Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter, Film Set, and Finals

Happy belated Easter everyone! I was busy the whole weekend cleaning and preparing for yesterday - and within 2 hours everyone was gone! Holidays are really annoying like that. I arrived at school this morning, having to hike back to campus after parking in the desperate people's parking spots a few blocks away. Its not a bad walk but it was kinda rainy, my hair has gone mental, and I had to lug my laptop case and my weekend bag on wheels. Walking up to the campus I noticed some tents around, and as I got closer to the breezeway I saw a lot of wires and random people standing around doing nothing, and then some equipment. Finally as I got up the stairs to the lobby of Ponce Hall (the old Ponce de Leon Hotel) I see bright lights...and click it all makes sense...our dorm has become A MOVIE SET. Great. Actually its kinda neat but its a pain to get into and out of the halls. So here with my trusty Powerbook G4 I sit and work on my 20 page paper due on Friday, just at the top of the 14th page.... Finals are coming up next week - Mon, Tues, Weds. I haven't even started thinking about studying... have to stop complaining and be productive!

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