Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hurricane Update:

Well I'm home now, my school finally said that we could leave and classes tomorrow would be cancelled. Hmph too bad I only had a 1 hour publication workshop on Fridays. They also said that if you wanted to leave today then you wouldn't get bumped from your classes (they have a rule that if you miss the first day of class then you can get bumped from it and another person can have your spot if theres a waiting list to add that class.)

Anyway the car is all packed but we're not sure where we're going to go. Maybe just to my sister's for now to get away from the water. Then when we know more we'll take it from there. My brother in law said that the power company thinks its going to hit the south of Florida then go across or something.

That'll all the info I have for now, I'll let you all know more if I have accept to the internet later today and for the weekend but I'm not sure I will.

Two hurricanes in three weeks makes the prospect of moving to England very attractive! lol

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