Sunday, August 31, 2003

6 Years

Wow it's been six years since Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris. At the time I was 13 and a bit obsessed about the whole thing lol. E! Entertainment Television is having a row of True Hollywood Stories and etc on her...might watch one tonight - not that it'll be any different from what I already know from tons of books and shows and stuff. To be honest it was pretty stupid of them to leave the hotel, but whatever. Anyway having a BBQ today at my sister's hehe. Eating a yucky morning start breakfast bar to curb my hunger til later.

I weighed myself today, I was suppose to wait til Monday but with the holiday and tomorrow going to a BBQ at my sister's and there being cake there (for my uncle's gf's birthday) I decided to weigh myself today and not count tomorrow. I lost 3 lbs this week! yay! Total of 8 lbs now, I'm suppose to increase my net carbs by 5 per week now until I get to 40 grams then stop and do that until I'm close to my goal weight (which is about 30 lbs lighter than what I was originally.) So I'm not doing bad, I have cheated a little though. I think if I continue to mangage my carb intake (which is getting easier) and continue exercising I should at least maintain this weight and maybe lose a bit more.

I never seem to know who sings songs on the radio. I didn't know Daniel Bedingfield sang "Gotta Get Through This" or "If You're Not the One" Hmmmm. He has an interesting voice. Just downloaded those two songs from LimeWire. Anyway emotional family drama today. Ended up calling Pete and not really talking too much. Anyway going to get off here and watch 4 Weddings and a Funeral on the TV station Oxygen for the 100th time - its just not the same with all the curse words edited ugh lol.

Saturday, August 30, 2003


What happened today ? Not a lot. I did 3 miles of WATP for Abs, showered, got dressed, watched tv, cleaned a bit, tried to find my dorm stuff to no avail. Tried an Atkins breakfast bar for breakfast - it was alright, pretty filling. Later I made Atkins brownies, I was only suppose to have one but I've had like 3 small ones throughout the day lol. Opps. Jennie has inspired me to make a few new banners and re-do the graphics on my index page for my homepage to a fall theme, the cottage is a bit off center so I have to go back and fix that but Pagebuilder was messing up earlier at the motel. Wanted to redo some more graphics as well, since cute colors is closing its club as of Dec 31st so I have to use up and download all the sets I like :) Notice the link to my homepage on right - quilt square by Graphic Garden who has always had really cute linkware stuff ;) Pete and I have decided for the moment to try to get 'romantic' things for each other for our 5th anny... thanks to Jennie I think I am going to get him something personalized - which I can't show here for obvious reasons. Ooo the new season of What to Wear (rip off of BBC version) is starting on TLC tonight so I'll watch that and maybe read my book thats due back to the library on Tues., "Bad Heir Day" hehe.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Friday Five

1. Are you going to school this year ?

Yup. I move into the dorms on Tues and classes start on Weds

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college etc.) If no, when did you graduate?

I'm starting my second year of college - woohoo almost to the half way mark!

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects?

English/Communications classes I guess since its my major, more specificially British Lit and etc.

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects?

Math! Last semester I took the last math class I will ever have to take in my life! yay!

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite?

Ummm in my HS there were so weird teachers and some good ones....don't think I could pick a favorite. Some let us watch X-Files all day, and some played hockey with balled up pieces of paper, some taught us goggle songs, and some made us sing happy birthday. Ah Lopez days, I don't miss them but there were some fun times!

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Oooo We've been Engaged for 2 Months!

Just realized while looking at Jennie's blog, that Pete and I have been engaged for 2 months today! yay! I've gotten use to wearing my engagement ring, and I don't sit and stare at it as much anymore - but I really like how it gets sparkly in the sun ;) I was thinking today how undramatic Pete's proposal was hehe, no big plan or trip, no huge sign saying "Will you marry me?" etc. Maybe its because we talked about it so much, even before we met in person (which I think is a bit weird now.) Besides Pete would never get down on his knee in front of a whole crowd or anything and I wouldn't want him to lol I don't like ppl staring at me call me paranoid or something, I just like to blend in. Thing is the proposal was so surreal and I was so giggly and girly that I really don't actually remember if he was on his knees or just just standing by the bed when he asked me. Anyway it seems so much longer ago than 2 months and not that long ago - as everything does in an LDR. Ugh.

Went to the health food store and got a *few* Atkins brand things which are low carbs. I say a few because for what I got it was really expensive! $32!!! I got Atkins pancake mix, brownie mix, 2 'chocolate and peanutbutter' snack bars, a pack of torilla shells for wraps and such, and 2 boxes of morning start breakfast bars! The 'chocolate' was crap - ate one thing of it and a piece of the other. Been dying for pancakes so I might make those tomorrow for breakfast, and maybe the brownies tomorrow or for my sister's on Sunday. I can't find half of the stuff for my dorm I brought home last year :( Its probably hidden under a bunch of crap in the garage or maybe even the attic. Ummm what else has happened today ? Not too much..Pete's on his own for the weekend as his parents went away for the weekend with the Aussies who are staying with them ;) So he really wishes I was there. Wanna work on the engagement scrap book more, maybe do that tonight - use up the Me to You stickers Pete got me when I was in the UK last Dec/Jan. Anyone have any ideas what I could do for Pete for our 5th Anniversary of being a couple ? I'm at a loss for ideas as we've given each other everything basically lol. Well bye for now!

Feel blah and sleepy. I was watching a wedding story on TLC and got into a wedding-like mood so I thought I'd take out my prom dress from junior year of HS. It was the dress I got but didn't end up wearing, as it was too formal for the prom. Its a white dress with a ribed corset like top and the bottom poofs out. It doesn't fit me anymore either which sucks, my goal is to fit back into it. Anyway thats not that bad part, I took it out of its plastic and there are yellow dots on the back and a bit of the front of it :( So I'm upset about that, might be some aging or something. Its been in plastic for over 2 years so that might have a lot to do with it, my mom is going to see if it can be cleaned. I kinda want it as my wedding dress as its really lovely and as it was a prom dress it was less expensive than a lot of wedding dresses will be, think it was about $200. Anyway see how that goes :( Not much else to report on, dieting going alright today - had to celery sticks and peanut butter for breakfast ugh. My mom found a health food store that carries a lot of Atkins brand food so I might go there today and get some stuff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


In a good mood at the moment :) I just got a little leaflet from my college about Student Updates and such! Looks like we will be getting free high speed internet access in the dorm rooms yay! No more AOL and paying for it! Which means I'll have to get a free email account somewhere...where is the best ? Ooo my friend Sara now has a LiveJournal all about her and etc, will get her permission before I link it here though! She's a hoot! Anyway I'm well chuffed about the internet access (ok I said chuffed, turning me please ;))

Went to the mall today with my sister :) She wanted to have a sisters day out and buy me a outfit for school yay! I ended up getting a black top with an abstract looking plaid design on it in pink and white and black stretchy comfy but really nice looking trousers/pants, also got a necklace to go with it :) Then I got myself a bag for my school books in The Gap, it was orginially $40 marked down to $20 :) Then we went to Hops for lunch, it wasn't great and they didn't give us any of their yummy bread - which I can't have anyway but still! Anyway thats about it for now, might be back later if the urge strikes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

New haircut, same me.

Got a haircut today! Woohoo! Okay not really, its basically the same as what I got the last time I went to get it cut...I like it I might actually keep up with it and go every 6 weeks like you're suppose to, well lets see if I have time for that.

Ugh it seems to be getting hotter and hotter EVERYDAY and I live in Florida so I guess I should be glad I have a pool (at my parents motel) and the ocean to cool off in. Its nearly Sept with no sign of Fall, even though FL really doesn't have many seasons... just hot, not so hot, or 'cold' which isn't really cold. Thank god for AC!

Pete has two Aussie's staying with his parents for a month, they were friends of Pete's uncle who lived in Austrialia who died in July. Tony was really excited about them coming so I hope they have a good time. Pete said to his mum they're becoming an international hotel with all the different ppl that stay there hehe. Very generous people my future in-law's gotta love 'em! Anyway getting off the comp as the AC doesn't reach this area and I'm about to die of the heat!
Just got off the phone with my new roomie she sounds nice, I really should organize what I am bringing as I am moving in ONE WEEK! Where has the time gone ? Guess most of it was spent in the UK. I sent a text to SARA if you read this girl, whats up ?! Anyway ta-ta going to go see if I can find my dorm stuff somewhere in this mess of a house!

Listening to: Cold Play - The Scientist

Awwww Pete was so cute today on the phone :) I called him after we met online, after his dad got off the phone. I really miss being with him, but Xmas is coming up just around the corner and soon the flight will be booked and the next countdown will begin yay! Anyway the cute bit about Pete, he said he missed me so much this weekend (he was away with his fam for his granddad's 70th Bday and we had no online contact) and that it showed him how much he loved me and how much I mean to him :) Its hard to imagine that once upon a time we only chatted online over the weekend and would email during the week, doubt if we could do that anymore!

I was thinking about him doing a course over here at the local community college and staying in my room while I was at school during the week in St. Aug, the only thing is for international students the government or someone requires them to have $20,000 per year for expenses so that they aren't poor and living on the streets etc. Which I can understand...but how would Pete get that much $$$ ? Especially without repaying it for years (as I will be). Grrr so if it does happen that won't be til a year from now if he can get that arranged. In a way it just seems easier to wait til I'm out of college for him to come here and we can get married, but even then I won't have any money which scares me. Hmph. Well I've turned a short little post into a long ramble! My roomie is calling me back at 9pm, as I called her around 6:30pm and she was just going out for a few hours. She sounds really nice :) Feel a bit blah - might be PMSy or something. Nighty night.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Wedding Cakes ...

Alright so I shouldn't be looking at this stuff, as Pete and I probably won't be getting married for another 3 years, but... while I was at the grocery store I picked up a leaflet about their wedding cakes mmmmm. I know English wedding cakes are fruit cakes I believe, Pete's mum makes them and she mentioned to me when I was over there thats what they were, I also found this site about English Wedding Traditions that I bookmarked. Call me odd but I don't think I have ever had fruit cake, so I dunno how that tastes really. Anyway I know what kind of cake I want hehe I have to make sure Pete likes it but I think he does has he a piece of it while he was here for the first time I think... I want a cheesecake with cream cheese icing and raspberry filling! Doesn't that sound incredible rich and yummy ?!

Anyway I know I'm crazy hehe. Ooo Pete said he should be able to book the flight for him to come here for Xmas around late Sept yay! So I shall have to look at flight prices and find the best deal! Though he will probably want a direct flight which should be pretty inexpensive for xmas time, they only really jump up in the summer. Going to phone my new roomie later, gunna go check if she emailed me back ;)
Just went to the store and weighed myself - I have lost 5 lbs since last Monday! Yay! Ooo also happy that Pete is home and we are chatting online :) He emailed me on my phone and then I tried to call him but the scary call waiting lady came on! Brrr! Anyway happy me!
Hi hi. Busy day today. We had 5 check outs at the motel, but we got done with them all in about 3 hours which is really good. Also my new roommate for my dorm in college called while I was at the motel, so I'm happy about that. From what my mom has said she sounds really nice :) I emailed her and said I would try to give her a call tomorrow evening - even though I don't like calling people I don't already know but hopefully it'll be alright. Tomorrow Pete comes home from being away for the weekend, yay! He said he would email me when he got in and maybe call me, so I'm excited to talk to him again seems like ages since we chatted!! Tomorrow is also a week since I started the Atkins Diet and weigh in day, which I will do at the grocery store as they have a proper scale which is way more accurate than me little crappy one (the one I have is about 15 lbs heavier! Whats up with that ?) My brother is watching Sliding Doors, one of my favs so I'm watching it too, though as I've seen in about 500 times I know it by heart but the ending still pisses me off!! Anyone who has seen it will know what I mean!! Anyway going to bed soon, probably when Slidings Doors is over hehe ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Some things never change...

Its amazing how the smallest things never seem to change no matter how much time goes by. For example, in my early teens I was very much interested in the Royal Family of Great Britain - yes okay you can call me a freak lol, okay the major reason was I had a huge crush on Prince William, again you can laugh. Anyway has anyone noticed the latest edition of Vanity Fair magazine ? Guess who is on the cover? Yes Prince William - looking amazingly attractive! Anyway I was in the grocery store yesterday and had to get the magazine, yes I spent $4.50 just to see 2 really good pics of Prince William hehe. Theres a whole section in it on Royal Families in Europe so I'll read that when I feel in the mood. But the mere action of buying the mag sent me back about 6 years hehe. Also last night my mom and I watched Little Women, the 1994 version, which we have seen 100+ times and it just felt like old times to me and it was really fun. The kettle corn popcorn was really good too ;) For 12 carbs it had to be! Anyway just rambling, very lost without Pete around this weekend - hope he's having a good time ;)

Friday, August 22, 2003

Friday Five

1. When was the last time you laughed?

Hmmm really laughed a lot or just a little ? A little - probably today. A lot - yesterday on the phone with Pete when he did an impression of me ;)

2. Who was the last person you had an arguement with?

I guess my mom.

3. Who was the last person you emailed ?

My boss at my work study job at college but I guess I got his email address wrong bc it came back grrr

4. When was the last time you bathed ?

As in had an actually bath ? Or just cleaned/showered ? I had a shower this morning. The last time I had a bath was before I went to England I suppose I don't really remember.

5. What was the last thing you ate ?

Hmmmm think a celery stick with peanut butter on it.. yummy! Having popcorn soon with a movie ;)
Feeling better today

Feeling a lot better today, think its because I had protein for breakfast, well I had bacon so can't be too healthy but it was GOOD. I've been snacking a bit on swedish fish candy which isn't good but I just had a salad with low carb dressing mmmm. Ooo I got Pete a present today - it was something I saw at Clinton Cards in the UK for 15 GBP but I got it here in a drugstore for $10! Yay me. I might try to find a link to has secret meaning to us which I guess you could figure out if you wanted to hehe let me try to find a link. Anyway I'm saying it on here has I know Pete won't be online til Monday and doesn't really read this anyway ;) ahhh too lazy to do the HTML and I forgot this is a Mac so it won't let me drag and drop it into blogger so if you wanna see go to :)

My stomach feels about to explode, I guess I blame the meatballs I ate earlier - I was starving and getting dizzy and avoided the temptation of a entamen's raspberry danish and instead had the only 'protein' product I could find in the freezer - the meatballs. Later I had an apple, which I am technically not allowed to have but I did anyway as I needed energy. I've had a fever pretty much all day and have been dizzy and tired, alright now as I took some cheapo wanna be advil. Atkins Diet sucks @$$ dunno if I am going to stop it or not. My mom told me to on the phone earlier but that was because she didn't want to stop and get my something to eat on the way home and I can't eat what we have here - all carbs! ARGH Why is it that it was her idea and a whole 4 days later she wants me to stop because she's sick of putting up with me ???? Tho it was suppose to be for me, 'I'm only thinking of you' she said etc etc. GRRRR Kill me now! To make matters worse I can't even complain to Pete this weekend as he is going away with his family for his Granddad's 70th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mick! (Even though he doesn't read this!) So I'm all on my lonesome internet wise and all my friends are preparing to go back to school. I have until Sept 3rd. Right now I just wanna relax, might watch a movie or read a book I got at the library on Monday or just go to bed early as I have NO ENERGY and no CAR even if I wanted to go anywhere or go get Food. Car is at my mom's friend's cause she asked if i would let her drive it home as soon as I woke up so I said ALRIGHT - stupid sleepy me. Anyway I'm off!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Ugh feel crappy

Yesterday I went with my mom and a friend of hers that often says at the motel to Orlando to look at furniture. We got lost a few times but we eventually got where we were going. I have to say I kinda cheated on my diet yesterday, around noon I'd been out with my mom for an hour or so and started feeling dizzy so my mom stopped by Wendy's and got me chili. The Wendy's website says there are 23 grams of carbs in a small chili but doesn't show the fiber so I might not have cheated that bad, though for lunch/dinner we stopped at a 50's style diner and I had a vanilla milkshake so I ended up cheating anyway! I dunno how much longer I'll stay on Atkins, as it takes me a long time to get up in the morning and I feel groggy for a few hours after that :( I dunno where or not I'm going to exercise today, I didn't have time to yesterday but I feel really crappy at the moment. May just lay down and see how I feel later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Nothing much to report on lately - just my dieting (which you can see on my wellness journal)
*hint* hehe. Eating two celery sticks at the moment - as I'm not hungry enough for lunch as I ate breakfast late but feel like I need something. Did 3 miles on WATP for Abs, then showered and got dressed and here I am. Less than 2 weeks til I move back into my dorm (might be a few days earlier if my boss at my work study job at college needs me and gets me permission to move in earlier.) I think I have most of my stuff I need, have to find my stuff from last year - has to be somewhere around here maybe in the garage or my closet. Need to get my hair cut might make an appointment for that today. Might go to Walmart to look around and maybe get my parents CHICAGO on DVD - they wanted to see it in the theatre (the play) but the seats were all sold out :( So maybe I'll get them that and they can watch it tonight or something. Made Yorkshire Puddings again last night - they turned out a bit heavier/more eggy than last time - so I haven't totally perfected them but I'm sure I will do eventually. Just relaxing today as I worked all day yesterday in the blazing heat, at least I'm getting back my tan I lost in England hehe (actually I got sun burnt my last day there so I can't really say that!) Thats about it for now! Hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week so far!

Unconscious Muttering from Sunday

1. Only you:: Love

2. 33:: Uncle Dave

3. Foundation: makeup

4. Accidents:: hospitals

5. Hometown::beach

6. Natural::peaceful

7. Bombastic:: Bombs

8. Bachelor:: Reality TV

9. Far away:: Pete

10. Tony:: Pete's dad

Monday, August 18, 2003

I have started another blog to record my eating and such starting today (as I have started the Atkin's Diet) here it is if anyone cares to look: Jul's Wellness Journal

Sunday, August 17, 2003

when harry met sally
Everyone remembers the 'faked-orgasm-in-the-deli'
sequence from your kind of movie When Harry Met Sally.
It seems that you're falling for a buddy
or have already fallen for them.Uh-oh. You're
probably caught between the possibilty of
having a great relationship and wrecking the
one you have now. You know what they say, it's
better to regret something you did than
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What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla

Feeling alright today. Going to my sister's later to see the babies and have a little BBQ. Tomorrow I will *try* to start the Atkin's Diet - see how that goes!! Pete and I are alright now ;) Wow today its 2 weeks from the time I left England and it seems at least like 2 months! I really hate that. Some of my clothes still smell like his laudry detergent - I love that smell! Anyway best be off!

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Ugh pissed off.

Pete was suppose to send me the shirt I bought for my friend Sara for her 20th Birthday, I left it there by accident when I was packing and he said he'd send it last weekend. He didn't get to the post office in time last Saturday so I was alright with that, he said he would send it this weekend. So I reminded him last night on the phone about it, did he send it this morning ? Of course not! Why ? He forgot !!! He said he woke up and his mum was talking to him about his grandparents' birthdays next weekend and he didn't remember about sending the shirt until after the post office was shut. Of course he then went to his friends and met me on there. He was being all lovey dovey - now I know why. He said he was sorry and made a little sad face but COME ON !!! You might think I'm over-reacting but he always seems to forget things or not have time to do things for me and it pisses me off. Anyway after he told me about that this morning I just said I had to go and I didn't want to fight about it so I would talk to him later online. I'll get over it but not right now. Men are stupid.
Friday Five (

1. How much time do you spend online each day ?

Oh wow let me see. During the week I chat with Pete from 3pm til 5:30pm so at least 2 and a half hours, thats if I haven't been on earlier in the morning. Usually as soon as I wake up I go online - really bad habit that I'm sure will stop when school starts up again and I have actual stuff to do with my life! On weekends I chat with Pete from 8am until about 10am and then later in the afternoon about 4pm to about 7pm usually. On average I spend about 5 hours online a day on the weekends and 2.5 a day on the weekdays - well thats the time I spend chatting with Pete - the rest like blogging is more. I waste my freaking life on here!!!

2. What is your browser homepage set to ?

The Earthlink homepage thing.

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s) ?

I use AIM on this computer and then on my personal comp when its connected to the internet (hasn't been since April) I have AIM and MSN but I usually just have AIM on.

4. Where was your first webpage located?

Geocities, one of those blah template things where you just enter your info in and a few pics.

5. How long have you had your current website ?

Ummm I started blogging about a year ago I guess a little less than that, I've had this blog since my other one kinda got messed up in early April I think. I've had my homepage ( for about a year or so I guess.

Feel bleh/depressed. Talked to Pete on the phone earlier, I felt like calling him so I did. I started crying because just hearing his voice made me remember what it was like to be with him (it hasn't even been 2 weeks and it feels like an eternity since I was with him), and it just sucks. I'm sick of being in and LDR I think 5 bloody years is enough!!! I want to be freaking normal ! AH!!! Don't mind me just going quietly insane. Went to Blockbuster and got a previously viewed DVD for $12, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" shall comment on how it is tomorrow or something. Haven't walked yet today - I should do to keep on track but I don't feel like it - want to just eat crap and sleep. Grrrr.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Morning. Here at the motel wasting time until my dad and I can clean - yay my life is so exciting huh ?! I might have found out why I can't seem to lose any weight even when I do my walking everday (I am starting to do that again but didn't do it yesterday as I was busy and then when I got home I was too sore from the night before.) Anyway the reason might be the medication I take for my speech impediment - its actually an anti-depressant but it helps with my speech as well. I think thats it because I was reading in a book my mom got me about the Atkin's Diet (actually I think Pete's mum has the same book as she has lost weight on it), it says that some anti-depressants (it named the one I'm on) slow down or prevent weight loss and might even cause ppl to gain weight. I told this to my mom this morning and she asked on of her friends about it who was also on the same medication and she said it caused her to gain weight. So I'm not just really stupid and don't know how to exercise! Woo hoo at least I feel better now! Anyway might have to go to the DR and tell him about this stuff and see what else I could do for medication. Ugh I hate doctors though! Well thats about it for now.
Hi. Just got back from spending the day hanging out with my friends hehe. We met at the mall and then walked around there for a few hours, of course bumping various old class mates including two girls that graduated with us - I got to show of my engagement ring some more which is always fun! Then we went to the Outback for my third engagement dinner (I'm telling you if your not engaged you bloody well should do as you get great cards, nice gifts, and go out to eat with all your family and friends.) Our friend Becca was able to meet us there and have dinner with us which is great as I haven't seen her since last November! I did forget her bday though oops it was earlier this month! Ah! I shall have to send her an ecard later! Anyway then Becca had to go and we went to Barnes and Noble where I looked through various wedding magazines and books, including one I wanna get for Pete "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Groom" or something hehe. We then headed next door to Best Buy where I saw The Second Season of Felicity on DVD which I really want! (Pete will probably get it for me either for our anny in Nov or Xmas hehe) Then we ended up going to Pet Smart and looking at some fishies and I saw something else I wanna get for Pete but I didn't get it as I will probably forget I have it by Christmas! It was a really good time and it was so good to see them! I officially asked them to be my bridesmaids (not that I have any other friends anyway hehe) so they were like "sure yeah!" Anyway thats about it for now - didn't get to chat with Pete today as I was out :( I miss him grrr.

Oooo I am back to walking away my pounds - my butt aches so bad though as I did 2 miles last night before showering and going to bed! Ouch! I should do at least another 2 tonight but I dunno if I can take it with the achiness! Might just wait til tomorrow morning and do 3 - guess I shall see!! Ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hi. I have a headache :( Today I got up at like 5am to go with my mom to my sister's house to watch my niece, she was home from daycare with a fever, while my sister and her husband went to her operation (cosmetic surgery.) So I'm tired! Might be the reason for the really bad headache. So I'm drinking Welch's White Grape and Raspberry Juice which is really good! I had some in England while I was there - though I don't think it was white grape but regular grape.

Jennie was saying how Americans can't understand her R's hehe I remember me not not understanding when English ppl say R's - shall have to take notice of it more when I am on the phone with Pete. I forget how he sounds really - as I haven't talk to him on the phone since I've been home. Its only been about a week in a half but it feels like AGES. Grrrr. Anyway getting off here and chatting with Pete for awhile ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

My Yorkshire Puddings

This is a pic of my yorkshire puds from last night ;) They were a bit burnt on the top but I did leave them in longer than was called for because the rest of the dinner wan't ready...will try again maybe tonight hehe.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Ah the Scent of Yorkshire Puddings Baking...

So this morning I got in the mood to cook, and then in the mood for yorkshire puddings so I found a really simply recipe online and printed it out and ta-da my yorkshires are backing - yummy! Okay so I only had enough batter to make 6 as the muffin pans I used were 'giant' ones which I didn't know until I was pouring the batter in them! I told Pete I'd have to tell him how they turn out tomorrow - as he loves them (so do I!) And his mum said that if he was moving here then I'd definitely have to know how to make them ;) So I shall have to impress Lin if I am successful tonight! I shall know in 25 mins - ooo just sneaked a peak - they are all puffy!!! ;)
Morning Darling Ones. Hmph whats new ?! Yesterday I went with my mom and one of her friends shopping, and we ended up going to lunch for my 'engagement dinner' hehe. Gotta love this engagement stuff! Presents, cards, dinners, money - its like having a birthday for an extended period of time! Anyway we went to this new place in a nearby town (NSB for Sara and Tiff who know where that it) called 'the garlic.' Obviously as the name of the place says they LOVE garlic! They have this bread that you get and with it comes a whole clove of garlic that you mash up and add pepper, balsanic vinegar and olive oil to and dip the bread in it - yummy! Anyway the food was good when we eventually got it. First they didn't have what my mom and her friend ordered, then they didn't have the side item they wanted, and then when I got my chicken it wasn't cooked! And for those of you who know I got food poisoning from uncooked chicken 2 years ago in England so I'm a bit crazy when it comes to that. Anyway my chicken stuffed with cream cheese, goat cheese and spinach was really good. Then we went to a few other stores...they just opened a Super Target near by! YES you heard me right!! So we went there but didn't get to explore too much as it was getting late, I'll have to go there again and get me some Starbucks yay! But in there I got a scrapbook and silver press on letters, I think I'm getting into scrapbooking, as my mom has this whole scrapbook kit that she never uses so she gave it to me so I will try that out soon and hopefully not suck too badly at it ;) Also I got a little rug for my dorm room - bright yellow with colorful circles, and a metal free standing shelve thing for the bathroom in the dorm. Did I tell you I saw my dorm last Weds ? Wow its tiny! I gotta get in touch with my roommate soon and see who is doing and bring what - hopefully I'll get DSL in the dorm or my own phone line so I don't have to limit my online time - as you all know that was a big topic last year with my roomies. Anyway best be off for now! ta-ta.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Evening. Ooo today I got a surprise bargain which is the best kind in my opinion! I stopped into Payless while my mom was in another store in this shopping plaza, I was looking for sandals for the rest of the summer and into autumn (which really doesn't exist in FL too much.) After some looking I found a cute pair that fit pretty good, they're brown leather sandals without backs to them - they were $12.99 which I thought was a pretty good price at that moment. So I went up to the register and the woman there rang them up and guess what the total came to... something like $4.26!!! What the heck ??!! I dunno how it happened either - but that was the only pair of that sandal that I saw in a few different size areas so I guess it was the last of a sale item that wasn't marked! Yippee.

Wow in November Pete and I will be a couple for 5 years!! Where did the time go ? I have no idea! And for those of you who don't know yes I was 14 when we met. Actually we don't remember when exactly we met online but we think it was around late Oct or early November and we started becoming interested in each other romantically mid November or so we think. All we know is early December my house caught on fire and we didn't have any contact which each other for a month so it had to be about mid Nov. Anyway I have been looking online for romantic/personalized pressies for him...I have a few ideas but I can't really post them here as he might see them ;) Wow I feel really old and pathetic that we have been together nearly 5 years now but I'm only 19 so I guess I'm not! I have to remind myself of my age a lot! I know I'm weird. Anyway best be off here - eyes are hurting! Need new glasses!

Saturday, August 09, 2003

License plate!

Morning! Wooo hoo I actually slept through the night. Okay so the jet lag isn't finished but tylenol PM really helps ;) Alright I know I shouldn't take it unless I have pain and need to sleep but needing to sleep is enough of a pain! Besides I only took one so its not that bad. Hehehe. I'm glad I slept and I don't have that 'I can't sleep cause of jetlag headache' yay. I wanna do something fun today like something with my friends, but of course we never know Tiff's schedule so I need to call Sara later and see! There are some good movies out like American Wedding (3rd movie sequel thing to American Pie.) and Johnny English (with Rowan Atkins! Mr Bean!!) hehe. I think Sara would go for either but I dunno about Tiff! We shall see!!

Friday, August 08, 2003

My cute fiance

Awww v. cute picture of Pete ;)

Friday Five - Traveling

1. Where was the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?

I traveled to England on June 27th (got there on the 28th) and just got home this past Sunday (actually early Monday morning.)

2. What is the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?

Ummm I saw Mr. T (the boxer guy) in the St. Louis airport while I was waiting for my connection to London. I took pics of him (they're on my MSN group if anyone wishes to see them and is a member hehe.)

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?

I would probably go to Ireland with Pete ;)

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car ?

Plane I guess. Seems to be the quickest unless you get delayed grr.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?

Ummm I wanna go to Ireland with Pete sometime. I think my family is thinking about going to Pennsylvania the day or so after Christmas to visit my uncle and his family. Other than that I'll probably be off to England next summer if not before then to visit - see what happens ;)

Left-handed Love Story

Pete and I are both left handed, which is pretty cool if I do say so myself ;) So for curiousities sake I was looking up left-handed websites and such hehe. Famous lefthanded couples: Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. (Okay so both couples are divorced - hope that doesn't say something about lefthanded couples hehe.) Other lefthanded famous people: Prince William, President George Bush (senior I guess), President Bill Clinton, and lots more! I also found out lefthanded people don't usually live as long as right handed ppl and are more prone to disease and illness :( Oh well I will think its cool! Lefties rule! hehe

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Found this quiz ( on Sarah's blog hehe.

I am 4.33925% which means I'm a Poser! I suspect Pete will be more of a geek as he is into games and such so I shall get him to take it when I chat with him! Funny how one of the questions said if you had dated someone online or married someone online ;) Which means I am and know lots of geeks!

Okay Pete is 5.71992% and is also a Poser hehe.
Some Daily Zen (I need all I can get!)

Friday August 1st
"Where is the farthest place that you have ever traveled? How did you get there? Would you go back?"

Ummm hard to say what is the furthest because I could say that Essex, England is the furthest I have gone from my current home. But then when I was in England we went to Amsterdam which would be the farthest from my home in Florida but since I had been in England it wasn't very far from there. HMPH. I got to England on planes and I got to Amsterdam on a ferry and a coach for 10 hours! UGH! I will definitely go back to England (probably next summer.) But I doubt if we will back to Amsterdam unless we had at least a weekend there and could fly there and had a lot of money to stay at all the best places.
My nephew!

Awww v. cute pic of my nephew ;)

Sleep Deprivation - Day 4

Here I am up at the crack of dawn again!!! Actually my clock in my room said it was about 1am when I woke up, so I thought I only slept about 3 hours but then I came in here and the oven clock says 6:40am Ugh. I'm sure the time change is much harder to get use to here, can't really explain why - I just know I don't have trouble sleeping, though I might just go to bed early when I'm there and get used to get that way. Anyway. I've been on a comfort food kick - I guess battling the depression demons in my head. I really have to start my WATP again soon. I only got 13 miles done while I was in England, but then again Pete and I walked A LOT, especially when we went to places like London and Amsterdam. I've been looking at wedding sites and such, totally making myself crazy as I know we're not getting married until I'm out of college probably. Anyway today my mom and I are going to St. Augustine, where my college is, to make sure all the financial aid stuff is taken care of. Oh and guess what I found out yesterday ??? My sister is getting a boob job next week! I won't go into how stupid I think it is - but whatever - I'm sure she knows I would feel this way and therefore didn't tell me about it. UGH. Anyway I'm going to try to go back to sleep for a few hours! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My Engagement Ring!

Good Afternoon hehe. I went back to bed this morning from about 10am until like 1pm so I feel good - just got out of the shower so feel all refreshed hehe. Still haven't unpacked - oops. I took a pic of my engagement ring and messed around with it in PSP while I was at Pete's - so that is the end result. I have to get in touch with my new roommate soon - this year I'll only be sharing with one other person so it'll be totally different from sharing a room with 2 girls and a bathroom and living room with another 3 - less space though ugh.
Morning. I'm sleeping later and later which is good - stupid jetlag grrr. I went to bed at like 9pm last night as my body was thinking it was 2am and now I am up at nearly 7am because I think its noon. Yesterday my mom, brother, and I went to my sister's to see my niece and nephew. I hadn't seen them since a little before I left for England, and they have gotten so big!!! Hehe I told my niece I would set her up with Pete's parents friend's grandson, Oliver, who's nearly one hehe okay so I'm arranging a marriage for them hehe. I took some really cute pics that I may add to my msn group sometimes - maybe not. I have been thinking of opening a second group for my family photos only and keeping my current one for pics of Pete and I. I have been using an old photo album that we haven't used to make a scrap book of all the engagement cards we got, and movies stubs and such from this last trip hehe. Overall I think I'm getting adjusted to being back here in FL, and in the US in general, it seems like ages since I left the UK - ugh. I miss Pete so much - so all I want is for Xmas to arrive really soon hehe. I already have a few ideas on xmas presents for him, and I want to find a place online that sells Christmas crackers because I don't think you can bring them in your luggage anymore from the UK and if you do you have to take the cracking thing out - which defeats the whole purpose hehe. I also want to try to make Yorkshire puddings mmmm hehe.

Monday, August 04, 2003

You can go Home Again...

And I have - obviously. Yesterday we work up at about 7:30am (GMT) and took showers and got ready to go to the airport. Pete and I played another game of badmitton (sp?) before breakfast was ready. Funny how I wanted an english breakfast so much and finally got one the day I was leaving hehe. Anyway we left the house at about 9:45am. We got to the airport and waited about 45mins in the very long check-in queue for American Airlines. They had to ask my security questions and then I checked in (this is where chaos struck). Then we walked around a bit and I got Cadbury chocolate for my mom and some little bits to bring on the plane. A little before 1pm I went through the departures gate thing, wavy to Pete and his mum. I cried a little off and on all that day and the days coming up to it. Pete started getting all teary just as I was about to leave and I had to hit him to make him stop because it would only make my crying worse hehe. ;)

The flight from London to St. Louis was alright - long and boring. I arrived in St.Louis at about 5pm (CST). Then I went through to immigration, and was suppose to collect my baggage and then go through customs...but guess what ?! My big black duffle wheely bag wasn't there! :( So I talked to the airline person around and she said to tell them in Orlando when I got there. So then I went through Customs, there was a long line of people coming through so they wanted make some go through a Secondary Inspection and I was one of them - hmph. So after that I went into another queue for another security inspection before I got to go to the Gate area. I got to the gate area at about 6:15pm (CST). So I called my dad and told him I was there and I'd call him later when I was about to board. My plane was scheduled to leave at 7:47pm, first I checked the thing and it said 8:15 and then the next time it said 8:50pm! UGH ! I got some bits and pieces to snack on including some advil for my very bad headache :( I called my mom a bit before we were about to board, so she could get ready to leave for the airport. I finally boarded at about 8:30pm (CST), I really don't remember too much of the flight as by then I was dosing off from exhaustion - but it was only a little under 2 hours long so that wasn't bad. At midnight (EST) we arrived in Orlando yay! I went down to the baggage claim (not because I had any to claim - as we think its still in London - but to meet my parents.) I walked around a bit and didn't seem them so I thought I'd look about side in the part where the cars pull up...I walked a bit and saw a van that looked liked my mom's, and then she kinda jumped out of it hehe. They were actually just going to check the screen to see what time I was coming in as they called AA and they said it was suppose to come in at about 12:20 hehe. So then my mom went to the baggage desk with me and the guy said "well if its not here its probably in London, especially if you didn't pick it up in St.Louis" - Ummmm DUH!!! So he took down my info and gave us a number to call if it doesn't get delivered here today - luckily all my valuable stuff was in my carry-on but I still want my baggage!! Ugh I think next time I'll pay more and go direct on Virgin Atlantic again - I've never had these problems with them! Anyway I'm coping well being back home - guess it helps that I know Pete didn't have anymore paid holiday time so if I stayed longer I'd be in the house all day or walking down to the shops and such - basically bored out of my mind. Well best get off here. Hope everyone had a good weekend hehe. On Saturday Pete's family had a BBQ and set up the badmitton net and Pete and I played 4 or 5 times and he won all the times grrr so we played before I left yesterday and I won!! yay!! I will add pics to my MSN Groups soon! Bye!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Blogger Buggered ?

Why isn't the post I posted this morning showing up on my blog but does show up on my blogger thing ? Also Jennie's blog is only showeing Monday's post (or maybe its just Pete's comp) hmph. If your in the UK doen't go ot the Outback Steakhouse - we just got back from there. It was more expensive than the one in the US and the food wasn't up to standard - most of it wasn't cooked properly :( My Alice Springs Chicken was good though ;) We went with Pete's parents and grandparents - then to his gp's for coffee. We got an engagement present from them, chinese style soup bowls and rice bowls I think. Hehe Pete's dad and I were doing a duet of Savage Garden songs on the way home ;) Anyway night!
Bridezillas ?

Pete and I were watching a programme about Bridezillas on the Discovery Channel on Wed's night. Haha. Then I found this through Erin's site hehe...