Friday, February 24, 2006

So this is what it feels like...

Fear. Excitement. Anxiety. Joy.

I'm a big bundle of emotions as my 'college career' comes to a close and the months and days tick down until the wedding. I don't know what to think anymore.

The reality of the situation hit when I had to fill out one of those green forms to return to student service. I wrote my name, checked the "NOT RETURNING" option, and then checked the "GRADUATING" option. Oh god, it is really happening isn't it?

Later in the week, ie today, I had another milestone moment. There stacked in their box were the wedding invitations: printed, stamped, just waiting to be slapped with silver return address labels and on the journey to the great beyond. Said address labels finally arrived today, so I slapped them on quickly...but then I froze. This is the big step, no turning back now (well technically we could, but people would be really pissed off, especially those with travel arrangements already book). I finally gathered up the courage to send them, armed with 20 or so invitation sized envelopes I made my way to the blue mailbox. I paused for a minute, then quickly did the deed before I lost my nerve. I opened the little drawer, placed the stack in there, and then flicked the lid. There goes I wait for replies.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Post-Valentine's Day

Well in a weird and ironic twist of fate, Pete's package to me arrived a day early, but my package to him has yet to get there :( Damn the USPS and royal mail! So I'm done with my Cadbury's valentines milk tray selection box, and on to the 3rd disc of season two of Sex and the City yay. Its very addictive!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine's Day

So this will be my last Valentine's Day all on my lonesome, eating chocolates and watching "Sex and the City." Well, that's if my package from Pete arrives on time via the miracle of the Royal Mail and USPS. Valentine's Day has to be one of the biggest mail days of the year, especially all those boxed flowers delivered by Fed Ex. Hmph and I'm working in the mailroom on Tuesday ie V-Day...wonderful! Luckily that's my hour and a half day, then I got to class for 2 and a half hours and learn about International Communication/Media which is pretty cool. There really is no point to this post, I'm just trying to keep from becoming one of those people who leaves their blog up because they can't let go, but never updates. And those of you who do that, yes I'm talking to you! Update your blog or shut it down...when I'm bored I like to look for updates and its depressing when no one has any! Grrr. Back to my regularly scheduled Saturday night programming of watching a movie and baking cookies yum!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm burnt out...

And its only the first part of the semester. I just can't get motivated, I'm always tired, and basically I just don't care. It's my last semester as an undergraduate! I say that because at some point I want to go back for my master's probably, but not yet. Things are moving slowly with both school and the wedding, and I'm a bit fed up with both. I just want it to be July, want to have a job and finally be with Pete for good. I really miss him. This week is a tough week anyway, Thursday is my mom's 50th birthday and 6 months since she passed away. I miss her a lot too, but in a more final way. It's getting to where I can't really remember the physical presence of her sometimes, while at other times I can remember it specifically even to the way she coughed. I'm working on a website for her, wanted to have it done for her birthday but that won't happen, its A Great Many Things if anyone wanted to check it out and sign the guest book.