Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Requesting a single room...

Roommate is v. annoying to sound like Bridget Jones with a blog. Here is a sample of a little 'conversation' that occurred a few minutes ago between us:

Me: I think this earring is stuck to my ear.

RM: The computer messed up on my presentation paper, one of the bullets is missing.

Me: ::grab big mirror Alice in Wonderland style, sit on bed and try to see my whole ear and why earring is stuck::

RM: I'm sure no one will even notice, they'll be looking at their papers not my board.

Me: yeah... I really wish I could see my whole ear.

::get earring un-stuck::

Me: Crisis adverted, don't have to cut off my ear.

RM: ::totally not even noticing::

Me: ::getting annoyed - grab towels - take shower::

Now she's talking on the phone with one of her weird friends, talking about weird story that weird friend is writing.

She's wearing - long sleeved t-shirt, boxers, black socks. She put her project board in the hall, and is worse at cutting a straight line than even I am. Which is v. frightening.

Well I should be off here to read but I just had to share my observations. Really hope I get a single room next year, or at least a half-sane roommate. God help me.

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