Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Brrrrrrrr, Cold

S,s,s,s,s,so cold ! I'm under my covers right now and the slightest gap in them makes it feel like a gust of arctic wind is flying down my back - hate the cold.

Need Juls here - beds always warm with Juls. I love Juls. I hate cold. Stupid boiler people aren't coming till Wednesday - feel like a homeless person in a box. Love Juls. Hate cold. Hate boiler people.

Actually leaving my PC on to get some crappy heat from it. I think I'm getting too used to Florida weather - this wouldn't have bothered me too much in the past but I seem to be getting more and more sensative to the cold now LOL
Either that or I just need to get married so I have Jul to cuddle up to everynight and even though that won't totally solve the issue of being cold - it makes the bed alot warmer than when you're alone in it like some frozen Billy no mates.

I love you Juju xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'll write on here again tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-)

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