Saturday, September 25, 2004

Mmmm propaganda! There's this "documentary" on TV, actually on the main station around here. It's for/about the NRA. Not that its blatant political propaganda but they're saying that the UN will be able to pass a rule or whatever taking away America's right to bare arms if the "political pendulum swings the wrong way." Hmmmmmm. Oh and then they have the commercial after it saying if you donate $45 to the NRA you get a cool NRA hat and a Homeland Security T-shirt. Now I'm not really against having guns, but I think all this "we're free so we should have guns" concept is a bit messed up. Whatever.

While I'm being political, let me tell you about a struggle I am having. I don't know whether or not I'm going to vote. I know I should blah blah blah. But it's totally the "pick the lesser of two evils" scenario. If there was a democrate that had actual opinions other than just everything the opposite of Bush, then I would vote for him. But sadly there is not. And neither Bush nor Kerry has convinced me that they should be president. So there. I have some time to figure it out but I dunno.

Okay done being political - in other news - I'm probably going to stay here now. The hurricane is looking like it will go a bit more west and actually pass right over G-ville where Sara is, so I said she could come stay with me if she wanted. But I'm not going anywhere probably. That being said the wind just kicked up and my window made another noise hmmm hope it'll be okay. Anyway that's about it for now, going to turn off the stupid TV and work on an article I have to do for Tuesday :)

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