Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hello! Wow I have been quiet on here lately, not much going on besides working and today is the first day I have off - or at least I think I do I better call and make sure hehe. Working for your parents is interesting lol. My unpacking has been very minimal so I may do that today. I have been feeling in a rut the past few days so yesterday I got Hope Springs on dvd and went to the library and found Jemima J by Jane Green to read. I wanted to get her first novel, Talking Straight, but they didn't have it so I settled for the one I got. I added it to my reading section on the right side so click on the book cover to get to the amazon page about it.

Watched Hope Springs last night, it was cute. Had a lot of classic American small town stuff in it which I had to laugh at. I thought the whole story line was a bit blah though - and pretty unbelievable. Oh well.

Not sure what else I'm doing this week, summer classes start on Monday - ugh. But I will only be taking two and I'll have Wednesdays off so thats good. Been on YourDay2Remember a lot. Planning a wedding and wanting families from two countries to be there is annoying. But my favorite part, the dress shopping, might be happening soon. My mom and I are going to look around some this week hopefully to at least see what I like.

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