Friday, September 24, 2004

It's all getting very old.... Hurricane Jeanne looks like it's going to hit the state somewhere, though it might not be as strong as the others we've had. I dunno, and really I don't care. I'm becoming immune to hurricane tracking. In other news, I dunno what I'm doing over the weekend either. I have two articles due on Tuesday for my Principles of Journalism class and a quiz in News and Feature Reporting on Monday. But I haven't talked to Pete on the phone in a long time (well I think we've only talked on the phone twice since I've gotten back from there - both times bc of the hurricanes and for short periods of time.) So...yeah. I also need to get some stuff at home so I might go home tomorrow night and then come back sometime Saturday. Dunno. Ah my suction-cupped bathroom caddy thing fell again a minute ago with a crashing bang. Going to go attempt to put it back up again, if it falls one more time it's going to just go on the shower floor.

That's the extent of excitement in my life for now...god help me.

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