Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Morning. I'm still a bit sick. Ummm not too much has been going on around here. Been looking at a few flight prices for the summer...will probably be going to England around late June again and staying til early or mid August. Haven't talked to my parents about it though. Not looking forward to Pete leaving for going back to school - but I guess I'll keep my mind occupied. Oh well, have a little less than 2 weeks before I have to think about either of those two things. Pete and I will be spending New Years Eve at my sister's babysitting the twins, so we might bring a few DVD's and order a pizza or something :) My dad's bday is also tomorrow, he had to go into the hospital today for a simple procedure but I'm still a bit worried about him - I'm sure he'll be fine though.

Hmph. Here's something I hate, reading about people whining how hard an LDR is after about a year - ummm okay - try 5+ grrrr. Guess I'm just pissed off in general. Oh well.

Here's a picture of Me and Pete on Christmas Eve:

Us on Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Good morning. I've been sick for a few days and spent all yesterday laying on the couch watching DVD's ;)

We had a very good christmas. As my brother said about 500 times "the best christmas ever" since he got a portable dvd player and a ton of hunting stuff including a 12-gage shotgun LOL He's 16, so yeah lol.

Here's a list of the stuff Pete and I got together as a couple:

Monopoly Deluxe Addition from my parents

Oriental style noodle bowls and sushi set from my parents (even though I hate sushi lol)

A Fondue Set from my Sister and Brother-in-law - my mom and I saw it in Target and I showed Pete it and he really liked it but we didn't think we'd get it since it was v. expensive. hehehe.

A little minature tea set including kettle, 2 mugs, biscuits, marmalade, and tea from my sister and bro-in-law. Even though we don't drink tea ;)

Then here's a list of stuff I got :)

Felicity Season 2 DVD from Pete
Mad About You Season 2 DVD from Pete
Knight cookie jar from Pete (he says "keep thy grubby hands out of my cookie jar" when you open it)
Cute forever friends cuddly bear from Pete
Earrings from Pete
Clothes from my mom and dad
A stereo from my mom and dad
Harrods mug, bag and mouse pad from Pete's parents
New doggy and sheep pj's from Pete's grandparents
Little candle and perfume from Pete's parents friends
Cool collectable cows from my uncle
And a $50 gift card from my uncle for Bath and Body Works!
My Best Friends Wedding on DVD from Pete
Guylian seashells from Pete

And stuff Pete got :

Simpsons Season 3 DVD from Me
Beagle dog from me (not real but he wags his tail and barks hehe)
NFL stuff - jersey, sweatshirt, etc etc from my parents
Money from his family (which he got on early xmas before he left )
InPursuit - a game from the makers of Trivial Pursuit from my parents
Simpson's Trivia Game from me
Simpson's xmas pajamas from me
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DVD from me
Hand painted ordament from me
$50 Gift card to Walmart from my uncle
And a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head

All in all it was a great xmas and we all got spoiled rotten! My mom loved her bellek pitcher I got her and hasn't stopped talking about it ;) As it took her 20+ years to get hehe. The babies were adorable and I had the pleasure of filming them on the video camera :)

I've added a few pics to the msn site if anyone is interested. The crackers were somewhat of a hit, almost everyone put on the hat at least to take a pic or two lol. The crackers were pretty crap though and took a lot of pulling to actually 'crack' oh well. We still have a few left which we might do on new years eve or something. My dad's bday is on new year's eve so we have to get something for him :) Pete and I will be ringing in the new year at my sister's babysitting the twins :) Which won't involve much as they will be sleeping :) So we might order a pizza and watch a few dvds or something. Anyway I'm sure this is one really long post! I better stop here!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Merry Christmas

Hi again. Mom's comp is fixed so I'm back in blogging mode at least a little. The christmas crackers I ordered arrived today so I was happy :) They're a bit smaller than the regular ones in England but I'm glad I ordered the regular sized and not the mini ones. We finished our xmas shopping on Sunday but went to the mall today with my mom and it wasn't as packed as it was a few days ago which surprised me a lot. Ummm not too much else going on, we might go see Bad Santa tomorrow or tonight. Ooo Pete got me jewelery from Zales today as a little surprise present so I can't wait to see what it is ;) Probably won't be back on until Friday or so. Oooo I also received a xmas card from Gem ;) Thanks so much! Anyway Merry Christmas everyone :)

Saturday, December 20, 2003


Hi hi. At my sister's having a party for the babies first birthday which was on Weds. On Weds we came over here and spent some time with them and had pizza and cupcakes. On Thursday we saw the Last Samuri which was better than I thought it would be - as my brothers and Pete wanted to see it but I didn't. Umm yesterday we went to the mall and picked up a few bits for xmas. My mom's comp is messed up so can't get on a lot - which is probably a good thing. Best be off !

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The past few days...

Hi. Pete's wrapping my presents so I thought I'd come on and update on what we've been up to lately.

Pete's flight came in at the scheduled time on Friday. I got there around 4:40pm with my mom, she waiting in the car while I went in to find Pete. I went to the British Airways baggage claim first but only a few people were there, so then I walked upstairs so see if I could find out if the flight was on time. Then I went back down and started walking towards the baggage claim again. As I was walking there I saw Pete and waved to him, then we walked a bit towards each other, finally met up and hugged and kissed. I gave him Twizzlers and he gave me a little present. The present was Gucci perfume he got on the BA Duty free shopping on the plane :) We got a bit lost on the way out of the airport but we finally got to Cecil's - a Texas BBQ place Pete likes in Orlando. Took a few pics of us in front on there (which are on my MSN site), then we ate and made our way home.

On Saturday we went to my brother Chris' wrestling match at his HS, then we went xmas shopping at the mall and to Steak N Shake.

On Sunday we just layed around a bit and went to KFC and the movies to see Love Actually :) Pete thought it was pretty funny so that was good hehe.

Yesterday we did some more xmas shopping and my Granny came in from NJ so Pete got to meet her and they seemed to get on pretty well :) We're pretty much done with xmas shopping yay. Pete gave me an early present a Forever Friends Doggie that isn't even in stores in the UK yet (or has just been brought out.) The one I have is actually the original that they sent in for reproduction - as Pete worked for a section of the company that does Forever Friends :) He also got me Walk Away the Pounds Express - the 1,2 & 3 mile DVDs with the stretchie at Walmart yesterday :) We got lovely cards from his family and friends of the family and I got a few pressies from his parents and grandparents to open on xmas :)

Bit of sad news - one of Pete's friend's dad died I think on Friday. He called home on Sunday and found out about it then :(

Anyway I should go wrap a few presents myself ;)

Bye for now.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Colors and Christmas

Just thought I'd change the colors for a more winter-y feel. Also added a few lovely xmas touches from Jennie's Graphics Site :) Pete's on the plane, his flight is scheduled to come in @ 4:30pm but from what I've seen online it might be in around 4pm. Dunno when I'll be online after today...hopefully not much - need to take advantage of the much needed break and time with Pete :)


Survey I got in email. Okay going to bed, room is clean :)

1. First Name:

Julia but usually called Julie, Jul, or Juls

2. Were you named after anyone? 

My dad's grandmother

3. Do you wish on stars?

Can't say I do

4. Which finger is your favorite?

Left ring finger, the one the engagement ring is on ;)

5. When did you last cry? 

Ummmm last Saturday night

6. Do you like your handwriting? 

Kinda, I can read it but others usually can't lol

7. What is your favorite lunchmeat?

Ham I guess.

8. Any bad habits? 

Complaining, whining, being moody

9. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf? 

Definitely the Spice Girls circa 1997. LOL

10. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?


11. Are you a daredevil?

Not really

12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? 
Yes I think I have lol.

13. Do looks matter? 

Not usually

14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? 

I don't think so, I'm pretty careful about that especially since I'm an English major.

15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? 


16. Do fish have feelings? 

I'm not a fish so I wouldn't know lol

17. Are you trendy? 

Somewhat but not really          

18. How do you release anger? 

I complain

19. Where are your second homes? 

Pete's parents house.

20. Do you trust others easily?
Not really unless I sense that they are honest and truthful which isn't often lol.

21. What was your favorite toy as a child? 

my little pony's, barbie dolls, rainbow bright.

22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? 

FOCUS - oh yeah a Lopez tradition lol.

23. Do you have a journal?

This one. I don't keep a paper one, too lazy.

24. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Ummm do you know me ? That would be a Major YES lol

25. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? 


26. What do you look for in a boy/girl?

Sense of humo(u)r, personality etc

27. What are your nicknames? 

Juju, Juls, Jul, Ducky, Julietta, American girl etc lol

28. Would you ever bungee jump? 


29. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

Usually yes but today I didn't lol.

30. Do you think that you are strong? 

Emotionally yes.

31. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


32. What's your favorite color?


33. What is your least favorite food? 


34. How many wisdom teeth do you have?

I dunno I don't think mine have grown in yet LOL

35. Are you in love with anyone? 

Lets hope so or this whole engagement thing is a bit of a sham right LOL

36. How many people have a crush on you right now? 

50, no 87, no 98, ummm sorry yeah seriously none lol

37. Who do you miss most right now? 

I guess Pete but I will see him tomorrow !!!

38. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? 

I really don't care

39. What color pants are you wearing? 

Navy blue comfy pants

40. What are you listening to right now? 

TV in background

41. What are the last 4 digits of your home phone number? 


42. What was the last thing you ate? 

Ummm a pirouette (chocolate wafer thing by Pepperidge Farm)

43. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 

Purple I guess or Blue

44. How is the weather right now? 

A bit chilly for FL lol

45. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? 

Pete's dad, then Pete ;)

46. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? 


47. Do you like the person who sent this? 

Yes she's very nice :)

48. How are you today?

Tired and sniffly with a cold

49. Favorite drink? 

Diet cherry coke, diet dr pepper, diet apple tango (in UK) , and Water

50. Favorite alcoholic drink? 

I don't drink - underage lol. Don't in general though....for lots of reason lol

51. Favorite sports? 

UK Football (US Soccer)

52. Hair color? 

dark blonde w/ natural hightlights

53. Eye color? 


54. Do you wear contacts? 

Nope I can't get myself to put my finger in my eyeball. Plus I only need my glasses for distance so why where contacts all the time right ? lol

55. Siblings and their ages:

Michelle (31), Patrick (17), Chris (16)

56. Favorite month? 


57. Favorite food? 

I have lots

58. Last movies you watched? 

Ummmm Sliding Doors - yeah I know I'm addicted lol

59. Favorite day of the year? 

My birthday I guess :)  

60. Are you too shy to ask someone out? 

Dunno haven't ever had to lol.

61. Scary movies or happy endings? 

Happy endings

62. Summer or winter?


63. Hugs or kisses? 


64. Relationships or one-night stands?

Lets hope I think Relationships

65. Do you want your friends to write back? 

Don't care

66. Who is most likely to respond?


67. Who is least likely to respond?

No one since this is a blog entry

68. Living arrangements? 

Living with parents, or in my dorm at school, or staying at Pete's house - depends on the time of year ;)

69. What books are you reading? 

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber - I've had it for over a year but haven't finished it lol have read a lot of book in between lol.

71. Favorite board game? 


72. What did you watch on TV last night? 

I didn't, was studying

73. Favorite smells? 

Pete's clothes

74. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? 

That I have to get up and get dressed lol

Thursday, December 11, 2003


I spent all day yesterday studying for my Psychology of Personality final which was this morning at 8am. Hmph 6+ hours of studying for half an hour multiple choice and a few fill in the blank questions grrr but I think I did good :) Then I sold back my book, got my stuff together, put everything in my little car, and came home! The semester is over !!! Wooohooo!!!

I've been saying it hadn't hit me yet - Pete coming tomorrow - well I had this feeling last night as I was going to bed. Its a familiar one, the one I had almost 4 years ago when he arrived here for the first time, and during the anticipation of our 8 meetings...excitement and anxiousness all rolled into one that will burst into total happiness when I see him tomorrow afternoon. Yay.

But until then I have to clean, the house is a mess my room isn't much better. I called Pete earlier and his dad picked up...he was all perky...getting rid of Pete usually does that to him lol ;) Pete is all excited too of course, busy packing :)

Well I better go clean ;)

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Playing Games...Literally

No this is not a continuation of yesterday's post :)

I found this site on Jennie's blog hehe. My name came up with these results:

We were just discussing this one…we decided on "Nice." We factored in an overall clean bedroom, improving table manners and fair play during games. Watch out for overdoing the junk food, though. I was watching you the other day…last Tuesday, as a matter of fact!


Pete's name came up with these results:

It was a tough year, but we'll go for a "Nice" rating. A few naughty marks for excessive junk food, not going to bed on time and nearly forgetting someone's birthday. Really tried to keep up with household chores, though. Extra credit for smiling a lot. Is kind to senior citizens. Keep improving!

And as a patriotic duty I did this quiz lol. My rating:

13 Out of 20

"For an American, your knowledge of the world and its history is surprisingly good. About the same as the average school-age person in any other country. If you are at school, congratulations. If you are an adult, try harder. Read books, visit other countries, and watch less television. Learn to understand the world better and you could become an ambassador for your country, demonstrating that Americans are not all stupid."

Hehe. Pete got 11 out of 20 ;)

Monday, December 08, 2003

Playing Games...

A Message:

I am not part of any online clique. I have the right to tell people what I think and observe. I really don't care about the whole thing to be honest, it's none of my business. Those people I speak to online and am close to have been my friends for years. I thought I could be friendly to some new people and share my experiences of a US/UK LDR, but obviously some people aren't mentally out of high school yet and need to choose sides. I have too much going on in my life to be involved in this stupid arguing. I'll continue to speak my mind and say what I like. Thank you.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss


Well finals start tomorrow. Its actually my easiest day and then they get progressively harder so that's why I'm not stressing. On Friday my roommate and I went to this christmas ordament painting thing on another hall, it was fun - I made a purple ordament for Pete that has our names on it and 2003. ;) Then we came back here and watched About a Boy hehe that movie is funny and heartwarming. I wanted Pete to call me but he said he would on Saturday.

Yesterday I studied a bit, did my laundry (the dryers here truly suck. I put $1 in and my clothes weren't any dryer than when they came out of the washer!) Dinner was crap so I decided to order a pizza later on. Pete had his family and their friends around for 'early christmas' since he's leaving on Friday. He called me around 6pm. I thought everything for the early christmas was over, yeah. Well his mum came in like half an hour into our convo and was all moody and was like "we're having christmas for you the least you could do is be out here.." UGH. I hate feeling like the selfish GF and thats totally what that made me feel like even though she didn't know he was on the phone with me. ARGH. So we had a bit of an arguement but it was over within 15 mins. We talked for like an hour and a half. Then I ordered my pizza (small ham and pineapple! mmmm) and watched Sliding Doors (yes I'm addicted - for the 200+ time.)

Today Pete said his granddad was trying to convince him to not move over here and to have me move there. Which made us both feel all guilty...Pete's his first grandchild and they're really close so I can understand. And Mick (his granddad) is the sweetest/nicest guy in the world and probably more of a granddad even to me than my own (since they both died when I was young.)

Anyway so yeah made me think whether or not we've come to the right conclusion about the whole moving thing. But I'm pretty sure Pete agrees that we are. We'll just have to try to visit every other xmas at least. Guess we should actually get Pete over here before we decide how often we'll visit lol always ahead of ourselves!

Well off to study some...haven't exercised in about 2 weeks cause i've been so busy! Was going to try to today but now its too late! Oh well.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Last day...

Today was my last day of classes and Pete's last day of work! Wow. He'll be here this time next week! I changed the graphics on the index page of my website - again - as I was in the christmas mood. I also made a Christmas card page :)

I still have to finish my radio project - due on Monday. And study for finals:

Monday - British Literature I. 2pm It's open book and open note but that doesn't mean it'll be easy!

Tuesday - 8am Child Psych. I've been totally slacking in that class - have to read the chapters!

Weds - Mass Media Production 8am. Need to write out 3/4 of notecards for that.

Weds - 10am turning in Writing for Mass Communications portfolio. (Work a bit on that)

Thurs - Psych of Personality 8am. That'll be a toughy!

Then I go home and clean...

Friday - Pete comes into Orlando @ 4:30pm via British Airways! Woohoo.
After my whinging I just made this ;)

Quilt square by Irene

I'll add it to geocities tomorrow so everyone can download it ;)

Christmas cards...

Card from Jennie and Ben

Card from Stacie and Alex

Hmph I wish I had time to make an online xmas card but sadly I do not. Must get back to work...

Monday, December 01, 2003

Summary and Sickness

Well I had a pretty good thankgiving. My niece and nephew were totally adorable as usual :) On Friday I went shopping with my mom...we didn't get too much accomplished but I got some clothes on clearance that I can't technically have until Xmas. I saw a few girls that I went to HS with in the mall so we chatted a bit and I got to show them my ring and tell them I was engaged and stuff ;) Which is always so much fun hehehe. Saturday I went with my friend Sara and her old roommate Cyré to see Love Actually. It was really cute. Probably not as good as I thought it would be/heard it was but pretty funny. The funniest bits to me was that one of the characters (Colin) goes to America (Wisconsin hehe) and meets these model looking girls (cause we're all models right,) and of course they fall all over him because he's British lol. And he says where he's from - Basildon!! Haha. Yeah thats where Pete pretty much lives...close to it anyway, he was born there :) So Pete and I might see it again when he gets...in 10 DAYS!!!! How did it all go by so fast ?! I feel icky today. Been feeling light headed/dizzy/nauseous kinda all day :( Might be my period..ugh. Well this week is going to be hell and next week is finals so I'm sure I won't be blogging too much...then Pete's here so yeah I'll be quiet hehehe.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Forgot to mention I changed the graphics on our website the other day. I need to re-do a few more pages on there, add more links to LDR couples and etc. Maybe soon. I just got this from blinkie obsession:

Tatty Teddy Xmas

Cute ;)

My Niece and Nephew :)

I'm not very chatty - not too much to talk about. Just reading stuff for Brit Lit and getting ready to go home tomorrow afternoon for Turkey Day - and some R & R but probably won't get too much of that as I have to bring a lot of stuff home with me that needs to get done!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Library (again) and another link...

Its 2pm the library just opened. I come here to get work done. What do I do instead ? Go to Movie-a-Minute, then shameless plug it on present blog. Back to work...


LOL This is a very funny Link: Book-a-Minute!

List of things I need to do...

I have so much to do and I really should be doing it. Instead heres a list of what i have to do (in no order but memory.)

1. Read first part of Gulliver's Travels - not v. important

2. Finish Brit Lit paper I worked on for 4.5 hours today - due Dec 5th. So I'm on top of that.

3. Read rest of "Living with Our Genes" Has to be read by Dec 2nd - about half way through it.

4. Do paper for Child Psych - 3 pages due on Tues (doing it tomorrow)

5. Write letter for Writing for Mass Comm clas due Monay (doing tomorrow)

6. Edit movie footage - due Dec 3rd (starting on it on Monday ?)

7. Doing Radio project - due Dec 8th doing Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd.

8. Study for Psych of Personality test on Tues (have to do that!)

9. Study for finals (after everything else is done!)

10. Relax - (Dec 11th after finals are over)

11. Be happy - Dec 12th when Pete arrives :)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Xmas Shopping

Ooo okay I have finally started real xmas shopping. I've never really done xmas shopping online before but since I'm so busy I have this year. I ordered this for my mom today. Its something she's wanted since she went to Ireland and saw one there 20+ years ago. They have one on the Irish shop here in St. Augustine but it was double the price of the one I found online. It'll be shipped from Ireland! Praying that it arrive in one piece!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Cold weather, turkey, and cool facts

Brrr its cold outside tonight all of a sudden. Well it wasn't too warm today and it rained a good deal in the morning, then it got sunny and nice, then it got cold when the sun went down. Feels very wintery and nice ;) They had Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall tonight - yummy! Had apple pie and ice cream for dessert mmmm. I got these interesting facts in email from a girl that I went to HS with:

1. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.
2. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a bellybutton.
3. A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 yrs.
4. People do not get sick from cold weather; it's from being indoors a lot more.
5. When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop - even your heart!
6. Only 7 per cent of the population are lefties.
7.. 40 people are sent to the hospital for dog bites every minute.
8. Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until they are 2 - 6 years old..
9. The average person over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting in lines. (If married, a lot longer!)
10. The toothbrush was invented in 1498.
11. The average housefly lives for one month.
12.. 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year.
13. A coat hanger is 44 inches long when straightened.
14. The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute.
15. Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than the rest of the day.
16. Most of us have eaten a spider in our sleep.
17. The REAL reason ostriches stick their head in the sand is to search for water.
18. The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning it's head are the rabbit and the parrot.
19. In most television commercials advertising milk, a mixture of white paint and a little thinner is used in place of the milk.
20. Prince Charles and Prince William NEVER travel on the same airplane just in case there is a crash.
21. The first Harley Davidson motorcycle built in 1903 used a tomato can for a carburetor.
22. Most hospitals make money by selling the umbilical cords cut from women who give birth. They are reused in vein transplant surgery.
23. Humphrey Bogart was related to Princess Diana. They were 7th cousins.
24. If coloring weren't added to Coca-Cola, it would be green.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Busy yet doing nothing?...

Yes thats me. I have so much to do but I'm in the library blog hopping and blogging. Hmph. Actually I came here to work on my editing project for Mass Media Production but I need to be at a certain mac in the mac lab and someone is using it right now so I'm just hanging out waiting for them to be done. I should do something for productive though.

My weekend was okay. I stayed here on Friday night because I had to meet my group on Saturday at 2pm to film a belly dancing class for our field production project. Well the instructor of the belly dancing class never showed up - grrr. So we decided to meet on Sunday and tape the dancers for our school. So on Saturday afternoon I drove home. I didn't do much at home - wanted to call Pete so I did that. But we didn't really chat much because he had to go to bed early (he was doing overtime again this weekend.) I fell asleep on the couch while watching TV. On Sunday I chatted to Pete a little bit (we actually forgot it was our anniversary until midway through our chatting.) His package from me still hasn't gotten there :( Was suppose to be there by last Friday. Then I went to my sister's and my parents and family arrived an hour or so after me. We had a good time playing with the babies and chatting with my sister and our relatives from NJ. My mom's aunt is doing great - back to normal :) I didn't get to chat with Pete again because I had to leave my sister's by 5pm to get back here by 6:30pm to tape the dancers. We still need more footage of the game tomorrow night so hopefully I can get that. Have been doing research for my 7 page Brit Lit paper due I think the Friday before Finals. Ugh so much to do better get off here and do something productive! Ooo I also weighed myself on Sunday. I've lost another 3 lbs - bringing my total weight lost to 20-21 lbs yay. Was a bit surprised as I haven't been trying too hard to keep to Atkins and I'm getting really bored with my WATP for Abs. I want to get the 1,2,3 Mile WATP Express soon. Anyway I better be off here!

Friday, November 14, 2003

You are Prozac.
You are the fashion victim whore of anti-
depressants. Everyone and their dog is taking
you. And you dont even work that well.

What Anti Depressant Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday Already ?

Wow this week has flown by. Usually that's a good thing but when you have TONS to do before Turkey day break its not a good thing at all! After Thanksgiving break we only have one week of classes left before finals! So I have a week and a half to get mostly everything done. Then a week after that to get the rest of it done. And then find time to study for finals ???!!! FC needs to think their schedule out a bit better I think! This probably isn't making much sense to non-college people. Anyway. I hadn't been talking to Pete a lot this week - mostly because of group meetings where half the people don't show up or we send an hour laughing at nothing much. So yesterday we had no classes so after I pre-registered for next Spring I went to Walmart, got a phone card, and called Pete in the afternoon :) We had a nice chat for about an hour. His anniversary package should be there by tomorrow (doubt if it will be though - stupid Royal Mail.) Wow our anniversary is officially on Sunday! Well its the date we made up a few years ago since, like many others who met online - we don't remember the actual date we met or when we really became a 'couple.' But it was around mid-November :) Wow he will be here in less than a month!!!! I'm sure I'll be more excited when it gets closer and there is an end to my crazy existence! I really need a month off but I'll have to wait another few weeks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Wow my world is rather unscripted lately. On Friday my mom's relatives came in from NJ. Two of her aunts and her uncle. The one aunt comes down here every year or twice a year for a certain amount of time, but the others haven't ever been to visit here really. So everything was great on Friday. Saturday morning, the one aunt who hasn't ever been here can't talk. It turns out she had a mini-stroke in her sleep. Well my mom ended up convincing her to go to the hospital. She should get out tomorrow - and her speech is back and her left side (that was somewhat paralyzed) is back to normal for the most part. It was just bizarre. Seems she had 2 strokes before this one, one was 3 years ago and she never knew about it or anything. That also happened to my dad, they think he had a mini stroke a year or so ago but he never really felt anything. So yeah. I spent most of yesterday in the hospital - which brought back tons of memories of visiting my sister after her car accident and my mom when she was doing treatments for breast cancer. I hate hospitals, not that anyone really loves them. But at least everyone I have ever really visited in one has gone home fine.

On a lighter note - classes are cancelled here for pre-registration on Weds. I have tons to get done though so I might just buckle down and get it over with then. Ooo I found out they opened two World Market stores in FL, both are pretty close to each other and about an hour away from my school. So Pete and I might take a road trip to the closest one when he's here. Wow he will be here in like 31 days! Ah! I really have to start xmas shopping for him when I have some time! Ooo check out these sexy people ;-P

Thursday, November 06, 2003


Awww yay my package from Pete came today :) He got me a Welsh Love spoon (the exact one that I linked to.) A really lovely romantic card (which was a surprise as he usually gets me the cute Me-to-You or Forever Friends cards but this one is special.) Ooo he got the spoon engraved. On the front is says "Always and Forever Yours" and on the back it says "For Julie, the most beautiful girl in the world, Pete" Awwwww! Ooo and he got me Guylian seashells mmmm I already ate three must ration them out better ;)

Motivation (or lack thereof)

I'm totally unmotivated. Earlier I got all dressed to exercise and went to put in the DVD and suddenly it dawned on me, "I really don't want to do this..." So I put the DVD back and came online. I'm just tired. This week has been relatively un-chaotic. I have four weeks of school left pretty much, and so much to do. Why oh why do they want to cram EVERYTHING into a few weeks ? I guess I shouldn't complain, I get a full month off for xmas. Pete is coming in 36 days and I'm not too excited - just because that means I have 35 days to get all MY CRAP DONE. Schedules for Spring term came out today - why do they never give you enough classes to get a good amount of credits in one semester without having at least one class that you don't need but take because its the only thing to fill a slot ? Abnormal psych is looking to be that class next semester - I was considering a psych minor (which isn't very hard I think a total of 15 credits in psych classes about the 100 (freshman) level - easy) but do I want to commit to that ? On top of my double major ? I dunno. I like the teacher whose teaching abnormal psych but he's pretty indepth. Hmph. Oh its Bonfire night. As posted below...graphic is by Jennie (image is linked to her.) I really don't know too much about bonfire night so here is a site about it if you care. Anyway I have to do something productive!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Monday, November 03, 2003


Just needed to share that I got a dozen roses today from Pete!!! Ahhh! The arrangement is bigger than my head... I mean HUGE in a glass vase with a burgundy colored bow and baby's breath and green foliage all around them - probably sounds pretty silly but they're GORGEOUS! I don't have my digital camera here :( I might go and buy a disposable camera tomorrow or something so at least I have a picture of them - I do that with all my flowers I get lol (not that I've gotten a lot - I think Pete's sent me flowers 3 times before.) Anyway I'm so happy! I was putting mail in the boxes (my job) and i looked in my box and i saw the slip for flowers that everyone gets when they get flowers. You can not image how quickly I put the rest of the mail up! Anyway I have to get to class!


Hi. Hope everyone is okay ;) I've been busy as usual lately. Hope everyone had a happy halloween, I did pretty much nothing - went to Walmart with a girl in one of the clubs I'm in to get decorations for Saturday (for an event we were having.) Yesterday was the event at parent's weekend - we decorated all the tables and everything was set up and then it rained :( So it had to all be moved inside. Grrr, but then after like 15 mins it was sunny and bright outside - ugh FL weather! My parents and brothers came up for the thing yesterday and it was good to see them.

Umm I got Bend it Like Beckham on dvd this morning - watched it this afternoon. Its really cute. You would have to know England fairly well to know some of the stuff but it was really cute. If anyone is into the Indian/English culture differences type films a really funny one is East is East. Though I'm pretty sure its Rated R and you have to know a lot more about England to understand it but Pete and I watched it when I was there last winter I think and it was really funny.

Oooo I should be getting two presents from Pete this week so I'll be sure to post when they come. The Royal Mail has gone on strike again so he has to send my anniversary package via some special mailing thing for like £37 instead of the £6 it would be to send it through the regular post. But the bonus is it should be here this week! yay. And the other present I have no idea!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


I found this on Becca's Live Journal (my friend from HS):

-- Name: Julia
-- Birthplace: Patterson, NJ
-- Current Location: Florida
-- Eye Color: hazel green
-- Hair Color: ummm really dirty blonde/light brown
-- Height: about 5'5
-- Righty or Lefty: Lefty

-- Your heritage: Irish, Polish, English, German, more Irish.
-- Your weakness: somewhat shy
-- Your fears: being alone
-- Your perfect pizza: ham and pinapple
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: graduate college, lose a bit more weight

-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: baby
-- Your thoughts first waking up: ugh
-- Your best physical feature: eyes
-- Your bedtime: around 11 on weeknight usually earlier on weekends lol
-- Pepsi or Coke: Coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: Nike
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino
-- Smoke: nope
-- Cuss: sometimes
-- Sing: when no one can hear
-- Take a shower every day: definately
-- Have a crush(es): engaged ;)
-- Do you think you've been in love: YUP for nearly 5 years
-- Want to go to college: obviously yes bc I am here
-- Like high school: lopez, was lopez..
-- Want to get married: definately
-- Believe in yourself: sometimes
-- Get motion sickness: sometimes
-- Think you're a health freak: getting more healthy but not a 'health freak'
-- Get along with your parents: most of the time
-- Like thunderstorms: yup
-- Play an instrument: no but i would like to learn

In the past month . . .
-- Drank alcohol: no
-- Smoked: nope.
-- Done a drug: nope
-- Had sex: nope
-- Made out: no :(
-- Gone on a date: nope :(
-- Gone to the mall?: yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
-- Eaten sushi: eww no way
-- Been on stage: nope
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: nope
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: no
-- Stolen anything: nope

Ever . . .
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: no
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
-- Been caught doing something?: ummmm not so much caught...
-- Been called a slut: in a good way
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: nope
-- Changed who you were to fit in: NO

-- Age you hope to be married: 21-22
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 2 - Chelsea and Michael
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: The more you have to think about this question the more you have no idea...
-- How do you want to die: can't say i do does anyone?
-- Where you want to go to college: HERE
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: same answer as the 'dream wedding'
-- Country would you most like to visit: Ireland

In a guy/girl . . .
-- Best first date location: Frapp's
-- Best first kiss location: backseat of a car

-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 5 I guess
-- Number of CDs that I own:i dunno
-- Number of piercings: 2
-- Number of tattoos: 0
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I dunno
-- Number of scars on my body: 3 from stitches
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: nothing really I don't think

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Hi hi. Yes I'm still alive, if anyone was wondering. Just been super busy as usual. Nothing too exciting just the hell that is my Mass Media Production class. Its a 4 credit class for a reason! They really make you earn that extra credit! The weekend was okay, nothing too great. Among the chaos that was Sunday I had to drive out all the way to Barnes and Noble to get a book I need to read for my Psychology of Personality class (taking two psych classes cause I thought I wanted it as a minor but I dunno anymore!) but they didn't have the book. I should have just ordered it off Amazon.com last week like I was going to, because I had to anyway. Not even sure if it's been shipped yet! Grrr. Anyway my throat still hurts but my other symptoms of illness are gone. Talked to Pete on the phone this afternoon - he was all cute ;) Well guess I'll get outta here soon (the library) and get some Molly's food as the Dining hall was CRAP as usual tonight. Thank god for honey dijon dressing to make the salad half decent!

Saturday, October 25, 2003


I was mean to Pete earlier for no reason :( I was disappointed we didn't get to chat as much as I would have liked online tonight because I was busy doing things around the house and stuff. So I said goodnight to him harshly and he just said 'goodnight baby' and signed off :( After a few minutes I realized that he left and I felt really bad. I was going to call him but it was alright half past midnight there and I didn't know if his parents were asleep and I didn't want to wake them (years of doing this and feeling really stupid and inconsiderate has told me not to do that lol.) Anyway tomorrow I want to go weigh myself, go to Walmart and Barnes and Noble, then go to my sister's spend the night there. Will probably be babysitting or at least spending time with the babies yay. Ooo my mom got them each a rocking horse for their 1st birthday! They are so cute! I want one - well I have a wooden one my grandpa made me when I was a baby but not a new-fangled one that makes noises and is all fluffy hehe. I will have to take pictures of them :)

Friday, October 24, 2003


Been a blah day. Not too much to really say about it. Next week is going to be another busy one (as if it will ever stop!) I really feel like venting but can't really say much about it. My roommate is driving me nuts thats about it lol. Probably seeing my niece and nephew this weekend yay ;) Miss the little rugrats! Not long til their 1st Bday (Dec 17) yay. Well thats about it better jump in the shower. Ta-ta.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Wow I don't think I have anything due for the rest of the week! yay! Of course on Friday I have to get up at 8am and re-do the TV project with my mostly loser group. We were suppose to do it tonight again but one of the actors couldn't get off work - which I'm glad because 3 hours on Monday was long enough. Half of the group didn't show up until an hour after we were suppose to meet - ugh I hate group projects because people suck. Anyway.

I thought I was getting better, getting over my illness but I'm not :( My throat is sore, I have a cough and my ears hurt. Thank god for Dayquil!

Mass Media Production mid-term went okay. Ended up being only 30 Questions! UGH so I studied 70+ terms for nothing - grrr. I think I did alright on it, probably got a B.

Awww thanks Jennie for the Halloween card :)

Halloween card from Jennie


Reasons (excuses) for not walking tonight:

1. Need to study for Mid-term in Mass Media Production tomorrow - 100+ terms only 40 will be on test (whats up with that?)

2. Have to revise paper due tomorrow for Brit Lit

3. Dining hall food has not agreed with me and I'm having stomach issues

4. I'm still kinda sick

5. Watched Gilmore Girls at the time I usually walk

6. While watching GG had weird popping sensation in my right ear - like fluid movement (#4)

7. Had to shave my legs

8. I'm just feeling lazy lately

9. Pete got his plane tickets in the mail

10. My roommate was reading earlier when I considered walking...

Okay in other words I have a few valid reasons but mostly being lazy. Pete and I have decided to open a savings account here for our future ;) yay. I've been thinking about doing one myself for awhile and he has also. Kind of a permenant thing to do - I don't think his name will be on it (not sure if it can be since he doesn't reside here?), but still he said he'd give me money to put in it when he could. So if we ever were to break up he'd be entitled to it back and everything. I don't think that'll happen though ;) As # 9 says Pete got his plane tickets in the mail woohoo. 51 Days! Anyway I better get off here and study. I am finally comprehending and remembering the terms as I read them from my neon flash cards which is good. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Halloween card...

Awww thanks Erin for the cute card :)

Erin's Site


Awwww Pete surprised me today. Remember how I said he tried to call me earlier but I wasn't in ? Well while we were chatting on AIM my phone rang (I have a network connection through the college for the internet.) So I answered it and Pete replied "Hi baby" it was kinda weird being on the phone with him and seeing that he just replied online at the same time. It was funny and sweet ;) I put my away message on AIM and talked on the phone with him for about an hour. We've been talking on the phone a lot lately...I called him yesterday for an hour with 2 phonecards and once during the week for half an hour. Well I'm not feeling too much better - I have Tylenol flu gelcaps and Dayquil so I've been taking those. Without them I would be probably sleeping on and off all day. Studied a bit for my Writing for Mass Communication midterm tomorrow - need to go over the stuff again but yeah. Last night I was going to study for it but I ended up signing on to AIM and chatting with Sara who was also avoiding studying - some things never change! I really wanna go over and see her at UF when we both have a not-so-chaotic weekend not sure when that will be though! Anyway going to go jump in the shower, read some Brit Lit, study some writing stuff and probably go to bed early. Tomorrow will be hectic - have 3 classes and then have to go to Comm building for 3 hours to sit around and watch my group tape our TV project for Mass Media Production. Sounds fun right ? lol.

Sunday, October 19, 2003


Previously mentioned Virtual Gift ;)

Rose from Pete

Awww Pete just told me he tried to surprise me by calling earlier but I wasn't in :( Went outside to study grrr. So sweet though ;)


I feel sick :( Been fighting it off for about a week now, think it got the best of me though! NO! UGH! Have to study today. Awww Pete sent me a virtual gift from this site ;) Anyway might go down to dining hall and eat something. Ugh.

Saturday, October 18, 2003


At library working on critical analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 91 in case anyone is interest here it is:

Some glory in their birth , some in their skill,
Some in their wealth, some in their body's force,
Some in their garments, though new fangled ill!
Some in their hawks and hounds, some in their horse;
And ever humour hath his adjunct pleasure,
Wherein it finds a joy above the rest,
But these particulars are not my measure;
All these I better in one general best;
Thy love is better than high birth to me,
Richer than wealth, prouder than garments cost,
Of more delight than hawks or horses be,
And having thee, of all men's pride I boast,
Wretched in this alone, that thou mayst take
All this away, and me most wretched make.

Gotta love Shakespeare!

Friday, October 17, 2003

Absolutely Fabulous!

Ooo so I was chatting with Pete and he said Ab Fab was on, so I thought it was a one from series 4 that he hadn't seen. He said it was new though - and yes - Series 5 started today! Yay. I love Ab Fab! Pete said he'll keep me up to date with the episodes and get me the dvd of the series when it comes out ;) Watching my dvd of series 2 at the moment hehe.

Random Stuff

Not much going on. Ooo I learned how to make the £ sign yay and the ©, and the é so I can finally type fianceé properly yay. Used pagebuilder to make a webpage for an assignment thats due tomorrow - it wouldn't let me use the symbols so that was annoying. Anyway yes my life is boring. Staying here this weekend - have to work on a paper due on Weds, and study for a mid-term thats on Monday and one thats on Weds fun fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2003


Well I can see it now - yay. Isn't it weird how you sometimes forget how different you are from the people around you? For instance today at dinner I sat with my roommate and her old roommate and suitemate. Of course the topic got on to Pete and him being from England. Then her old suitemate started talking about "Bend it like Beckham" which I haven't seen yet but want to - as I am 'british in my head' and a total anglophile. Maybe Pete will want to rent it when he's here or if I can I might get it on dvd cheap. Anyway she started talking about how she thought it was weird to see Indian people with british accents and that she never thought about Indians immigrating to England. I guess being with Pete for so long I kinda took for granted that everyone knew stuff like that. I guess not. Interesting. Other than that I haven't been up to too much - just homework, starting to study for two midterms I have next week, and I have to start on a paper due a week from today. Pete was talking about how he really wants to move here and that any reservations he ever had about it are gone which is good. I really hope we can sort it out to get married around the time I graduate. He got his information packet from the local community college in the mail the other day so he's been looking into that. He still hasn't gotten his tickets in the mail so he called ebookers and they should be on their way to him. Oh by the way, if anyone who is a member of my MSN Group wants to see the pics from yesterday with my sister they are on there :) Best be off here. Night!

Can you see me?

Since around 8pm my blog hasn't been showing up on my comp. Well only the upper top part of it has. Hmph. This also happened with my first blog. I just went to view it with blogger and I can see it - whats up with that?

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Yes I am. Busy again this week. Actually not too much to do today but have tons to do in general. Mid terms coming up UGH. My sister and niece came to visit me yesterday :) We had a good time and she took pics that I'll add to my MSN group in a few mins. I'm in the process of getting a new tag board type thing for the right side so yeah that should be up soon. Will probably be back later - I dunno.

Sunday, October 12, 2003


Sunday's are always my least favorite days - nothing on TV, nothing to do, preparing for Monday etc.

My Zonkboard is messed up - grrr. Talked to Pete earlier on the phone for half an hour. Called him because we just got off AIM and I ended up not going to the motel so thought we could chat a bit but we ended up just talking on the phone and deciding to meet later. Tony answered the phone, which is always a bit funny because he sounds like Pete when he picks up the phone. When I don't get much of a reply from 'hello' I know it's Tony so I say hello again and its our little signal that its me. So he says, "Hi Julie" I say, "hey Ton how are you? can I talk to Pete?" "I suppose so," he says sarcastically as usual, "I'll transfer you over." Then I hear Lin in the background and then the stupid internal tune. Then I get Pete lol. Looks like we have at least one rodent in our house - found droppings in my room and the hall closet. Ugh glad I'm staying at school cause I would be totally paranoid if I had to sleep in my room knowing theres a creature in there lol. Did a bit of Brit Lit reading, could have worked on my Adobe In Design project as my mom has it on this computer but I didn't bring the project on a CD-R with me so I would have to start over again and it'll be easier just to work on it later when I get back to school or tomorrow. Its not due til Weds but I haven't gotten much done on it. Anyway my mom will be home soon and she's making London Broil for dinner (my fav) so I'm making Yorkshire Puddings yum! Best be off and chat with Pete ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2003


Wow I spent about $65 in a matter of like 30 mins! My mom and I went to the mall to look around for an anniversary present for Pete and a present for one of my friends for her bday (it was last weekend.) I went into Things Remembered to see what they had. I ended up getting the album I saw online and got it engraved with our names on it (Julie & Pete), and an album for my friend with her name engraved on it. They were having a buy one and get one half off so I did good. I've been thinking I'm good at picking out gifts and I like buying stuff for people - I should become a professional gift buyer. Hmph dunno where English or Communications degrees fit in to that but hey it's a thought lol. Before that we went into Dillards from the parking lot to go to the bathroom. Right outside the bathrooms was a table with these adorable stuffed dogs on it that barked and wagged their tails! I had to get one for Pete - the beagle as thats one of the dogs we want when we are living together. I don't feel like doing the html for the link but go to www.thedog-club.com if you wanna see what I'm talking about. Have to keep this page away from Pete so he doesn't find out but he never look at it anyway lol. Anyway thats about it. Might walk later. Oooo I lost 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks which is good consider atkins hasn't been going too well and I didn't exercise a lot this past week as I was so busy. Total weight lose: 18 lbs since 8/18 woohoo. In the wedding planning mood - got a little free booklet from Things Remember.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Week from Hell is over....

Yay the school week from hell is over. I spent a total of about 7 hours in the library last night from 3pm until 10pm. Okay so I did take a break to go back to my room and eat left overs from my lunch, but for the most part I was in the library. My mom came up yestday and we had a nice afternoon out. She brought up a ton of Halloween decorations and Atkins stuff. Then we went to the bank and a gas station so she could get coffee, gas and cigarettes. (Yes my mom smokes and is always saying she has to quit.) Anyway then we stopped at a Vintage clothing/furniture store. I didn't want to stop in at first because most 'vintage' place are just full of crap. But we actually each found something we liked. She found very hippy style fringe/patchwork style jeans (indeed not vintage but hippy looking nonetheless) and I found a dark/olive green long skirt that has elastic parachute style ties at the waist and bottom. I think someone will know what I'm talking about. The skirt is a bit tight around the stomach/thigh area but it looks good and should fit better if I lose a bit more weight but its okay if I don't as well. Then we went to a really good Mexican restraunt and sat upstairs looking over Saint Augustine. The food was really good and decently priced. Oh in the Vintage store I did see a Royal Wedding magazine from 1981 (wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Di of course.) it was originally 1.85 pounds, the Vintage store wanted $14 for it - ummm no. I got my skirt for $16 and will get a lot more use out of that hehe. Talked to Pete earlier on the phone - he has to go to bed as he has to get up at like 5am to go to work tomorrow :( But at least he'll be paying off his credit card bill for the flight, and therefore having more money to come here with. yay.

I had an idea of another things to get Pete for our anniversary coming up - you know those things with your name on them and what it means etc. Well I was thinking of getting his name and my name for him. What do you think ? I dunno whether I like the album idea better or not. Might go to the mall this weekend as I think they sell the name things there this time of year so I'll see how much those run. Hmph. Anyway going to watch a movie or two tonight with my mom - Anger Management (that Pete and I saw in the cinema last time I was there,) and The Family Man, which I recently got on dvd. Ooo my mom just came home with pizza - the new Papa John's Barbeque Chicken Hawiian Pizza! It tastes a lot like the Texas BBQ pizza at UK Dominos - but with pineapple mmmmmm must tell Pete tomorrow about it - he will want some! Obviously Atkins hasn't been going well this week but I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks, might do tomorrow morning just to see where I stand. Ta-ta.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Playing Catch up...

Ah. Why do stupid classes cram EVERYTHING into a week ?! Today I spent all day in the library typing up a script for my Mass Media Production class. I was suppose to spend the day working on my feature article for my Writing for Mass Communications class but last night I offered to type up the script as I was a writer on it and didn't really contribute all that much to that. This week has been hell. I was staring at my feature article for 30 minutes and got a paragraph done. Ugh. My mom might come up tomorrow to visit - she bought me tons of Atkins stuff today and might bring up some Halloween decorations yay. I really should spend tomorrow working on my feature article but I will have from 4:30 on to work on it so maybe I'll be okay. Just maybe. I feel bad, I met Pete online at 4pm while I was in the middle of writing the script and really didn't chat to him much at all. He has to work then next to Saturdays and Sundays :( But that should pay off his flight. Hmm he booked the tickets almost 2 weeks ago and they still haven't come through the post - grrr. He said they're having a strike so that probably has a lot to do with it. Ah Royal Mail sucks as much as USPS if not more. Bah.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Worn out...

Been a long day, not too much completed. Have tons more to do this week. Just watched Gilmore Girls as a little break and had some very unhealthy mozzarella sticks. Have a headache :( My jaw also hurts and has been hurting on and off for a few weeks now - weird. Not sure if it has something to do with my teeth or what. Anyway going to shower because I reek of Molly's and then read some Brit Lit or work on something else...

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||| 22%
Introverted |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Friendly |||||||||||| 50%
Aggressive |||||||||||| 50%
Orderly |||||||||||||| 56%
Disorderly |||||||||||| 44%
Relaxed |||||| 24%
Intellectual |||||||||||||| 60%
Practical |||||||||| 40%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

Link from Jennie who got it from Kamie.

Monday, October 06, 2003



Which month are you?
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Which American City Are You?
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Had a pretty relaxing weekend considering I had a 4+ hour test. I got some studying done for my big Psychology of Personality test on Tuesday so yay me. Pete called me earlier...we had some laughs at the expense of his parents and grandparents - he was just making impressions of how they don't really listen if he joins in on a conversation during dinner and they don't so it was pretty funny ;) I got depressed though after awhile of chatting, I don't know why, just kind of feel like they don't like me or something. I don't like the way they treat Pete sometimes but when I spoke up about it in the past it turned into this whole big thing. So anyway I have learned to keep my mouth shut, I know its not that they don't like me I can't really explain it though. Anyway. Been a bad Atkins week/weekend. Been having Reeses cravings and cookie cravings grrr. Must be better this week. I didn't weigh myself this week so I'll see how it goes for the weight thing next weekend. I don't think I've gained any back which is good. Well best be off here might go post on Web CT for my Brit Lit class. Ooo by the way - I got an A on my Brit Lit test I took on Weds, and an A on my Magazine Cover I turned in a week ago last Friday. Yay me.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Christmas crackers...

Christmas is coming up fast, indeed it is. I'm starting to see decorations out which I think is nice because it means Pete will be here soon yay. So I was looking at buying Christmas crackers online - because there is no where around here that sells them and Pete can't bring them on the plane with him (technically I think he could but he would have to take the cracker part out - which defeats the whole purpose of them.) Geez they're so expensive online even for the crappy gifts! They also have wedding crackers on the that site which I think is cool - must enter that into memory for wedding planning time lol. Well thats all for now - being lazy. Dorm is a mess have clothes hanging up everywhere because stupid dryers don't dry! Grrr.

Saturday, October 04, 2003


Ooo I saw Sarah found out how to do Titles so now I did too, interesting. Anyway lol

Work up at 6:45am to get up and get ready, go to breakfast before the 8am test. Well I decided to lay back down for a few mins and I woke up at 7:30 ah! So I threw clothes on and went to breakfast and then went to the test. It was okay, the essay and reading/english part was really easy - I dunno if I did so good on the math part. If anything, I'll have to re-take that section of the test grr. Got an A on my Brit Lit test I took on Weds yay. Anyway not much going on - have to go down and put another 50 cents in the dryer ugh.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Friday Five

1. What vehicle do you drive?

I drive a '92 Silver/Gray Toyota Tercel, 2 door.

2. How long have you had it?

Since around August 2000.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?

Umm probably my CD player.

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?

It doesn't have AC which is really annoying in Florida most of the year!

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?

Hmmmm. Not sure really. I know Pete would say a Viper hehe. I would like either one of those nice new minis or something similarly cute and small ;)

Well nothing much going on here. I told Pete I'd email him if I decided not to go to Walmart after work, and I decided not to so I emailed him from my phone before I got online because well it was easier and he isn't on. Might email him again. Grrrr.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Hello. I'm really tired at the moment. My Child Psych test went pretty good and I was done within 20 mins. So I had an hour to come back and relax before my next class. Have a test in my Psychology of Personality class on Tues and it will be REALLY hard. So I have to start studying probably tonight - if not tomorrow. I do have to go over stuff for the CLAST on Saturday though so might do that tonight. FRIENDS is on at 8pm so that'll be my break. Guess thats it for now ;)
Brit Lit test went pretty good - think I only missed 1 and a 1/2 multiple choice questions. Have Child Psych test at 8am tomorrow grrr. Have been studying for that - think I know it pretty well. Over the weekend I got The Family Man at Walmart for $10, it's the Collector's Edition too. Pete and I saw it at the movies back in December 2000, the last time he came for xmas :) Its a really cute movie. Anyway tomorrow I have my 2 psych classes and then I have to work on my assignment due on Friday for my Writing for Mass Communications class. At least I don't have a test on Friday - woohoo. But I do have a stupid 5 hour one on SATURDAY at 8am! Ahhhhhh, stupid CLAST. Anyway g'night.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hmmm. I'm thinking about getting Pete this for our anniversary. I'll add a few pics of us and get it engraved with our names and such. What do you think ? I'm thinking it isn't very manly but I have NO IDEA what else to get him ;) I'll probably get him a dvd or something along with that to even out the unmanliness (that probably isn't a word.)
Added a countdown until when Pete arrives in Orlando - at the bottom of the page ;) 71 days yay. My right menu is a bit longer than my main part for some reason, hmph. Anyway best be off to chat with Pete before I have to go take my Brit Lit test ;)
Welcome October. It's been cloudy here for the last 3 days and I have LOVED it - get to wear jeans without dying of heat stroke. So it feels like October here, well as much as it can in FL - cloudy, bit of wind, high of about 75F Yes thats nice for us ;) I'm tired. Roommates mom called at like 6:30am or something, then her very loud alarm went off and she hit the sleep button and it went off again, and again. Grrr turn the bloody thing down and get up the first time I goes off!!!! So I didn't sleep well after about 6:30 and had to get up at 8am for my 9am class. Have a Brit Lit test later and then a Child Psych test tomorrow - ugh.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Hi. Just got back from eating gross food in the dining hall :( They had good lunch today though - freshly made Caesar salad with freshly cooked chicken breast on top - yummy. I also had a nice piece of chocolate cake with vanilla icing mmmm. So I guess I shouldn't complain too much about dinner. Had some 'fried chicken breast' few bites of that, and half a salad and a peanutbutter cookie. Might end up doing to Molly's and getting non-healthy food later after my meeting with my TV project group for my Mass Media Productions class. Hmph that's at 7pm. Pete and I talked earlier and we're in a better mood - though it didn't help that today he got assaulted by one of his supervisors...basically the guy went psycho and held him by the throat and was about to punch him but he didn't. That was out of line. Anyway he's looking into start at the Open University in January and then maybe next Fall or Spring (2004) going to the community college here (well in my hometown.) Thing is he would need a sponsor to be able to say he has $20,000 per year that he would be studying - which makes sense but it annoying. Anyway we'll see what happens.
Hi. Not too chatty at the moment. Had a pretty emotional evening yesterday and have been emotional today. I saw Walk Away the Pounds Express at Walmart last night - does anyone have that one ? I saw the boxset of the 1&2 Mile and the 3 Mile with the stretchy thingy for like $38. I might treat myself to it sometime or ask for it for xmas or something. Pete and I have been engaged for 3 months as of yesterday - woohoo. We're going through a bit of a rough time at the moment which has something to do with my family but I won't get into it.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Evening. Just went up to check on my niece and nephew and they are sleeping like little angels hehe. At my sister and brother-in-law's house by the way ;) Oooo good news. I chatted with Pete earlier today and he surprised me again by booking the flight before we got online to chat :) He's also coming direct on British Airways which is awesome - he'll arrive around 6:30pm instead of like midnight if he would have had a connecting flight. Seems as though all the flights we were looking at on Ebookers (the cheapest connecting ones) rose in price by 100 quid today. Typical really it always seems to do that to us, so he decided to just splurge and pay the extra for a decent airline and direct flight yay. He'll be here in 2 months and 15 days. (December 12th) And is leaving January 12th :( But we won't think about that part :) Feel a bit bad cause when we met online I was all pissed off about my magazine cover and cursing Adobe so I wasn't too impressed about the flight booking but now I'm really excited ;) I'll probably add a proper countdown on here soon. Anyway goodnight I guess.

Saturday, September 27, 2003


Wow its afternoon already! Geez. Yeah I can't seem to get the HTML coding right for the moment for the cute pic of my niece - I might try again on that in a minute. Weighed myself this morning - I've lost 2 lbs this week which is good - total up to 15 lbs woohoo. I still want to lose another 15 or so but we'll see how that goes. Oooo Pete surprised me a bit this morning by asking me to check if the site we're booking his flight from (probably ebookers) takes American Express. I checked for him, he couldn't do it as he was on his friend's comp and didn't have the link. I said yeah it did, and then he said that we'd book the flight tonight! yay! I thought it would have to wait til next weekend but he has an American Express now too so he's all bling-blingin' with two credit cards ;) Anyway thats the excitement for today. I've been working on my magazine cover for my Mass Media Production class and Adobe is majorly confusing but its coming along. Funny thing is my brother who is taking a graphic design class in HS knows more about Adobe than me so I need to wait til he comes home to help me hehe. :) I'm babysitting my niece and nephew tonight and probably staying over my sister's. Bring my Brit Lit book to read some boring women writers (not boring cause they're women of course just boring in general.) Ooo good thing about my sister's house is she has satelite so she has BBC America Woohoo hehe. Yes I'm pretty sad! ;)

My Niece

my niece

Friday, September 26, 2003

Hi hi. I'm watching Coupling on NBC. I know there is an orginial UK version of the show, I used to watch it on BBC America when we had it ;) I don't really remember too much of it so I can't really compare and contrast it but anyway. I didn't do my walking today, just decided to relax and watch Must See TV hehe. I re-did the US-UK page of my site a minute ago. I'm going to add a US page and a UK page later if I figure out what to say but I dunno maybe I'll just leave it how it is. My roommate went home today to go to a DR appointment tomorrow so its nice to have the place to myself tonight. I have my Mass Media Production lab at 8am til 9:50am UGH. So I might just go to bed early. Anyway I guess Coupling is over (the epidsode seemed familiar so its probably pretty much like the UK version.) Hmph.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Evening blog world.

Again not much going on. I've been feeling pretty tired and worn out today. I might be coming down with a cold or maybe just PMSy. I dunno. Its so cold in here! I swear the AC must be down really low! Autumn began yesterday officially - doesn't feel like it here around 85F and muggy. Ick. Florida. Maybe it'll get cool by mid to late Oct. One can only hope. This week has been going by pretty fast which is good and bad - good because its almost the weekend, bad because I have stuff do next week plus a few tests ugh. College sucks sometimes. Everything ok on the roommate front, I feel kinda bad because I didn't invite her to dinner tonight when my old suitemate came by and asked if I wanted to go - oh well. Oh I did add new buttons to the Story of Us page, and new graphics to the football page. I still need to re-do the US/UK page and the Online Love page but I will do that eventually. Plus I want to rearrange my book club page and add more books etc. Well I'm going to go lay down and read a bit before going to bed. Night.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Evening. Hmph not much to say today. I always feel tired on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have two classes in a row from 8am - 10:45am. I'm trying to watch Frasier at the moment - my antenna is crap though so it's really snowy and hard to see after a few minutes until you mess around with it again and then it does the same thing again. Grrr. I had an urge to re-do the graphics on my website so I just did the engagement page over again. I like it a lot better now ;) I used wedding graphics from Cute Colors but just the backround and the banner so it's not that bad hehe. I'm in the mood for a reeses so maybe I'll go and get one real fast unless I can resist it ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Have you ever woken up with a really bad feeling? It's hard to describe, I guess like an anxiety something isn't going to turn out good. I had that this morning and all through the day about my relationship with Pete. It was weird. Not that I felt I was going to break up with him or anything but just that it wouldn't work in the end of something. Anyway I talked to him about it when we were chatting and he got all upset and worried ;( He asked me if I was still in love with him or if I thought maybe I just loved him as a friend since we've known each other so long. Of course I'm still in love with him! So he felt better after that. I have to stop scarring him like that! I guess the feeling was a combination of things: school, worries about the future, planning the next trip (and inevitable leaving each other again) and etc. But it went away after I told him about it so that was good :) I feel a lot better now about everything. Guess I just had to talk to him, it always helps to get it out of your head. So I have to do something for him so he knows I love him since I scared him today ;) Anyway going to WATP I think, shower, and do some reading. No additional weird roommate things today but I will keep you all posted!
Hi. Ooo I joined an England fanlist thanks to Jennie for the link. On there I took an England Quiz - it's different than any others I've seen - I got at 70% so I guess thats not bad ;) PS Its under the 'fun stuff' section ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Weird roommate thing of the day:

Well it just gets better and better really. I just went to check my college email just to see if I got anything from a few clubs I am interested in joining. Well there's an email from someone saying "Hi." I think okay maybe its someone from one of the clubs...no it's from my ROOMMATE. What the heck?! She starts off saying "I"m not very good at emailing people..." So then I think she might say she's upset at me for something or wants to move out or something. No. She just thinks sending emails to each other would be a good way to get to know each other. Ummm, WE LIVE IN THE SAME ROOM! Hello! She also asked if I thought our room was a "friendly place"? It's only been like 2 and a half weeks how friendly or not friendly can it be. Anyway I emailed her back and said that we'll get to know each other with time and stuff. And also mentioned that she could actually talk to me in person if she wanted to. Something tells me this is going to be a long year.
Not a lot going on. I've been straightening up the house a bit, reading Chaucer (God shoot me,) and working on my magazine cover for my Mass Media Production class. I weighed myself earlier at the store, I only lost one pound this week. It has been a really bad Atkins week but I wanna get back on track again this coming week. But I have lost a total of 13 lbs in a little over a month so I'm happy about that. Pete is going to call me later so that will be nice to talk to him again for the 3rd day in a row - woohoo. Anyway I'm outta here. Might be back later.
For a person who wants to become a writer I really don't check over my post before I hit publish - I didn't mean "home" in the previous post I meant "come." As in: "Pete will be booking his flight to come here..." Geez. I should be reading Brit Lit but I'm not, Chaucer is semi-interesting but not on a Friday night!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Just got off the phone with Pete. We've talked on the phone two days in a row - yay. Yesterday I called him for like 23 minutes (as thats all that was left on my phonecard when making an international call.) Then earlier I called him because he was all depressed and missing me :( I'm usually the one that gets like that more so he needed cheering up. He always make me laugh so much ;) This time next week he should be booking his flight to home here, probably online. I think ebookers will be the cheapest for him, but we'll see next week! We were talking a bit about getting married and stuff, was one of the first time's we've talked about it since being engaged - and it felt really nice and kinda serious. Not like we have any plans or anything but I kinda dawned on me that its nearly 2004 and we'll probably be getting married in 2006 which means not too long to go before we really need to decide. Kinda makes me feel unprepared like its not going to happen then if we don't buckle down and start moving. We haven't even really decided what route to we will take with immigration...K-1 Visa or something else. All this talk is making me anxious and a bit depressed! I was all happy a minute ago :(

I'm hungry, today hasn't been a good atkins day at all. Going to weigh myself tomorrow morning just to see how it goes. Ugh going to find something to eat. House is a mess and as always I've come home and will probably clean it up. Grrrrr. Sometimes blogging makes you think too much!

Oh by the way... I don't know about everywhere else but a few weeks ago Hope Springs came out in the theatres (with Colin Firth, Heather Graham, and Minnie Driver.) I checked the movies last weekend and it said it was still playing at the local theatre, well not it says its coming out in theatres in Dec 2003 ??!! Whats up with that? Was I just imagining it was out or something ? Ah now I'm depressed and crazy - great combination!
Since I'm "British in my head" I thought I'd share some things I love about England (well Britain overall I guess but I've only been to England so thats all I have experience of.)


* WHSmiths (they have them in airports here now, saw one in the Orlando airport but didn't go in so I dunno if it's the same.) It's great! You can get magazines, books, stationary, office supplies, dvd's and cd's all in one place. If I were ever to move to the UK I would like to work there ;) I currently have a 'Mad Cow' mid-year diary (planner) from there - so cute!

* NEXT - They have the best clothes! I get all my really nice clothes there. Pete's mum got all my xmas presents last year from there as they were having sales hehe I made out like a bandit!


Yorkshire puddings, trifle, the fact that they put double cream on EVERYTHING, also I think the Chinese food it better there.


Posh (Pot) noodles, Walker's posh crisps, penguins, jammy doggers, Guylian (sp?) Beligian Seashells (not english obviously), Cadbury's etc etc.


Apple Tango (diet preferrably,) Fanta (they have it here in cherry, grape, orange and maybe lemon but its not the same!) I prefer their coffee, which is instant and isn't as strong as coffee here.

I have few things I don't like about England but I'll save those for another time ;) I'm sure there is stuff I have forgotten that I like ;) Ooo - I like the greeting cards better there, and 'Me to You' bears and etc.

Now when I hover over the image the date links to that page as well...ugh I hate html just cause I am so bad at it! Grrr. Argh... now my text is showing up white and light blue when its clicked. What the heck is going on ??!
Is it me or is the link messed up on my "British in my head" image for the clique? Click on it and you should get here. Ah I've check it but I should just check it again as I'm really daft when it comes to html.

Ooo thanks Jennie for the link ;) You know me too well hehe.
Baby Face

my nephew

Awwww. He's so cute. His sister is also cute, but I'll post a picture of her another time when I get a really cute one ;)
I tried to post earlier but it got messed up. So here are the highlights:

* I have walked 250 miles in exactly 8 months. That's an average of 31.25 miles per month, so about a mile a day. Woohoo go me.

* My niece and nephew turned 9 months old yesterday ;) awww.

* I saw my roommate's boyfriend and he isn't that bad looking. And roommate is being nice today.

Alright now I am going to go walk, shower, read and maybe pop in a DVD. Night.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

(a new section to blab about my weird roommate)
Weird roommate thing of the day:

Okay so its around 5pm my roommate just got in. I'm changing the CD in my alarm clock/cd player. I put in the Alice Deejay CD (from like 2000) and the club anthem type music starts. I guess my roommate doesn't like this because she puts on her headphone (attached to her cd player) and starts singing along, and in a rather annoyed tone says in a loud voice.."Sorry! I tend to sing!" What the heck ? God she's weird. Is it just me or is that kinda weird and rude ?! Anyway going to WATP then shower and maybe put on a DVD or something - feel unacademic, but I did read a chapter in my child psych book so I'm going alright in that sense I guess.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Ha I might be getting Pete to start a blog ;) Maybe not, I dunno its up to him but it would be cool so that I could read what he writes :) Doing a meme just because:


Name some of your favorite, and perhaps admittedly disgusting, snackfoods.

Hmmm. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. English people think they are gross (I think a lot of Aussies do too.) It's not that I'm a big peanut butter fan, but the combination of chocolate and peanut butter in a reeses is beyond compare! mmmmm. They have a new *limited edition* white chocolate version out! I dunno how good that is, I have resisted trying it as they're totally not on Atkins. Getting a craving now though!

Pete says he might start a blog at the weekend - I shall keep you posted if he does hehe.

Oh and I had a dream this morning - between about 7am and 8am. I think Jennie and her hubby were in it but I really don't remember! It was one of those deep sleep dreams just before the alarm buzzed. I think Pete might have been in it too, interesting lol.

Another quick note - I just put up my reads and I need to put the other ones up there but I have to do that later because I had to re-save the blinkies and upload them to lycos again as they messed up. Also I still need to add the blimmin blinkies logo to the bottom - will do that soon as well! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Ok I think I'm done. I'm not too sure about the side menu area - I wanted a pale blue but went with the green. Hmmm. I really should stop messing around with this and do actual school work - ah. Broke down and got a Starbucks Vanilla frapp (ones in the glass bottles) from Molly's (campus snack place) was soo good! 37 carbs though! ah! I should be up to about 40 net carbs a day now so technically I have 3 carbs left but I've been having an apple for breakfast as I don't have my Morning Start breakfast bars and can't find a place around here which sells them (and I am NOT moving my car again until Friday *see yesterdays post for the reason*.) Anyway I have work for an hour at 11am and then I don't have class til 2:30 woohoo. I need to get some work done before my class though - but i really don't have too much actual work to do - more like planning a mag cover for my Mass Media Production class and a bit of reading. Well going now to change the colors of my zonk board and then check out my 2:30 class discussions on Web CT. Bye!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hi hi. Like the changes?! Jennie got me in a purple mood so here it is. I'm happy with it, its something different. I'll try to get the zonkboard up soon but I should be doing actual work instead of mucking around with my blog.

Parking here sucks. Truly it does. You will not know unless/until you experience it for yourself. Around 11am I decided to go to Walmart (bad move!) I had spent 30 minutes on Sunday night trying to find a parking spot and finally did in this bit of sandy crappy dirt in back of the guys dorms. I was in walmart a total of like 20 mins, I got back to campus like less than an hour after I left and there were NO SPOTS. All the 'campus parking' was taken, as was all of the nearby metered spots. So I finally found one in a parking lot with meters in back of the Lightner Museum. Good thing I had a few quarters on me! I had to go back there at 2:30 and put another few quarters in, then finally at 5:45 I went and tried to move my car. I went around all the parking lots once, and was about to go again when someone pulled out of the one behind the guy's dorm - so I pulled right in. I'm never moving it again! Or at least not until Friday afternoon - then coming back earlier on Sunday so I can actually get a 'decent' spot. Anyway my roommate said she was 'going out' tonight. I guess with her boyfriend of a year - who goes to this school. Weird thing is I haven't seen a picture of him in the dorm nor have I met him yet. He's probably really ugly. hehe. My roommate is okay, she's just kinda strange. Oh well, best be off and do something kinda productive!
I'm back.

My blog is so boring. I don't even like any of the new templates (since blogger improved) so I dunno what I'll do. Just feel like a change. Might just pick a template or see what I can find online. I have no time though, I actually shouldn't even be on here, have a test at 8am so I better study. Ugh 8am classes suck and I have them 2 -3 days a week. Grrr. Well we'll see how long I keep this template up!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Oooo fun stuff

Have had a rather full day today :) Got up early and went to the motel where I painted the bases of the tables outside, and took some pics for my Mass Media Production class. Then I got changed and met my friend, Sara, at Super Target. We looked around a bit but neither of us saw anything we really wanted/need. We got frappacinos in the Starbucks bit in there ;) Mmmmm caramel frapp my fav! We also saw one of our old teachers from HS but avoided him as he's a bit weird lol. After that we decided to go and see a movie but we didn't know what was playing so we went to the one closest but all the movies were crap so we went to the next closest one and saw Pirates of the Caribbean. It was sooo good (better than I thought it would be and really funny in some bits.) Actually we had to wait an hour to see it so we looked around the shops in the shopping center there. After the movie we stopped off at PetSmart for something Sara needed for one of her dogs and then we decided to go to Steak n' Shake for dinner. Mmmmm so good. So yeah I cheated a bit on Atkins today but it was worth it ;)

That reminds me I weighed myself this morning and I have lost about 4 lbs this week - bringing my total up to 12 lbs in a little less than a month - yay me. Anyway chatting with Pete now and he's being all quiet so I'm getting worried - best be off!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Ooo too cool. If anyone is watching "While You Were Out" on TLC right now the mother who doesn't know about the room makeover is in St. Augustine for the weekend and on a carriage ride they passed Flagler College woohoo. Was weird seeing it on tv ;) Well off to watch the rest of the show. That reminds me I added pics of my dorm to my MSN group...if you're a member go check them out - the descriptions aren't written up yet but you can get the general idea I think ;)

Friday, September 12, 2003

Just looking at different people's names close to me - its amazing how right some of the things are! Here is what they say about Pete's name

Your first name of Peter creates individuality, independence, self-confidence, initiative, and an inclination to physical activity. You are not inclined to merge your opinions and viewpoints with others, to accept compromise, or to work in a subservient position against your will. Your expression is invariably quite direct and candid, and lacks the moderating tone of tact, diplomacy, and friendliness. Others find it difficult to accept your domineering and, at times, argumentative manner. Your circle of friends is restricted to those of like nature. Once friendship is established, you are very loyal and steadfast and do not tolerate gossip or criticism. In your close associations and family life, there is little demonstration of sentiment, appreciation, sympathy, or encouragement. It is difficult for you to find the right words for such circumstances.

Hmmm I would agree with everything except the domineering and arguementative manner and the lack of moderating tone of tact. Interesting!
What's in a Name?

(Side note - my 8am two hour communications lab was cancelled so I'm wasting time!)

Just went to check out the Friday Five for today. The last question sent me to this link, Kabalarian. This is what it had to say about my Name:

Your name of Julia has given you a practical, efficient, and capable nature, with a desire to participate in business ventures. Able to see how the details of a situation fit into the overall picture, you have good judgment regarding anything of a practical or technical nature. You are efficient, and capable of carrying a lot of responsibility, but your nature is so serious that personal association suffers. You demand as much from others as you do from yourself. It is difficult for you to merge your nature with others to create understanding, or to show love and tenderness to those close to you. You experience much misunderstanding and unhappiness in your personal life as a result.

Health weaknesses for my name:


Tension would affect the stomach and intestinal tract, and you could suffer with constipation, growths, or serious female disorders.

Hmmm interesting. Somewhat true - except for the showing love to people close to me and suffering misunderstanding and unhappiness in my person life! As for the health wekness...ummm pretty gross - don't want to think about those!

Well I guess I should do the FRIDAY FIVE now since I already mentioned it!

1. Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? If not, what's changed?

Yup my name is the same as it was on my birth certificate. My confirmation name is Hannah but its not legal (unless I start using it - which would make my name way to long!) Full name: Julia Marie

2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be?

Well no I wouldn't change my name, I really like it. I will probably change my last name when Pete and I get married, unless I want it hyphenated but I think it'll make it to long. Hmmm.

3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?)

My dad is responsible for naming me, he named me after his maternal grandmother. My mom wanted to name me Hannah after her maternal grandmother who was Irish (came here in around 1920?)

4. Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why?

Names I love for girls: Hannah, Chelsea, Isabella, Audrey (Pete doesn't like that one)

Names I love for boys: Michael and Ian

Names I hate: Camilla, Agnes, Hilda (anything that sounds old lady-ish) Don't really hate a lot of guys names - or at least I can't think of any at the moment ;)

5. Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com accurate? How or how isn't it?

See above!

~~~~~~Oooooo HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY TO SARA! ~~~~~~~~

I'm not going to talk about two years ago - what's the point? Really I don't mean to seem harsh or anything. (Sara you know me and we think alike so you know what I mean!) Last night the Candle Light Vigil was nice and then I went to a play in the Auditorium entitled "The Guys" about the Firefighters and etc.

Woo hoo welcome to high speed paradise! Okay not really - my comp is crap so how ever fast the internet gets my comp will slow it down! Ooo blogger had added spell check woohoo.

Well its somebody's birthday tomorrow...well in about an hour and 20 mins actually. Ooo and speaking of 20... hahahaha.

I have been slacking about blogging about what I eat, but I have been keeping track of it on paper so that's good :) Going to weigh myself on Saturday morning I guess - wish me luck!! I think I've done pretty good this week! Hmmm I could say more about today but maybe I'll save it for the weekend - lost of dorm stuff to vent about! hehe.