Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Tree Posted by Hello

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hello hello

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!!! Where has the time gone??!!!

Haven't been doing much here, went Christmas shopping over the weekend both days. Pete's cousin Charmaine arrived on Saturday and left on Tuesday night to go to London to meet one of her friends and they're going on a tour across Europe - which seems cool but I'm glad I won't be on the bus for 12 days!!

I made my oatmeal carmelitas this morning, they turned out good, but theres only one pan so I'll have to make another batch later.

Guess I'll update more after Christmas - I put some pics on my MSN site if anyone wants to see them :) I'll add more after Christmas and New Years.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hello darling ones :)

I arrived here on Tuesday at around 6:30am, and quickly went through immigration and baggage claim and then waited around a bit to find Pete. Around 7:30am I felt someone touching by back and turned around to see Pete :) We made it to his mum's car where we stuffed my 2 large suitcases in her Yaris and made our way home. We didn't do much on Tuesday or yesterday, Pete had the two days off work so we just relaxed and enjoyed being together. Last night I also helped Lin decorate the Christmas tree which I think turned out very well :) Pete got his new laptop yesterday in the post and its really lovely with a widescreen ;) I forgot to bring the CD for my camera so hopefully I can figure out a way to download pics either on this comp or on Tony's. As far as jetlag goes I'm doing pretty good, I finally got out of bed at 12:30pm today so I think I slept it off hopefully :)

Well not much else going on here, it feels like I never left ;)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Waiting to exhale....

Well I'M DONE !!!! After a very Hell-ish semester I took my last final, for PR, this afternoon :)

So I'm trying to get packed to leave tomorrow, my roommate left already. She didn't even leave me a note saying goodbye or have a good holiday or anything. I'm glad I didn't bother sending her a Christmas card.

I'll be in England in less than a week!!!!! Starting to get excited now :)

So a funny quote from yesterday...we ran out of TP and the RA's didn't have any as the delivery of it didn't come in so I asked my old roommate if she had any...

Old Roommate: No, we only have 2 rolls and 6 girls in there until Friday (she shares a bathroom with other rooms.)

Me: And the RA's don't have any either

Old Roommate: They don't?

Me: No. Its a pain in the @$$

Old roommate cracked up with laughter lol.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hmm I'm not tired yet so I thought I'd update...

Things are starting to get crazy with finals, as if they haven't been crazy enough all semester. I was sick, again or still, for the last few days. Last night I started to get really dizzy and body literally forced me to go to bed at like 7:30pm so I got like 11 hours of sleep and then I couldn't sleep anymore. So I feel better.

Only 13 days, or like 12 and a matter of hours until I am in England again!! But first I have to make it through this time next week without my brain exploding lol.

Schedule for the next 7 days is as follows:

Thursday - Get Grammar Theory take home test #3. I will work on one essay per day to complete all 4 essays by Tuesday morning. Also - attend review session for Principles of Journalism - finish reading book and start studying for that as well.
If time - work on News and Feature Reporting indepth article due Monday.
If have more time - work on stuff for Literary Criticism due Tuesday - and sleep if possible.

Friday - Get up at a reasonably early hour and study some more/get stuff done. Go to work from 12:30-2:30 continue studying after that.

Saturday - study, study, study.

Sunday - much of the same

Monday - take N&FR final and turn in article
Study for Journalism,finish Grammar Theory test if needed, finish stuff for LC if needed. Sleep - if possible

Tuesday - Turn in LC stuff at 9am. Turning in GT test before 9:30am. Take Journalism final at 12pm.
Study for PR final...probably the worst one...

Wednesday - take PR final. Sell textbooks back and get only pennies for them. Pack some stuff. Sleep.

Thursday - work in mailroom to get as many hours in as possible to get paid.
Go home for a few days and back for England.

There you go, that's my life.


Also wanted to mention that when I was home for Thanksgiving I went to 2 Targets (one regular, one Super). In the regular one I found Guylian seashells!!!!! And in the second I mini-Christmas crackers in the wine charm and box end cap on one of the aisles. Just thought I'd share! I bought the seashells (which are the best chocolate ever) but not the crackers - as am having proper ones with English Christmas :)

Okay better sleep while I have the time...