Monday, October 06, 2003


Had a pretty relaxing weekend considering I had a 4+ hour test. I got some studying done for my big Psychology of Personality test on Tuesday so yay me. Pete called me earlier...we had some laughs at the expense of his parents and grandparents - he was just making impressions of how they don't really listen if he joins in on a conversation during dinner and they don't so it was pretty funny ;) I got depressed though after awhile of chatting, I don't know why, just kind of feel like they don't like me or something. I don't like the way they treat Pete sometimes but when I spoke up about it in the past it turned into this whole big thing. So anyway I have learned to keep my mouth shut, I know its not that they don't like me I can't really explain it though. Anyway. Been a bad Atkins week/weekend. Been having Reeses cravings and cookie cravings grrr. Must be better this week. I didn't weigh myself this week so I'll see how it goes for the weight thing next weekend. I don't think I've gained any back which is good. Well best be off here might go post on Web CT for my Brit Lit class. Ooo by the way - I got an A on my Brit Lit test I took on Weds, and an A on my Magazine Cover I turned in a week ago last Friday. Yay me.

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