Monday, April 05, 2004


Hmph its 10pm and doesn't feel like it. I HATE Daylight Savings time. The only good thing is Pete and I are back to the 5 hour time difference as opposed to the 6 hours we were on this past week (as the GMT did the switch last weekend.)

Pete and I talked on the phone last night and tonight, which is a rare treat especially with him being out of work - still. Hopefully he'll hear from the shop this week sometime so he can either a) be happy that he has found a job or b) keep job hunting. I'm really tired of getting comments about Pete's lack of a job, and what career path he should take. Just a bit of a vent there.

Today my mom came up in the afternoon and we went to the GAP Outlet. We each got something for $18. I got a light blue skirt - like this one. Then we went into the Bass outlet and I got a matching light blue and brown purse/handbag for the skirt ;) Yes my mom and I are addicted to purses LOL.

Been working majority of the weekend. But am making steady progress. Not as stressed out, but this week will be busy! On Weds I am being inducted into Sigma Tau Delta - which is not a sorority - but an English honor society type thing.

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