Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Answers to Lizzy's Questions

1. if you could live in any historical period, when and where would you live. what would you do?

Umm I would probably want to live in the late 1800's early 1900's. I would probably want to live in London and be very rich and have lots of lovely Victorian things and lots of servants who I would treat very kindly etc lol.

2. its dinner at juls and petes. you can invite three fabulous guests from any period in history,, writers artists generals criminals , anyone. who are you inviting? and what would you serve them..( mr blake, a big mac?lol)

Hmph. I would invite Prince William, Bill Clinton, and Hugh Grant. I would serve them my ranch chicken with pasta because thats my one speciality lol.

3. you can fix one horrible wrong in this world today. ( or retroactively) what will you fix?

I would make it so that the American public really knew what was happening with the war and didn't see it through the eyes of Bush.

4( why the hell not, one extra//) what are you the most idealistic about? which rose coloured glasses do you wear

I'm most idealistic about how I will raise my children, though I know when I actually have them it won't be the way I have it pictured in my head.

Stolen from Sara...

I want everyone who reads this to ask me at least three questions. Ask me anything you want. Then, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

So there you go, ask me anything.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hello! Wow I have been quiet on here lately, not much going on besides working and today is the first day I have off - or at least I think I do I better call and make sure hehe. Working for your parents is interesting lol. My unpacking has been very minimal so I may do that today. I have been feeling in a rut the past few days so yesterday I got Hope Springs on dvd and went to the library and found Jemima J by Jane Green to read. I wanted to get her first novel, Talking Straight, but they didn't have it so I settled for the one I got. I added it to my reading section on the right side so click on the book cover to get to the amazon page about it.

Watched Hope Springs last night, it was cute. Had a lot of classic American small town stuff in it which I had to laugh at. I thought the whole story line was a bit blah though - and pretty unbelievable. Oh well.

Not sure what else I'm doing this week, summer classes start on Monday - ugh. But I will only be taking two and I'll have Wednesdays off so thats good. Been on YourDay2Remember a lot. Planning a wedding and wanting families from two countries to be there is annoying. But my favorite part, the dress shopping, might be happening soon. My mom and I are going to look around some this week hopefully to at least see what I like.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Ah Freedom

Hi hi.

Finals ended on Weds and yesterday I moved all my stuff back home. Still have yet to start really unpacking lol. My cold is getting better I think, only gets annoying at night and when I wake up on the morning. Not much going on, just working at the motel. Went to Walmart to try to find a new bathing suit but the ones I liked they didn't have both pieces in my size - ugh. Might try another Walmart sometime.

Ooo and Happy Saint George's Day ;)

Monday, April 19, 2004

Finals, Sickness, and Stress

Well I thought I was getting better. Seems the sickness I did have that was in my throat mostly moved from my throat to my nose overnight. On Saturday I was feeling sick but yesterday was better. Then today my nose is congested only in one nostral, and my sinuses (sp?), and ears hurt. UGH. First final of the semester went well, the easiest test we've had in that class, Abnormal Psych, and only over two chapters. Then I spent some time making notecards for my HUGE Electronic Media final on Weds. The teacher that was suppose to give us our papers back on Friday, then today, is now giving them back TOMORROW. WTF ???!!!! Yes. So I have decided I am not going to stress out over this paper and try to get it done by Weds, I will stay the extra hours on Weds after my finals and finish it and turn it in on Thurs to her. My mom is also coming up on Thursday to bring the van and get all my stuff in there. Anyway I better get back to doing notecards for my Electronic Media test, or studying for my Vis Comm final, or typing up stuff for my website presentation! The fun never ends here in Stressland. I HATE FINALS !!!

Friday, April 16, 2004

And on top of it all...I'm getting sick!!!! I got some cold medicine at the store and caramel cadbury eggs for 75% off!! 12 cents a piece! Woohooo. And some much needed things at walmart. My mom also came up this afternoon so we hung out, I'm going to go to bed early and take some meds and hopefully I won't feel crappy all weekend while studying!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Procrastination - I'm not the only one!

I was in the library today. All around me there were people typing. Often I would get up and look around. Some people were playing games on their computer screens, or flipping through silly magazines about celebrities. See I'm not the only one that just can't get anything done. Finals start on Monday, its not the finals I worry about. Its the 20 page paper that's due tomorrow, and the 12 page one that's due on Weds. I'm tired of writing papers, I don't care anymore about William Blake's artistic expression. I want to sleep, and watch movies, and read good books that have nothing to do with psychology, or media, or literature, or web publishing. I have too many projects to get done. And then study for tests. A week from now it will all be over, at least for a week, but that only stresses me out more. Eyes are strained, head it starting to hurt. I have to go email myself my papers from the library comps to my laptop. Tomorrow is Friday and I am not happy about that. Why does school suck so much?! Exercising at 8pm with roommate, better get something done before then!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Give me a ticket...

Or an eticket. I booked my flight today, ended up being a bit more than I wanted to spend but I knew the prices would go up which was why I wanted to book it asap anyway. I'll be leaving on the 27 of June and coming back the 9th of August. I'll be arriving in London the 28th which is our one year engagement anniversary. Woohoo. Feel good having it booked. ;)

Countdown: 75 Days. I'll put up a proper countdown later when IE lets me scroll down dynamic drive's website!

20 Page paper going well - top of 18th page! The end is near! Still lots of other stuff to do though.

Movie Information

Here is a link to a story in the local paper about the filming of the movie.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter, Film Set, and Finals

Happy belated Easter everyone! I was busy the whole weekend cleaning and preparing for yesterday - and within 2 hours everyone was gone! Holidays are really annoying like that. I arrived at school this morning, having to hike back to campus after parking in the desperate people's parking spots a few blocks away. Its not a bad walk but it was kinda rainy, my hair has gone mental, and I had to lug my laptop case and my weekend bag on wheels. Walking up to the campus I noticed some tents around, and as I got closer to the breezeway I saw a lot of wires and random people standing around doing nothing, and then some equipment. Finally as I got up the stairs to the lobby of Ponce Hall (the old Ponce de Leon Hotel) I see bright lights...and click it all makes sense...our dorm has become A MOVIE SET. Great. Actually its kinda neat but its a pain to get into and out of the halls. So here with my trusty Powerbook G4 I sit and work on my 20 page paper due on Friday, just at the top of the 14th page.... Finals are coming up next week - Mon, Tues, Weds. I haven't even started thinking about studying... have to stop complaining and be productive!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Latest

Should really be working on some stuff I want to get done by tomorrow before my class at 2pm but I'm not.

I've just added two new pics to my msn photo group - one of my new blue purse and the other of me all dressed up for my Sigma Tau Delta induction last night. The night went pretty well, one of my professors sat with my mom and I and one of my classmates at the reception afterwards and he was really funny ;) Anyway back to work. I have a project to turn in today at 2pm which I finished last night, a total of 10 collages and a 2 page paper describing a sub-culture we had to make up for my Visual Communications class which is probably the easiest class I have as far as the work load. I have to finish the annotated bibliography or at least most of it by tomorrow or my Electronic Media class. But that depends on everyone emailing me their sources this afternoon. Ugh I HATE group projects! We present on Monday - ugh. Working on the 20 page paper - have 13 pages now - it only had to be like 15-20 pages so not much more to go! But writing about my life gets me off on tangents so I'm sure that won't be hard to fill another 7 pages!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

No Chocolate for Me

If you want real international chocolate you better buy a plane ticket. Pete got a package back he sent me yesterday and was informed by the post office that the US is not accepting any packages with food in them. He was given this very complicated website to look at: FDA. The thing is I got Guylian seashells from him for Valentine's day so it must have gone into effect pretty resently although they say the organization or whatever was formed in Oct 2002. UGH.

No real chocolate for me :(

Stuff I have to do...

As finals approach, everything is due. In the next two weeks I have to...

1) Finish Vis Comm final project - due Thursday. 7 more collages to go.

2) Type up Annotated Bibliography for Electronic Media presentation - 20 sources. Have to rely on group members to get them to me eventually. We present on monday and the bib is due then too!

3) Finish website for Web Publishing (due last day April 22)

4) Do research paper (10-12 pages - but adding research to 8 pages already) for Adv. Exp. Writing - due April 21.

5) Finish 20-25 page psychological autobiography (have 11 pages) due April 16!

I am feel like I am going to die - as Sara put it on her Live Journal.

On top of that my eyes have been bothering me really badly. Everyday when I'm on the computer for more than 5 mins pretty much I get a headache, feel sick, and its difficult for my eyes to focus.

And I have to decide whether or not to put the flight on my credit card even though neither of us have the money to pay it off (I just got it and there is a 6 month no interest thing) but still when you don't have money and don't know when you will it makes booking things like $800 flights a bit difficult. Just venting please don't tell me to look on 'discount site' been there 100's of times.

I need a Starbuck's Vanilla Frappacino from Molly's...mmmmm. Okay taking a shower and working on collages.

Monday, April 05, 2004


Hmph its 10pm and doesn't feel like it. I HATE Daylight Savings time. The only good thing is Pete and I are back to the 5 hour time difference as opposed to the 6 hours we were on this past week (as the GMT did the switch last weekend.)

Pete and I talked on the phone last night and tonight, which is a rare treat especially with him being out of work - still. Hopefully he'll hear from the shop this week sometime so he can either a) be happy that he has found a job or b) keep job hunting. I'm really tired of getting comments about Pete's lack of a job, and what career path he should take. Just a bit of a vent there.

Today my mom came up in the afternoon and we went to the GAP Outlet. We each got something for $18. I got a light blue skirt - like this one. Then we went into the Bass outlet and I got a matching light blue and brown purse/handbag for the skirt ;) Yes my mom and I are addicted to purses LOL.

Been working majority of the weekend. But am making steady progress. Not as stressed out, but this week will be busy! On Weds I am being inducted into Sigma Tau Delta - which is not a sorority - but an English honor society type thing.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Touch of Color

Yes I know its bright! I tried to pull some colors out of a picture of a very pink flower and then it messed up, so I settled on this for now. Its a bit Barbie-ish I think. But I'm not in the mood to keep messing with colors!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Great Gown Giveaway and Registration

Wow long and busy day considering we didn't have class!

Today was Registration day for Summer and Fall term. So I met with my advisor and when to financial aid this morning at 9am to get that done. Then I came back here and chatted with Pete for almost and hour, then I had to go meet a club I'm in so we could go set up and run The Great Gown Giveaway. Its this program we got involved with where we put signs up around the college asking girls to donate their old prom dresses, shoes, and jewelery in good condition to give to girls who couldn't afford them.

I donated two of mine - both I wore to proms. Anyway we set up and the girls started coming in around noon. It didn't officially start until like 2pm and lasted until 6:30pm. A girl left with my coral colored prom dress I wore my senior year. I think there are a few pictures of me in it on my MSN photo site. Anyway I looked a lot better on her so I'm glad she like it :) Made me feel all good inside lol. Anyway so just got back here. We had to take the left over dresses to the president of the club's house to put in a spare room they have. I'm so tired but I have to finish researching and start writing a paper due on Friday and work on at 20 page paper due in a little over two weeks!! Ahhhhh!!!! Working weekend here I come! And its only WEDNESDAY!!!!