Saturday, February 28, 2004

Wedding Stuff

I can't see it on the right menu but it might have shown up - a link to our wedding planner. I also added some links to the info I added but pagebuilder (which I hate and am going to stop using soon) is being stupid.

Pete and I are pretty excited about the whole wedding which is good. He's mentioning the time we want to have it to his parents today I think so they can keep their calenders open hehe.

I know Gem can't see Geocities sites so basically the new planning ideas are:

Honeymoon location: New York City

Bridesmaids dresses: Lavender

Flowers: Oriental lilies and white roses.

The links I found are: Planning a Honeymoon in NYC. And also a neat site about Victorian Weddings.

Wedding Stuff

I can't see it on the right menu but it might have shown up - a link to our wedding planner. I also added some links to the info I added but pagebuilder (which I hate and am going to stop using soon) is being stupid.

Pete and I are pretty excited about the whole wedding which is good. He's mentioning the time we want to have it to his parents today I think so they can keep their calenders open hehe.

I know Gem can't see Geocities sites so basically the new planning ideas are:

Honeymoon location: New York City

Bridesmaids dresses: Lavender

Flowers: Oriental lilies and white roses.

The links I found are: Planning a Honeymoon in NYC. And also a neat site about Victorian Weddings.
Hmph. Pete didn't get the job. Also his local Job Centre is being annoying jerks about stuff. Grrrr. Was pretty depressed earlier but getting over it. It's only the end of Feb. Still lots of time before the summer.

I re-did the graphics on my site earlier in the week. Check them out here. They're very springy considering the cold weather! Brrrr.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Romeo and Juliet

Been pretty down the last day or so. No specific reason just the 5+ year LDR thing getting annoying, combined with being lonely, and just blah. But I have something to cheer me up so thats good. Last summer Pete and I went to the Shakespeare's Globe in London just to see it, upon the insistance for like 3 years by my mom. So we went and it was pretty good, got charged like £8 each to go inside the main building and have a 5 second tour. We thought about getting tickets for the plays showing around then but none of them were very appealing to us. Well I just had the idea to see what they were showing this summer...and they're showing among other things...Romeo and Juliet. So Pete and I have decided that once we get the flight booked and no for sure the dates I'll be there we'll book tickets online for Romeo and Juliet. Yay!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

No News is Good News

The much anticipated news isn't very much news at all, or not yet. The news was that Pete had a job interview today in Southend. The un-news-ness of it is he now has to wait to see if he gets a second interview. ::fingers crossed::

Got out of class an hour early! Woohoo. Pete's suppose to blog tonight before he goes to sleep so I have something to read as I had to get off early to eat dinner and go to class. Been looking at DVD's to buy online and other is good. Thinking of getting Eddie Izzard on DVD but I think Pete has the most recent ones and we don't need anymore copies of DVDs, even though my player is region one and the Eddie Izzard ones he has are region two. Thanks to my Principles of Electronic media I actually know what NTSC and PAL stand for and etc. Feel smart, not really.

Talked to my cousin Jessica on MSN today. Hehe. We're a lot a like it's scary ;)

FCUK sucks

Stupid French Connection. My shirt isn't coming - they oversold their stock of clearence stuff ::sob:: grrrr. Might buy a dvd to ease the pain...

Monday, February 23, 2004

Good Morning

This weekend was complete chaos. Racing to hit today's deadline, however, it was not a college paper or project deadline but in fact an advertising one. My parents own and operate a small motel in Daytona as some of you know. Anyway being the only competent (slightly), and willing (mildly) person to do a half page ad for the motel in two days I was given the task on Friday (well really on about Weds but I couldn't start on it until the weekend.) So that is how I spent 2 days, filled with many annoyed comments and phrases. My mom is not the easiest person to work with in the first place, but given two days and no real concrete blue print for the ad it was indeed an interesting experience. Anyway it's over - which is great! Now back to my real deadlines - such as a paper due at 1pm today, luckily I just have to proof read it and print it out. Good news is on Friday I got the most adorable purse/handbag. It was 50% off and came to about $18 ;) I hope this picture isn't too gigantic:

My new purse

There is also something else that is good news but I don't want to jinx it so I won't say but fingered crossed ;)

Friday, February 20, 2004

Friday Five

When was the last time you

1. ...went to the doctor?

Ummm. Haven't been to the doctor in about 3 years lol.

2. ...went to the dentist?

Ummm. 2 Years ago I think lol. Have to go again soon then ;) I went to the dentist office with Pete when he had to go last July lol.

3. ...filled your gas tank?

Last Friday I think.

4. enough sleep?

Few nights ago.

5. ...backed up your computer?

Hmph. Very very long ago.
Quiz from Sas' blog :) (Who I have yet to link to - sorry! I'll get around to adding new ppl again eventually!)

You're Watership Down!

by Richard Adams

Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their
assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You'd
be recognized as such if you weren't always talking about talking rabbits.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

And another one - I was Cambodia (sp?) first but I took it again :)

You're Ireland!

Mystical and rain-soaked, you remain mysterious to many people, and this
makes you intriguing.  You also like a good night at the pub, though many are just as
worried that you will blow up the pub as drink your beverage of choice.  You're good
with words, remarkably lucky, and know and enjoy at least fifteen ways of eating a potato.
 You really don't like snakes.

Take the Country Quiz at
the Blue Pyramid


Daily Dirt

1. Marry at young age or later?

Umm. If everything goes as planned - we'll be married when I'm 22. So that's kinda young I guess ;)

2. Marry someone younger or older?

Pete's 6 years older than me.

3. Big or small wedding?

If I have it my way, probably pretty small.

4. Honeymoon or no honeymoon?

Hopefully yes but it depends on how much money we have lol.

5. Kids or no kids?

We think we want 2 kids - a girl and a boy. But we'll see how that goes ;)

Thursday Three

1. Do you have an accent?

Ummm I guess I do. It's a mixture of a bit of a New Jersey and Florida combination. But I do NOT have a Southern accent ie: ya'll and etc. Then I also have a lot of Essex vocab that I use a lot especially talking with Pete ;)

2. Do you like accents, which if so?

Yeah obviously I LOVE British/English accents mostly on men hehe.

3. Which accent really annoys you?

Some southern accents annoy me - like words such as "ya'll."

My antenna is getting surprisingly good reception so I just finished watching FRIENDS. Now Will and Grace is coming on - might hope in the shower quick. Finished doing the 2 mile WATP Express walk which was okay, might try the 3 mile the next time I exercise.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


I've been wondering whether or not to close down this blog for a few days now. It seems to be becoming more about my mundane existance than about anything I really want to share. Also I like posting on Pete's blog because I feel like I can be more liberal in my thinking - not that I feel I'm censored on here but its just different. Anyway I blogged yesterday at English Redneck about a few English type of things so go there to see. I also got rid of the dekap or whatever message board and put up a doodleboard - just because the other one took a little while to load and always seemed to be down anyway.

Today in my Advanced Expository Writing class a visiting author, Ladette Randolf came in to talk to us. Then I went to go hear a reading of one of her works tonight. It's moments like these that I feel really great to be in college, as Pete would say "it's just like Felicity!" Which I always have to keep reminding him (now its a bit of a joke) that college isn't like that. Talked to Pete on the phone today for a combined total of about 40 minutes, as my internet connection in the dorm was being stupid and I didn't feel like going back to the library. We had laugh as always ;) I might get him to blog about the meeting of the different brain cells in his head soon :)

Anyway thats all I can think of for now, might be back later with some insightful ramblings.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A Little Late...

Here some stuff I just had a chance to upload:

Valentine's Cards:

Card from Stacie

Card from Erin

Card from Natalie

Valentine's Virtual Flowers from Pete:

Flowers from Pete

Just another Monday...

I woke up this morning and my neck ached. I could hardly move it from side to side without pain. But most of the pain was at the nap of my neck just below the back of my head. Ouch. It's been getting a bit better throughout the day as I move about. I was also really tired. If I'm this bad at the age of 19 what am I going to be like when I'm like 69? Anyway. I got an A on my Electronic Media test that I took on Friday. yay. Worked me butt off I'm glad did well. After my classes I went to the library to get some stuff done but by like 4pm I felt really tried and worn out. So I came back here and chatted with Pete online and got some more done. I think sometimes a change of atmosphere is about the best thing. My throat has been hurting on and off today - hope I'm not getting sick - again. Had Pete's jumper on earlier. Geez that thing is so stretched out and comfy ;) I actually walked earlier which I suddenly got the urge to do but I hope I don't wake up tomorrow sore from that and my neck. I took some pictures of stuff that I've been meaning to take pictures of - a cool floor lamp I got at Walmart a few months ago, my anniversary card and love spoon from Pete, and the valentine's card he sent me ;) So I might add those to my MSN group soon - I'm running out of storage space on all of my names on there so I might have to make up another hotmail account just to get more space LOL. Well I'm still achy and have stuff to do...

Monday, February 16, 2004

Weekend (for lack of a better title)

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Sod all - as Pete would say. It was very nice though. Yesterday I chatted with Pete online, cleaned my room a bit at home, watched tv, chatted more with Pete online, called Pete on the phone, and went to bed around 10pm. I didn't sleep well Friday night so I needed the catching up. I finished reading Lost & Found last night. I give it about 3.5/5 stars. It was pretty good. I put the pictures of my new hair in myMSN Group. If you're not a member apply and I'll approve you if I know who you are ;)

I was going to blog about something else funny so I might be back later or put it on Pete's because it's about him and his family lol.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hi. Pete eventually emailed me at about 5am this morning on my phone. It was 10am there, none of the computers were working in his house yesterday and he couldn't find my dorm phone number.

Anyway, today I got my hair cut ;) Its short but I like it, I'll probably add a picture from my digital camera to my MSN site maybe tomorrow. Bit annoyed at the moment, Ab Fab isn't on Oxygen tonight :( But I think in a minute I'm going to put on a DVD - was thinking about putting on an old Ab Fab episode but my Series 4 dvd is in my dorm room and I've seen the other series like 100 times. Can't wait until the Series 5 DVD comes out on March 2nd hehe.

Yesterday I got my package from Pete for Valentine's Day in the mail finally. He got me a Me to You bear fianceé card, Guylian seashells and this cow parade cow ;) But he DID NOT get it from that site and pay that much for it! Plus he sent me his old gray sweater/jumper. He recently found it again while cleaning his room and I commented that he better not lose it because it has special meaning. (The first picture he sent me of himself online he was wearing that jumper.) So now I have it ;) Slept with it around me as another cover last night as its pretty big (but its a size small) lol. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day! As it's 2+ hours into it in England. I wished Pete a happy v-day before he went to bed ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2004


Have you ever wrote so much that your shoulder hurts ? Well I have. Today. In library for hours doing notecards for probably the most indepth test over 4 chapters that wasn't a final or a midterm I have ever had. Principles of Electronic Media is not fun. I don't care about parts of a satellite or who came up with the internet. Took an hour break to talk to Pete online and write a rather amusing farewell to his wireless keyboard. Visit English Redneck to read that. That was when I had energy. Still not done, have half of chapter 4 yet to do notecards for - nevermind tomorrow. Essay questions to prepare. Studying of notecards. I hate school. Found a Sliding Doors fanlist which is on the right menu.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Absolutely Fabulous!

Okay most of you know I love Ab Fab! Well I was thinking the other day if there were an Ab Fab fanlists out there and I did a search and found one! The even cooler thing is - theres an image for the fanlist where Edina is pictured with a computer which is EXACTLY like my new powerbookG4 or at least looks a lot like it! Anyway here it is:

Ab Fab Fan

Requesting a single room...

Roommate is v. annoying to sound like Bridget Jones with a blog. Here is a sample of a little 'conversation' that occurred a few minutes ago between us:

Me: I think this earring is stuck to my ear.

RM: The computer messed up on my presentation paper, one of the bullets is missing.

Me: ::grab big mirror Alice in Wonderland style, sit on bed and try to see my whole ear and why earring is stuck::

RM: I'm sure no one will even notice, they'll be looking at their papers not my board.

Me: yeah... I really wish I could see my whole ear.

::get earring un-stuck::

Me: Crisis adverted, don't have to cut off my ear.

RM: ::totally not even noticing::

Me: ::getting annoyed - grab towels - take shower::

Now she's talking on the phone with one of her weird friends, talking about weird story that weird friend is writing.

She's wearing - long sleeved t-shirt, boxers, black socks. She put her project board in the hall, and is worse at cutting a straight line than even I am. Which is v. frightening.

Well I should be off here to read but I just had to share my observations. Really hope I get a single room next year, or at least a half-sane roommate. God help me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


An hour left of my two and a half hour class, I posted a bit about it on Pete's blog as I've been posting a bit on that and trying to mess with the html a bit. I really am starting to get sick of the colors on this page. I want to change them this weekend, maybe I will attempt to use a template from somewhere. I can never seem to make sense of the templates though - ugh. I'll learn eventually, maybe someone will offer to help me... ::hint:: ::hint::


So cold in here still. Hope the boiler guys get here at a decent time tomorrow. Since coming back from Florida, I've been messing around with my room - keeping myself occupied by redecorating it to an extent. Never knew I had so much crap in my cupboards to be thrown out. Need to get another job soon too. When you're working, you wish you could be at home. But once you're home, you wanna be working. One of those crappy cycles in life. Can't wait to be with Juls again - just wanna get married and get our life together started. :-)
At least tomorrow I should be warm. ;-)
Love you Juls :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Such a cute post by my practically frozen fiancé ;) If you want to read a bit more of the uncensored version of Pete's boiler being broken visit English Redneck. I think the more I go to England in the winter, the more I understand the British obsession with holiday's in sun and why there are constant loan adverts to give people money for holidays in the sun. Pete used classic Essex slang 'Billy no mates' lol. I'll be your mate baby ;) lol. Reminds me of the book I got when I was there after Xmas 2002... I tried to find a link to it online but I don't remember the exact title offhand and its at my house lol.

Just been studying all day and doing nothing thats really blog worthy. Been feeling blah but Pete's post cheered me up ;)

PS - At least you don't have pigeons all around you and are desperately trying to get them to go away while they just mock you - like the guy we saw in London LOL. ;)

Brrrrrrrr, Cold

S,s,s,s,s,so cold ! I'm under my covers right now and the slightest gap in them makes it feel like a gust of arctic wind is flying down my back - hate the cold.

Need Juls here - beds always warm with Juls. I love Juls. I hate cold. Stupid boiler people aren't coming till Wednesday - feel like a homeless person in a box. Love Juls. Hate cold. Hate boiler people.

Actually leaving my PC on to get some crappy heat from it. I think I'm getting too used to Florida weather - this wouldn't have bothered me too much in the past but I seem to be getting more and more sensative to the cold now LOL
Either that or I just need to get married so I have Jul to cuddle up to everynight and even though that won't totally solve the issue of being cold - it makes the bed alot warmer than when you're alone in it like some frozen Billy no mates.

I love you Juju xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'll write on here again tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-)

Sunday, February 08, 2004

English Redneck

Hehe yeah so there's a name ;) Pete has now opened his new blog - totally uncensored lol. Beware. If you want to read it go to English Redneck, but if anyone asks I'm not with him lol. Really. ;) He's still going to post here but there will be a place for all his interests which most people who read my blog really don't care about - me included sometimes hehe. Just kidding baby ;)


Hello. Everyone having a good weekend ? Mine has been surprisingly relaxing. Some local news for the reading pleasure of everyone from so far away... President Brush ::cringe:: is coming to Daytona Beach for the races next Sunday. As if traffic and rednecks weren't prevalent enough around this time! That being said the motel needs the business so I shouldn't complain too much. Ugh I really don't like Bush but I won't get into that here. Yesterday we all went to my sister's house for a bday party for my brother Chris (who turned 17 on Thursday) and my mom (who's bday was Monday.) It was a good day but I ate WAY too much cake hehe. Today I need to work on my paper, 3rd draft due for Advanced Expository Writing class tomorrow. Busy week have a Abnormal Psych test on Weds and a Electronic Media text on Friday. ::sigh:: I'm getting my hair cut on Friday afternoon though! yay!! Pete has replied "Nooooooo!" when I mention it hehe. I told him not to worry, it'll grow back by the time I'm there and then I'll get his mum (who's a hair dresser) to cut it all off again just to torment him ::evil laugh::

Friday, February 06, 2004


My tummy feels icky. Its been like this pretty much all day. I've had it before - kinda like a burning pain in my stomach. Ick. I had a low carb cereal bar for breakfast then went down to work. Then I had a Starbucks vanilla frappacino from Molly's. It hurt before I had the frapp so I shouldn't have but yeah. By like noon I was shaking and felt kinda weird for some reason but it didn't seem to hurt, I had lunch and it was okay. Now I just had dinner and it hurts again :( Been working on my paper all day and reading...might go watch FRIENDS in the rotunda at 8pm - could attempt to watch it in here but I would have to mess with the antenna for ages to get a decent picture so I'll just go out there. Roommate is having another crisis...god.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Pete also got me these kiss bears that I fell in love with at Gem's. I was going to get them myself but I didn't feel like going through the whole paypal registration process for a $5 graphic. So I asked Pete for them as a anniversary/valentine's present. ;) I called him on the phone and let him open up his package :) Hopefully mine will be here soon!

Kiss bears - present from Pete :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Virtual Flowers

Awwwww Pete sent me virtual flowers in email today ;) I sent him a hallmark ecard last night that was all lovey dovey hehe. He also got his Valentine's package today in the post!! I sent it out on Friday! Wow the USPS is gaining points in my if only the Royal Mail could follow suit! He hasn't opened it yet so we might just wait until I get mine in the mail and then open them together on the phone - which is kind of a tradition with packages for us lol. Anyway the roses look remarkably like the real ones he sent me for our 5th Anniversary as a couple back in November ;) Here's the pic of them:

first pic together lol

Us 4 years ago today...

first pic together lol

My mom took this picture without letting me know she was taking it, a few minutes after I found Pete in the airport after being 2 + hours late. You can see my back and a part of Pete's arm lol.

Us the following day

The next day we went with my mom and brothers to the mall. This is a pic of us in the car before leaving to go there. Awww I love this pic ;) We look so young!! I was 15 and Pete was 21 back then hehe. Yes I said 15 lol.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Got so many of these nowadays. ;-) And one of them is tomorrow ! Feb 4th is the day me and Jul met in person for the first time. :-)
Seems like ages ago now and I guess it was. ;-)) Still remember it completely though - was waiting around for awhile thanks to a flat tire - but I knew she'd turn up so I wasn't worried. :-)
And here we are 4 years later and still as strong as ever. Right now I'm just counting the days down till Summer, but I'm sure it'll soon come around. Sent off Juls Valentines day package and I've made a promise to grab the latest series of Ab Fab for her when it comes out. ;-)

I love you so much baby. Wherever we end up, it'll be great being with you everyday ! :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baby Names...

Yeah I know I have problems hehe. I found this linked on the hotmail site: Top 10 Baby Names of 2003.

Girls' names

Boys' names

In bold are the ones I really like for each. Pete and I have pretty much established our babies names...if we get what we want, a boy and a girl their names will be: Michael Ian and Chelsea Isabella. Their initials will come out MIA and CIA hehe.

Monday, February 02, 2004


Are you British?
Made by Erin @ Bored Now

Yeah I totally cheated as I knew the obvious British answers hehe.

What month should you have been born in?
Made by Erin @ Bored Now

Interesting. I agree with everything but the 'can't express love easily' or whatever. :)

Mmmm just had very fatty/greesy/yummy mozerella sticks from Molly's. Now I stink like frying fat lol. Might exercise later to make up for it. Have a headache from being on computer way too long - yet I can't seem to stay off for long!

On to other things

Thanks for all that tags and sweet messages. We'll come to a decision eventually but right now I am tired to discussing it on here. If you really want to talk to me about it you can email me. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Well I tried to post last night but my comp went mental and I had to shut it off before I finished. So yeah. Short version is - a few airlines: Air France, British Airways, and Continental are canceling upcoming flights from the UK and France to a few US cities. Read more about it from BBC news here. And it looks like a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to JFK was returned to London after a burning smell was noticed in the cabin - read about that here.

I'm really glad Pete isn't heading over or going home around this time as I would be REALLY worried. Hopefully everything will calm down soon before I go over in the summer.

I want to say a big thanks to Pete for being so wonderful and great yesterday :) Thanks for cheering me up baby - love you so much!! xxxxxxx