Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Well I'm not 100% sure if I want to graduate early, I still have to see if I'll be able to get all the classes. Even if I can I'm not sure if I want to cram all of them into 2 remaining semesters - it might be better to take the extra semester (still graduating on time) and take the classes I need spread out a bit more and take some extra classes if I have space. I dunno. I think we have to register for Spring classes sometime in October so I'll see my advisor then and see what he thinks. This growing up stuff comes on fast huh? I'm not sure if I like it lol.

PS - Pete has blogged about his first day on the course and stuff in general on his blog English Redneck so check it out :)
I had my career planning meeting with the career services guy here at the college.

He said with the number of credits I have I'll probably be able to graduate early, if I can get all the classes I need by December 2005. The only problem is some English classes I need might not be available to take until next spring, so I'll have to get a catalogue and see. It's pretty exciting/scary that I might be graduating early ;) I guess it would give me a few months to consentrate on the wedding and get a bit of work experience in before moving :) Wow suddenly everything feels like its coming into place....::gasp:: but I can't breathe too hard or it might all collapse.

Fingers crossed :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

discover what candy you are @ quiz me
So I bought these pepdobismal-colored socks at Target for $1. Who can beat it right? only a buck. And they have initials on them....The only problem is now that I look at them as they're on my feet, I wonder if it's a J or a cursive T in black lettering. Hmmmmmm if its a T I guess I could give them to Tony for Christmas - we have smiliar school girl no-show socks, why can't he have puke medicine pink socks for a change????

Monday, September 27, 2004

Here's a list of the movies I watched this weekend:


Love Actually - with Director's Commentary on.


Sliding Doors - fell asleep about half way through it.


Laws of Attraction

4 Weddings and a Funeral - fell asleep again about half way through it.


4 Weddings and a Funeral - from where I fell asleep.

Bridget Jones Diary - again fell asleep half way through it.

I'm sick of movies, yet I feel compelled to watch another one hmmmmm. Probably won't - have two articles due tomorrow I have to proof read and stuff, plus reading to do. Great.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

So this is the latest tracking on Jeanne as of 11am EST. Looking good for us on the east coast of the state but not so good for the more western areas :( Pete's mum was all worried that I was okay earlier, which was nice I guess :) Been watching lots of movies and getting some work done. Dining hall opens for lunch soon so I'll go and eat again hopefully they'll have something decent. Hmmmm always a question I guess - but all I can do is hope lol.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Mmmm propaganda! There's this "documentary" on TV, actually on the main station around here. It's for/about the NRA. Not that its blatant political propaganda but they're saying that the UN will be able to pass a rule or whatever taking away America's right to bare arms if the "political pendulum swings the wrong way." Hmmmmmm. Oh and then they have the commercial after it saying if you donate $45 to the NRA you get a cool NRA hat and a Homeland Security T-shirt. Now I'm not really against having guns, but I think all this "we're free so we should have guns" concept is a bit messed up. Whatever.

While I'm being political, let me tell you about a struggle I am having. I don't know whether or not I'm going to vote. I know I should blah blah blah. But it's totally the "pick the lesser of two evils" scenario. If there was a democrate that had actual opinions other than just everything the opposite of Bush, then I would vote for him. But sadly there is not. And neither Bush nor Kerry has convinced me that they should be president. So there. I have some time to figure it out but I dunno.

Okay done being political - in other news - I'm probably going to stay here now. The hurricane is looking like it will go a bit more west and actually pass right over G-ville where Sara is, so I said she could come stay with me if she wanted. But I'm not going anywhere probably. That being said the wind just kicked up and my window made another noise hmmm hope it'll be okay. Anyway that's about it for now, going to turn off the stupid TV and work on an article I have to do for Tuesday :)
In other news... I got this poster (without the frame around it) at the poster sale in the breezeway today. It looks good in the bathroom :)

Pete starts his computer course on Monday! He officially enrolled today, after calling on Thursday to see if he could do the assessment to enroll in the course. The instructor of the course ended up getting on the phone and doing the assessment with him :) She was impressed with his overall intelligence and the fact that he new the more difficult stuff on the assessment that scared others off. So proud of him :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Classes are cancelled for Monday, the memo said that "if you have the means we suggest that you leave.." Hmph. The tracking still shows the whole state getting it. So if I drive an hour to the south is it really going to matter? I dunno. I can't get my mom on her cell phone or my dad at the motel on the main phone... in touch with my mom after I left work (where I blogged) she said that I shouldn't come home bc at least there they have a generator if the power goes out and etc. I'm not sure what I'm going to do though - my good friend Sara said I could stay with her if I wanted to go over to G-ville. I'm not sure if I'm going to though, I'll see what the hurricane does over night and then see what happens. Doing laundry at the moment so at least either way I have clean clothes, always good. Got some really fattening but non-perishable food like crackers with cheese wiz and chocolate chip granola bars mmmmmm.
It's all getting very old.... Hurricane Jeanne looks like it's going to hit the state somewhere, though it might not be as strong as the others we've had. I dunno, and really I don't care. I'm becoming immune to hurricane tracking. In other news, I dunno what I'm doing over the weekend either. I have two articles due on Tuesday for my Principles of Journalism class and a quiz in News and Feature Reporting on Monday. But I haven't talked to Pete on the phone in a long time (well I think we've only talked on the phone twice since I've gotten back from there - both times bc of the hurricanes and for short periods of time.) So...yeah. I also need to get some stuff at home so I might go home tomorrow night and then come back sometime Saturday. Dunno. Ah my suction-cupped bathroom caddy thing fell again a minute ago with a crashing bang. Going to go attempt to put it back up again, if it falls one more time it's going to just go on the shower floor.

That's the extent of excitement in my life for now...god help me.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Gotta love Amazon!!!!!

I ordered this for Pete for our anniversary, it was released yesterday but I preordered it back on the 11th :) Well it was shipped yesterday and I just checked the tracking thing and it was received here today!! Yay! I'll have to pick it up in the mailroom tomorrow! I dunno I guess I'm just getting excited for no real reason :) By the way, thanks again to Gem for making a lovely personalized anniversary card for me to give to Pete!! I can't wait to see it and I'm sure we'll both love it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hmph I'm feeling lazy. My 9:30 am class was cancelled so I went to the library and read almost a chapter for that since I would have been in the class anyway during that time. Then I went to lunch with my old roommate, and now I just got some stuff out of my car so I don't want to do anything. After my first class (at 8am) I stopped at the table in the breezeway for college rings, and I paid for mine. Here it is if you're interested, I'm getting the ladies version (obviously) in 10K white gold. Charged like $340 onto my credit card but my mom says she'll pay for it and needless to say I won't be getting a lot of Christmas presents from my parents since they always buy me stuff ;) Oh well at least I have Pete's parents and grandparents, they love me and get my nice Christmas presents :) LOL. I sound like a spoiled brat, I'm really not.

Monday, September 20, 2004

So I found a few things I got at Target on their website:

I got this dress on clearence for $15 I think, it fits really nice :) And I got this chair, not on clearence. Sorry that was a bit short I was in class when I posted lol. Gotta love comps in classes :) Have work at the college newspaper in 10 mins, I work in the office I'm the "office manager" but I'm hoping to be able to do some editing and stuff eventually even though I don't have any real experience in it :)

Update - I also got these jeans though I just looked at them to make sure those were them and the size on them is two sizes bigger than what they hanger said but they fit. I think "junior's" cothing is getting smaller and smaller because I am not that big!!! Ahhhhh.
Well I don't have a lot of time, on the comp at the library but...

Hurricane Jeanne is now back to a Tropical Storm, but there is Hurricane Karl and Tropical Storm Lisa out there. None of which look like they're going to hit us thank god. Went home this weekend - the motel is a mess but isn't as bad as I expected but I didn't look a lot across the street where the roofs caved in. Went to the movies and to the Outback with Sara, and I made her buy a drink (I would have bought her one but I'm underage lol.) We swapped stories from the summer which was funny. :) She liked her presents so that was good too. Have an article due at 2pm and have class at one so I have to proofread the article and print it again - then I'm not looking at it anymore, hope it's decent. Then I have work in the school newspaper office for an hour. Went to Target yesterday and got a whole bunch of stuff that I'll link to later if I can find anything online :)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Here is a good story about the damage that Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Ivan made in the South, including the Panhandle of Fla. Ivan Story And now for Hurricane Jeanne....
Well on the hurricane front there is good news and bad news. The good news: Ivan's track is now probably going to miss Florida almost completely. The bad news: Tropical Storm Jeanne is on it's tail and her path seems to be consuming the whole state like Frances did. My future mother in law is now officially right about everything - the world is ending surely lol.

School work is now finally picking up and I feel unprepared, I guess it would help if I were reading stuff now instead of being on the internet but whatever. I really hate journalism, I know I don't want to be a reporter thats for sure. Now if only I could decide on what I really wanted to do. Ahhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hi again.

Hmmm what I have I done since Saturday? Saturday night my roommate came back, she wasn't suppose to be back til Monday morning but I guess she had a fight with her boyfriend - whatever. We really don't communicate all that much, I have tried but I think we're just on two different wavelengths as far as school and everything really since she's a second semester freshman and I'm a junior. Anyway. I talked to Sara on the phone for about an hour, which was really funny, and she admitted how stupid she was to turn down the request of my company on her birthday ;) We should be able to get something arranged for this weekend, which would be great.

In other news, I got locked out of my dorm room for about 2 and a half hours last night. What happened was I arranged with my old roommate Katrina, to work out with her. (I got her into WATP Express hehe.) So we did the 3 mile tape so I was gone for like 45 minutes. I told my roommate I was going to work out, and I assumed she knew that Katrina's room was right down the hall. And I didn't bother bring my keys - big mistake! So we finished the tape at like 7:45pm and I went back to my room to shower and stuff and then we were going to meet back up at 9pm to watch a movie. I went to my room, and it was LOCKED - "Noooooo!" I screamed in my head. So I went back to Katrina's room and we put the movie in early. By 10:30pm (with a few stops in the middle to go to Molly's and etc) the movie was over, so I went back to get into my room. SHE STILL WASN'T BACK!!!! So I decided to go downstairs and ask security to let me in my room. They called an RA who let me in and then I took a shower and went to bed around 11pm. My roommate still wasn't back when I fell asleep around 11:30 I guess. But she was back this morning - ahhhhhh. The moral of the story is: ALWAYS BRING YOUR KEYS. The end.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hello hello blog world.

Not to much to report on this end, had one day of classes (Thursday) but it seems like a lot more! Yesterday I went to my first publication workshop - pretty much a class that meets once a week to suppliment for the college newspaper. I have to say that I don't really think I like newspaper journalism, which is interesting considering that's the basis of my communications major. Whatever. I just want to get out of school and you can't really do much with an English degree so that's why I have two majors. But I like English much more, and today I spent the better part of the day reading Wuthering Heights, which was pretty good but I much prefer "Jane Eyre" if I have to pick a Bronte work to love.

My other consuming hobby is tracking hurricane Ivan, which is the 3rd hurricane that will effect the state in a little over a month - can I scream WTF????!!!!!!!! If this has taught me anything it is that.... when my future mother in law has a disguised preminition in the form of a starky comment... I should listen to her. If I did I would be well and safe in England, putting cushions on the lawn chairs and attending 1,000 BBQ's. But some people need to suffer through higher education, and one of those people is me. I'm not complaining, and I know I'm fortunate blah blah blah. But I need a break, I need to be more laid back, enjoying life - and for 6 weeks this summer I did just that.

Speaking of laid back people, my wonderful friend Sara is not one of them. Tomorrow is her 21st birthday, and instead of accepting my offer to come and see her all way over in G-ville at UF she is going to working out her brain all day. But apparently she had a great summer at her internship doing something with marine life. Don't ask me, she keeps promising to tell me all about it but alas has not thus far. We'll be doing something in celebration of her coming of age soon though hopefully.

I think that's all I have to say, oh Pete and I ordered each other's anniversary presents today. We're getting each other DVD Boxsets for our 6th anniversary as a couple. Geez has it been that long???!!!! Wow! But the DVD's don't come out until the 21st so we won't be sending packages until well into October I think ;)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well I know I had trouble posting what I wrote earlier and how it has totally disappeared :(

The jist of it is:

The motel is pretty damaged - the sliding glass door and huge window in one 3 bedroom apartment on the ocean crashed in so thats a mess. On the other side of the street both roofs to 4 apartments caved in because of heavy rain.

My house and the motel, as well as my sister's house doesn't have power. My sister and the twins along with my brothers came to stay with me and my mom here at the college the night before last. I haven't had internet access in a few days so thats why I've been quiet. Classes have been cancelled since Friday but they start up again tomorrow. And that's about it ;)
Pete and Julie
  • Trying to adopt an expensive child.
  • Wish to kiss as it mightn't lead to pregnancy
  • Are now available on Disney DVD.
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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Very long day off school.

Yesterday I didn't have school, but we spent the day driving to Georgia, then decided since there were no places to stay from the edge of Georgia all the way up to Atlanta, that we would go somewhere else in Florida. We were originally going to go to my uncle's house in Atlanta - but it would have taken about 9 hours to get there and back. Plus they said the whole of GA would have heavy rain for three days after the hurricane so we would have to go home in that. And it looks like since the hurricane is now going to miss the area my school is in (St Augustine) that I'll have classes on Monday. So we decided to turn back, after attempting to stay at a camp ground - which of course was closing yesterday afternoon because of the hurricane - we made our way back and hit Jacksonville around 6pm. We then decided for the $65 it would be to rent a room for one night (they didn't have any rooms for Sat night) we would be better off going back home. So yeah we were in the car for nearly 12 hours and ended up back home. So this morning my mom and I decided to come back to my school and stay (my brothers and dad didn't want to travel again.) So here we are - it's actually nice. Hopefully my house won't get flooded from ocean surges but other than that we should be okay. Fingers crossed. :)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hurricane Update:

Well I'm home now, my school finally said that we could leave and classes tomorrow would be cancelled. Hmph too bad I only had a 1 hour publication workshop on Fridays. They also said that if you wanted to leave today then you wouldn't get bumped from your classes (they have a rule that if you miss the first day of class then you can get bumped from it and another person can have your spot if theres a waiting list to add that class.)

Anyway the car is all packed but we're not sure where we're going to go. Maybe just to my sister's for now to get away from the water. Then when we know more we'll take it from there. My brother in law said that the power company thinks its going to hit the south of Florida then go across or something.

That'll all the info I have for now, I'll let you all know more if I have accept to the internet later today and for the weekend but I'm not sure I will.

Two hurricanes in three weeks makes the prospect of moving to England very attractive! lol

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Yes Hurricane Frances is pretty much heading right towards the state of FL - have you seen the pictures - the whole state seems to be on its target. All schools in my county are closed, but I'm two counties north of them at my college - so we still might have classes tomorrow!! Ah. Either way I'm evacuating with the rest of the family, just heading north for as long as possible probably not more than a few days. Gotta love living here. ;)