Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Reasons (excuses) for not walking tonight:

1. Need to study for Mid-term in Mass Media Production tomorrow - 100+ terms only 40 will be on test (whats up with that?)

2. Have to revise paper due tomorrow for Brit Lit

3. Dining hall food has not agreed with me and I'm having stomach issues

4. I'm still kinda sick

5. Watched Gilmore Girls at the time I usually walk

6. While watching GG had weird popping sensation in my right ear - like fluid movement (#4)

7. Had to shave my legs

8. I'm just feeling lazy lately

9. Pete got his plane tickets in the mail

10. My roommate was reading earlier when I considered walking...

Okay in other words I have a few valid reasons but mostly being lazy. Pete and I have decided to open a savings account here for our future ;) yay. I've been thinking about doing one myself for awhile and he has also. Kind of a permenant thing to do - I don't think his name will be on it (not sure if it can be since he doesn't reside here?), but still he said he'd give me money to put in it when he could. So if we ever were to break up he'd be entitled to it back and everything. I don't think that'll happen though ;) As # 9 says Pete got his plane tickets in the mail woohoo. 51 Days! Anyway I better get off here and study. I am finally comprehending and remembering the terms as I read them from my neon flash cards which is good. Wish me luck!

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