Monday, September 20, 2004

Well I don't have a lot of time, on the comp at the library but...

Hurricane Jeanne is now back to a Tropical Storm, but there is Hurricane Karl and Tropical Storm Lisa out there. None of which look like they're going to hit us thank god. Went home this weekend - the motel is a mess but isn't as bad as I expected but I didn't look a lot across the street where the roofs caved in. Went to the movies and to the Outback with Sara, and I made her buy a drink (I would have bought her one but I'm underage lol.) We swapped stories from the summer which was funny. :) She liked her presents so that was good too. Have an article due at 2pm and have class at one so I have to proofread the article and print it again - then I'm not looking at it anymore, hope it's decent. Then I have work in the school newspaper office for an hour. Went to Target yesterday and got a whole bunch of stuff that I'll link to later if I can find anything online :)

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