Friday, October 10, 2003

Week from Hell is over....

Yay the school week from hell is over. I spent a total of about 7 hours in the library last night from 3pm until 10pm. Okay so I did take a break to go back to my room and eat left overs from my lunch, but for the most part I was in the library. My mom came up yestday and we had a nice afternoon out. She brought up a ton of Halloween decorations and Atkins stuff. Then we went to the bank and a gas station so she could get coffee, gas and cigarettes. (Yes my mom smokes and is always saying she has to quit.) Anyway then we stopped at a Vintage clothing/furniture store. I didn't want to stop in at first because most 'vintage' place are just full of crap. But we actually each found something we liked. She found very hippy style fringe/patchwork style jeans (indeed not vintage but hippy looking nonetheless) and I found a dark/olive green long skirt that has elastic parachute style ties at the waist and bottom. I think someone will know what I'm talking about. The skirt is a bit tight around the stomach/thigh area but it looks good and should fit better if I lose a bit more weight but its okay if I don't as well. Then we went to a really good Mexican restraunt and sat upstairs looking over Saint Augustine. The food was really good and decently priced. Oh in the Vintage store I did see a Royal Wedding magazine from 1981 (wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Di of course.) it was originally 1.85 pounds, the Vintage store wanted $14 for it - ummm no. I got my skirt for $16 and will get a lot more use out of that hehe. Talked to Pete earlier on the phone - he has to go to bed as he has to get up at like 5am to go to work tomorrow :( But at least he'll be paying off his credit card bill for the flight, and therefore having more money to come here with. yay.

I had an idea of another things to get Pete for our anniversary coming up - you know those things with your name on them and what it means etc. Well I was thinking of getting his name and my name for him. What do you think ? I dunno whether I like the album idea better or not. Might go to the mall this weekend as I think they sell the name things there this time of year so I'll see how much those run. Hmph. Anyway going to watch a movie or two tonight with my mom - Anger Management (that Pete and I saw in the cinema last time I was there,) and The Family Man, which I recently got on dvd. Ooo my mom just came home with pizza - the new Papa John's Barbeque Chicken Hawiian Pizza! It tastes a lot like the Texas BBQ pizza at UK Dominos - but with pineapple mmmmmm must tell Pete tomorrow about it - he will want some! Obviously Atkins hasn't been going well this week but I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks, might do tomorrow morning just to see where I stand. Ta-ta.

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