Thursday, February 26, 2004

Romeo and Juliet

Been pretty down the last day or so. No specific reason just the 5+ year LDR thing getting annoying, combined with being lonely, and just blah. But I have something to cheer me up so thats good. Last summer Pete and I went to the Shakespeare's Globe in London just to see it, upon the insistance for like 3 years by my mom. So we went and it was pretty good, got charged like £8 each to go inside the main building and have a 5 second tour. We thought about getting tickets for the plays showing around then but none of them were very appealing to us. Well I just had the idea to see what they were showing this summer...and they're showing among other things...Romeo and Juliet. So Pete and I have decided that once we get the flight booked and no for sure the dates I'll be there we'll book tickets online for Romeo and Juliet. Yay!

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