Friday, February 20, 2004


Daily Dirt

1. Marry at young age or later?

Umm. If everything goes as planned - we'll be married when I'm 22. So that's kinda young I guess ;)

2. Marry someone younger or older?

Pete's 6 years older than me.

3. Big or small wedding?

If I have it my way, probably pretty small.

4. Honeymoon or no honeymoon?

Hopefully yes but it depends on how much money we have lol.

5. Kids or no kids?

We think we want 2 kids - a girl and a boy. But we'll see how that goes ;)

Thursday Three

1. Do you have an accent?

Ummm I guess I do. It's a mixture of a bit of a New Jersey and Florida combination. But I do NOT have a Southern accent ie: ya'll and etc. Then I also have a lot of Essex vocab that I use a lot especially talking with Pete ;)

2. Do you like accents, which if so?

Yeah obviously I LOVE British/English accents mostly on men hehe.

3. Which accent really annoys you?

Some southern accents annoy me - like words such as "ya'll."

My antenna is getting surprisingly good reception so I just finished watching FRIENDS. Now Will and Grace is coming on - might hope in the shower quick. Finished doing the 2 mile WATP Express walk which was okay, might try the 3 mile the next time I exercise.

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