Saturday, October 25, 2003


I was mean to Pete earlier for no reason :( I was disappointed we didn't get to chat as much as I would have liked online tonight because I was busy doing things around the house and stuff. So I said goodnight to him harshly and he just said 'goodnight baby' and signed off :( After a few minutes I realized that he left and I felt really bad. I was going to call him but it was alright half past midnight there and I didn't know if his parents were asleep and I didn't want to wake them (years of doing this and feeling really stupid and inconsiderate has told me not to do that lol.) Anyway tomorrow I want to go weigh myself, go to Walmart and Barnes and Noble, then go to my sister's spend the night there. Will probably be babysitting or at least spending time with the babies yay. Ooo my mom got them each a rocking horse for their 1st birthday! They are so cute! I want one - well I have a wooden one my grandpa made me when I was a baby but not a new-fangled one that makes noises and is all fluffy hehe. I will have to take pictures of them :)

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