Sunday, October 12, 2003


Sunday's are always my least favorite days - nothing on TV, nothing to do, preparing for Monday etc.

My Zonkboard is messed up - grrr. Talked to Pete earlier on the phone for half an hour. Called him because we just got off AIM and I ended up not going to the motel so thought we could chat a bit but we ended up just talking on the phone and deciding to meet later. Tony answered the phone, which is always a bit funny because he sounds like Pete when he picks up the phone. When I don't get much of a reply from 'hello' I know it's Tony so I say hello again and its our little signal that its me. So he says, "Hi Julie" I say, "hey Ton how are you? can I talk to Pete?" "I suppose so," he says sarcastically as usual, "I'll transfer you over." Then I hear Lin in the background and then the stupid internal tune. Then I get Pete lol. Looks like we have at least one rodent in our house - found droppings in my room and the hall closet. Ugh glad I'm staying at school cause I would be totally paranoid if I had to sleep in my room knowing theres a creature in there lol. Did a bit of Brit Lit reading, could have worked on my Adobe In Design project as my mom has it on this computer but I didn't bring the project on a CD-R with me so I would have to start over again and it'll be easier just to work on it later when I get back to school or tomorrow. Its not due til Weds but I haven't gotten much done on it. Anyway my mom will be home soon and she's making London Broil for dinner (my fav) so I'm making Yorkshire Puddings yum! Best be off and chat with Pete ;)

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