says to her "I'll see you soon child" - telling that she will also die soon (doesn't happen in the 2 hours though.) Finally Jack's bf comes out of the closet, the show ends with Joey watching the season finale of 'the Creek' but we can't see who is with her. It finally shows that she picked PACEY (YES!!!!!!) He is all teary eyed from the show - they call Dawson and say how great it was etc and it ends.

Ok I gotta go and finish reading as I have been slacking and crying for 2 hours hehe. Ending quote: "I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over..." Thats all folks !

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Wednesday Wish

Week 11

(In honor of X-Men 2 ...) What "mutant" power would you wish to have ?

Hmmm probably the power to teleport anywhere - that way I would be with Pete a lot and not have to pay for airline tickets. Or get to school faster than driving, etc etc.

Got the my niece and nephew Baptism outfits today at Babies R' Us!! Such a cute store!! My sister is a pain to shop with though! hehe. Awww my nephew spit up on me in the store so now I smell of baby formula but thats okay! I always get so broody when I'm there! So Pete and I are now talking about how much we wish we could have a baby soon hehe - don't worry we have no plans for this just commenting hehe. Oooo by the way I added pics of my presents to my MSN Group for everyone who is a member ;)

Tonight I will be watching the 2 hour Finale of Dawson's Creek! (Jennie - if you want to know what happens I will probably go into it on my blog either tonight or tomorrow hehe as I know you used to be a fan and don't get the WB properly)

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Looks like both Pete and I are:

China -
Debatably the most ancient and longstanding
cultures around, it is nowadays viewed as a
heavily populated but impovershed nation.



Eclectic History.

Communist-Run (Control).

Worldwide Manufacturer.


Communist-Run (Bitterness).

Technologically Outdated.


Which Country of the World are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Actually I did it the first time and I ended up to be Iraq! So I had to do it over again! hehe.

Well our AC was broken here in the house from Saturday afternoon until yesterday evening! UGH! This is FL so it was 95 F yesterday! It wasn't the kind of heat where you sweat - more the humidity where you can't breath proper if your AC is broken. At least its fixed now! Pete's been having a really bad week. On Saturday night he was having family problems - I'm not getting into it really as its barely any of my business nevermind anyone elses. But we talked a lot on Saturday night about it and he felt better. Then on Sunday LFC (Liverpool Football Club) lost to Chelsea (Chelsea United ?) Grrr so Pete was really upset! Yesterday his tooth was bothering him all day and he got soaking wet in the rain. Poor baby. After school today I'm going to my sister's to babysit for her for a hour while she goes to the dentist - then I'm sleeping over there as I don't have classes on Weds. Then on Weds my mom, my sister and I are going to pick out the babies Baptism outfit hehe yay! Anyway just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive - and happy now with AC!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Awwwww I finally could download this card! Thanks so much Jennie!

Awww thanks Jennie!

Hope everyone in the US and other countries that celebrate it today are having a very Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Just tried out my new Walking DVD. It was interesting. First I did the Power Walk for 2 miles - they used weight gloves which are just what they sound like, gloves with 1 or 2 lb weighs in them, instead I tried to use my Walkaway belt as I don't have any 1 or 2 lb weights anyway, so that was interesting. I have to say I didn't really like the power walk - Leslie did this weird tapping thing - where you tap to the side with each foot - that combined with some upper body movements totally confused me as I have zero hand - eye coordination as it is! Then I did the firming - I guess it was about 25-30 minutes I'm not sure. Leslie starts off with a walk and a few kicks, then goes to stretching and balancing the upper outer thigh muscles. Then she goes onto a mat (pretty much like a yoga mat - which is really good that I didn't try this before as I just got a yoga mat for my bday even though I don't do yoga but I needed for my pilaties (sp?) dvd that i haven't really used and now for this one.) The did some more firming of the outter back thigh and backend muscles, then did inner thighs (which I need most!) very good training I think - I will feel it tomorrow I expect! She used 1 or 2 lb ankle weights - which I think my mom might have somewhere (from back when she exercised hehe) but I didn't use any because I didn't have them on me and am just starting out. I guess I give the total DVD three *** (stars) for useful firming but weird power walking hehe. Better hit the showers!

Friday, May 09, 2003

Gotta mention this before I forget - I was just in the grocery store and saw Leslie Sansone on a Walking Fit little magazine. Go to to see the cover, I was going to get it but it was like $4 and rather small. :)
Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe. Thanks for all the B-day wishes! Jennie - I didn't get your card :( I tried to tell you to send it to Pete's email but your Comments wouldn't let me post :( I'll post on my Zonk board his address. Thanks for the Wishes Jennie, Kamie and Simone and everyone else who will tell me ;) Pete sent me a cute ecard this morning so thanks baby ;) Got a lovely necklace with a charm on it that says "Aunt of Twins" from my sis - thanks Michelle! And $$ from my granny and great aunt, and nana hehe. From Pete I got a Me to You bear, earrings, and a card :) Will take pics of my presents and but them on my MSN group soon :)

Found on a lot of blogs lately - Useless Questions and Answers

Have you ever....

1. Fallen for your best friend? Ummm we were falling for each other at the same time
2. Made out with just a friend? Nope he was my bf when we made out ;)
3. Been rejected? Nope
4. Been in love? Yes
5. Been in lust? Hehe yup
6. Used someone? I don't think so
7. Been used? Probably
8. Cheated on someone? Nope
9. Been cheated on? Definitely not
10. Done something you regret? A few things

Who was the last person...

1. You touched? My granny - gave here a hug
2. You talked to? My mom I guess
3. You hugged? My granny
4. You instant messaged? Pete (right now)
5. You kissed? romantically - Pete
6. You yelled at? My mom I guess
7. You laughed with? My mom

Have you/are you/do you...

1. Considered a life of crime? Nope
2. Considered being a hooker? Ummm nope
3. Considered being a pimp? No
4. Are you psycho? not as much as I used to be
5. Split personalities? Hehe nope
6. Schizophrenic?Nope
7. Obsessive? Sometimes
8. Obsessive compulsive? Yes, sometimes
9. Panic? Only a few times a couple of months ago
10. Anxiety? Sometimes, when I speak to people I don't know
11. Depressed? Sometimes - not as bad as I was about a year ago
12. Suicidal? Nope
13. Obsessed with hate? No
14. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? Nope
15. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? Umm no
16. Understanding? I think so
17. Open-minded: Pretty much
18. Arrogant: I try not to be
19. Insecure: Sometimes
20. Interesting: Aspects of me are
21. Hungry: At the moment yeah
22. Friendly: Sometimes
23. Smart: In some areas
24. Moody: Mostly at my time of the month
25. Childish: Sometimes with Pete :)
26. Independent: In some aspects yeah
27. Hard working: Yes
28. Organized: Sometimes
29. Healthy: More so than I was - could be more though
30. Emotionally stable: Umm pretty much
31. Shy: When I first meet someone
32. Difficult: sometimes
33. Attractive: Yeah I guess - Pete would say definitely hehe
34. Bored easily: Kinda
35. Thirsty: Yup - stupid medication I take makes me thirsty 24/7
36. Responsible: Pretty much
37. Sad: Not too often
38. Happy:kinda - more so when I"m with Pete
39. Trusting: Not too much
40. Talkative: When you get to know me
41. Original: I think so
42. Different: kinda
43. Unique: I try
44. Lonely: when I'm away from Pete
45. Colour your hair? Nope
46. Have tattoos? No but I might get one someday
47. Piercings? ears
48. Have a boyfriend? Yup - will be 5 years in Nov!
49. Floss daily? Nope
50. Own a webcam? Yeah but it doesn't work need a new one
51. Ever get off the damn computer? Not a lot lol
52. Sprechen sie deutsche? Nope
53. Habla espanol? Only what I learned in HS - not a lot lol


1. Current clothes: khaki shorts, London shirt
2. Current mood: like a happy birthday girl
3. Current taste: my mouth
4. Current hair: hair up, a mess, dry
5. Current annoyance: the heat
6. Current smell: Air
7. Current thing you ought to be doing: chatting more with Pete
8. Current desktop picture: desert
9. Current favourite group: U2 I guess
10. Current book: "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" by Bill Bryson
11. Current DVD in player: Umm none - last in there was my walking dvd
12. Current refreshment: none :(
13. Current worry: Ummmmm paper due monday
14. Current crush: Pete
15. Current favourite celebrity: Ummm Reese Witherspoon (sp?)


1. Food: London Broil (type of beef) Having it tonight for my bday
2. Drink: Ummm Cranberry, Apple, Raspberry juice by Minute Maid (as of Monday)
3. Color: Purple, black, blue
4. Shoes: Umm scandals I guess
5. Candy: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
6. TV Show: Gilmore Girls or Dawson's Creek hehe
7. Movie: "Sliding Doors"
8. Dance: none
9. Vegetable: corn
10. Fruit: apple, grapes or strawberries

On preferences...

1. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? hot chocolate
3. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? best of both worlds - combination of the two ;)
4. Sweet or sour? Sweet
5. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
6. Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Comedy or sappy
7. Cats or dogs? DOGS
8. Ocean or pool? Pool (Unless its hot from the sun)
9. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Ranch
10. Mud or Jell-O wrestling? Umm Jello - its yummy
11. With or without ice-cubes? With I guess - but I can do without (esp in England! hehe)
12. Shine or rain? Rain at the moment
13. Winter/Summer/Autumn/Spring? Spring I guess (tho we don't have it here its already 90F)
14. Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla usually
15. Gloves or mittens? Gloves
16. Eyes open or closed? Closed
17. Fly or breathe under water? breathe under water
18. Bunk-bed or waterbed? Waterbed
19. Chewing gum or hard candy? hard candy
20. Motor boat or sailboat? motor I guess
21. Lights on or off? Off
22. Chicken or fish? Chicken....I hate fish!

What's your favourite...

1. Number? 21
2. Holiday? Christmas
3. Radio station? O-Rock 105.9
4. Place? England I guess
5. Flower? oriental lilies
6. Scent? juniper breeze (Bath and Body Works)
7. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? With Pete ;)
8. What would you be doing? Ummm do you really wanna know ? ;)
9. What are you listening to? my own typing
10. Can you do anything freakish with your body? Not really
11. Do you have a favourite animal, no matter how lame it may be? Umm penguins for some reason are cool hehe

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Alright I hate blogger, I just wrote this long post (including that huge list of useless info about me found on other blogs) Anyway then Blogger just went nuts :( Tired or posting! I might post later when I have the energy! Ooo happy birthday to my Uncle Dave he turns 33 today! We all chipped in and got him a comforter/duvet set for his bed ;) Very manly and nice, we did the bed up for him yesterday and he was all surprised :) Ooo my bday is tomorrow ! Not really getting anything I don't already know about hehe oh well! ;)

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Tuesday This or That (

The Media Edition (very apt as I am now taking Intro to Mass Communications)

1) TV or radio ?

Definitely TV, but if theres nothing on, or I don't have a TV around (like in my room) I turn on the radio.

2) On the radio: talk or music station ?

Definitely Music! Who wants to listen to people talk ? Gimme some tunes man! Makes my drive to school seem faster or less boring.

3) Actual book or book on tape (or ebook) ? We were discussing this in my Mass Com class today - definitely an actual book.

4) Actual Newspaper or web version ?

Usually neither but the web is easier and doesn't get your hands black!

5) Wall Street Journal or the National Enquirer ?

Neither - one is too boring the other is too crazy.

6) TV channel such as CNN or local boadcast news ?

Depends on what I wanna know about - usually a news program but usually I don't watch the news.

7) A movie you've been looking forward to seeing gets bad reviews all around. See it anyway or pass ?

See it anyway. Critics know nothing.

8) See movies when they first come out or wait a few weeks for the lines that the theaters to get showers ?

Depends on the movie - usually wait though, as I don't always have the time or money to go see a movie when it first comes out.

9) TV: cable, satellite dish, or plain old antenna ?

Cable at home at the moment :( Miss satellite - mostly BBC American and Fox Sports (as they show English football)

10) Thought-provoking question of the week: If you had to choose only one form of media to come into your home, which would it be print (newspaper, magazines) or electronic (TV or internet) ? Why ?

Ummm well ideally I would be content with the print only but in the modern world probably electronic - especially if Pete's in England as I can't not talk to him! Oh the wonders of LDR's - getting quite annoying. hmph. 51 days thank god.
Ooo I got to school early today so I went online and changed my graphics on my homepage ( The summer graphics very much reflex the summer like weather here in FL!!! Sooo HOT and GROSS - thank god for AC! The guestbook addresses are messed up so the View and Sign buttons don't work at the moment - will have to fix then again when I get to a PC - still on my mom's Mac ugh.
I feel: DAFT

Imood doesn't have DAFT as a mood so I picked goofy as meaning somewhat of the same type of thing. Wanna know why I feel daft ? Well you know how sometimes people will forget they put something on top of their car - such as a cup or something - and drive away until I falls off ???? Well I did that today, only it wasn't a cup, or a soda, or anything - it was MY WALLET !!! I didn't even notice until after I had gone over the Bridge of Lions (getting out of St. Aug), when it fell off the top of my car and landed in the street. Luckily everything connected and I turned around and went back to get it. Just as I had parked in a local motel and legged it across the street this car pulled up and a girl got out and picked up my she did that I yelled "Excuse me.." she asked me if it was mine , I said yes and explained that I'd left it on the top of my car really quickly. So I got my wallet back! Thank god! That would have been a pain in the @$$ to get a new drivers license, credit card, debit card etc etc!!! Brrrr I have no common sense sometimes!!

Monday, May 05, 2003

Helllloooo How Are Youuuuu ?

Well first day of summer classes went off without a hitch which is good. I left the house at 7:45am and got into St. Augustine at 9am will a stop for gas. Then I went to get my books, both of which I got used for a total of $102 - which isn't bad I guess seeing as it was only 2 books. I told Pete how much they were and he was shocked lol as I told him College is expensive. I know I might have found them cheaper online but its just easier for me to get them at the school - and I can get the money back that I paid for them as it is covered with my Financial Aid, all I have to do is fill out a paper and I get a check for the amount. That amount is then added to the amount I will be paying on until the day I die pretty much. Damn college loans! Anyway I have to read a bit for my classes tomorrow but not too much hehe. At least I get Weds off every week :) Be back on later probably!
Daily Double (

1. If you can meet any celeb in the world, who would it be ?

Hmmmm probably Prince William! He's not really a celeb but close enough hehe. I was obsessed with him for about a year when I was 13-14. Still think he is so gorgeous!

2. Your house is burning have 2 minutes to grab 4 items. What 4 items are you going to take?

First of all this question is totally unrealistic! If your house is burning down 1) You aren't going to have time to th ink about saving items nevermind have at time limit of 2 minutes to get a total of 4 items. That being said I would save the rocking horse my Pop Pop had built for me when I was just born (has my name on it), probably as many cards and stuffed animals from Pete that I would gather, the diamond earrings my grandma passed down to me and the diamond heart necklace my mom got me for my 16th Birthday, and if possible my white dress which I really want to fit back into for my wedding someday hehe. (I originally bought it for prom my Junior year but it was much to fancy and i didn't want to get it ruined hehe) Thats more than 4 items but again how unrealistic this question is!

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Hi hi. As you can see I found a blinkie of my name from Cute Design so I used it in my signature thing ;) I have to say I'm getting decent with HTML which is good I guess hehe. Also I added a countdown til I go to England on the right side :) Not too much going on around here - but my summer classes start tomorrow. I guess its something to do until I get to go to England and see Pete :) 53 days woo hoo!!

I'm tired but not. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be lazy when you're home alone ? No one to answer to so why do anything right ? Exactly. About an hour ago I could have started my walking but alas I didn't - actually my throat and ears really hurt all of a sudden :( It started when I was on the phone with Pete (he called me hehe.) Anyway so I feel weird, really hope I'm not getting sick! I haven't unpacked my big black suitcase of clothes from college yet - most of them are more winter type than summer type so I really don't need them so why bother ? Geez am I lazy right now!!! I finished off the box of Chips Ahoy Cremewiches in the freezer mmmm those are so addictive!

In other news: Ooooo Pete went to Basildon today. Well when I got up to meet him online at our usual meeting time for the weekends I got an email from him saying he'd be an hour and a half later. Ok - so I went back to bed, took a shower etc. Then when I went back online he wasn't on :( Then I decided to go to the motel and work a bit (my dad needed my help.) So I got online there about an hour later and Pete came on hmmmmm. I was a bit pissed off that he was so late. So then I told him I had to work and I'd meet him later. When I got on later I asked him what he'd done today and he said "Got my baby a present" or something like that. Hmmmmmm! Therefore he dodged the abuse of me being like: "You went to Basildon for a stupid reason etc your selfish blah blah blah." Instead he gets the questions such as "Will I like this present ? When will I get it ? Is it big?" etc. So did he really get me a present or is it just an act to not make me all pissed off ? He said I would get the present when I'm there. The only thing I can think of is an engagement ring. But if it was that why would he even tell me ? He keeps saying he wants that to be surprise so why would be tell me he got anything to begin with ? Or maybe he got me something else and is just letting me think its a ring ? I'm all confused! Guess I will have to wait til after June 28th!!! Ahhhh!! Nighty Night!

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Saturday Slant: Week 8

"If you were banished from reality into a faery tale of your choice, which would it be, which character would you choose to become and why ?"

Hmmmmm pretty easy one for me ;) I would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but with one catch - it would be the EA Games demented version of ALICE hehehehe. I would have to take Pete and he could be the Rabbit or the Cheshire (sp?) Cat ;) We would fight off the cardguards and other evil demented creatures ;) Ok we have too much time on our hands I know! hehe.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Hi hi. Okay I have no self control - I ended up opening my main present this morning :) Pete got me really nice earrings (I will take pics of all my presents from him later this coming week :)) He also got me a Me to You bear that is holding a gold ballon that says Happy Birthday and has a little book with the story of the Me to You bear - which you can also read on the website. With that he sent me a Me to You keychain he picked up awhile ago - little bear on the phone (i think he has the matching one) He also got me a card - which from the envelope I can tell is a Me to You bear one but I shall wait and open that on my actual bday :) Today he also ordered a TShirt for me from which says "I may not be totally perfect... but there are parts of me that are fcukin' excellent" Notice the spelling: fcuk as in French Connection UK hehe. My and my friend Sara LOVE those shirts hehe I have to get her one when I am in England for her 20th Bday (AHHH!) in Sept! hehehe.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I got my hair cut :) It looks good - I shall upload a pic onto my MSN group later today so Pete can see it :) Oooooo speaking of birthday present from him just came!!! My birthday isn't until next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! He says I can open it now or wait grrr dunno what I want to do! Both of my parents say I should wait hehe.

Ooo did I tell you ? My sister asked me to be my Nephew's God mother yay!! hehe. The Christening will be on May 18th. You're probably wondering why I'm not my Niece's as well - because my sister and her hubby want to include everyone so his sister and sister-in-law are my Georgia's god mothers. My brothers god fathers to one of each (Chris to Georgia and Patrick to Richard I think)

I watched a thing on Osama Bin Laden on the History Channel last night - very interesting. I rarely watch the History Channel here in the US but I always do when I'm at Pete's - probably because they keep it on all the time. Tonight is Hitler so I might watch that - always good to know about people. Did anyone see Dawson's Creek last night ???!!!!! Only two more shows left!!! Who will lose their life ??? I think maybe Pacey ? It can't be Joey or Dawson (as the last epidsode I think will go ahead five years and see them get married? I saw the preview for that or at least Joey was getting married to who though ?) I know I'm a freak - I started watching it my freshmen year of high school I think or was it 8th grade ? And I'm addicted hehe something about growing up with them or something I guess. Well off to get my hair cut!! Peace out.
Hi hi. Not too much going on today - just cleaning up the house. My mom and I watched Two Weeks Notice which was cute :) Have you ever been really in the mood for something to eat and not been able to have it and it just so happens that someone else your talking to is having it ? Well earlier I was really in the mood for chinese food - well I have been for a few days. I was chatting with Pete and I mentioned that the chinese dish he usually gets from take out sounded really good to me at that time. Well about an hour later he says his mum is ordering Chinese!! Not Fair! So I was all jealous hehe. I caught some of Manor House on PBS last night it was really interesting. This group of people pretend to live in the Edwardian Age in England in this documentary. Some people are the nobility of the house and the others are the servants. It was really interesting to hear all customs and rules that were in that society at the time. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut yay I will report more about it and how it turned out after I see the "new me." Pete and I were talking about getting engaged and such again today hehe reoccuring theme, he wants to keep it all a surprise so it being all secretive hehe.