Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Such a cute post by my practically frozen fiancé ;) If you want to read a bit more of the uncensored version of Pete's boiler being broken visit English Redneck. I think the more I go to England in the winter, the more I understand the British obsession with holiday's in sun and why there are constant loan adverts to give people money for holidays in the sun. Pete used classic Essex slang 'Billy no mates' lol. I'll be your mate baby ;) lol. Reminds me of the book I got when I was there after Xmas 2002... I tried to find a link to it online but I don't remember the exact title offhand and its at my house lol.

Just been studying all day and doing nothing thats really blog worthy. Been feeling blah but Pete's post cheered me up ;)

PS - At least you don't have pigeons all around you and are desperately trying to get them to go away while they just mock you - like the guy we saw in London LOL. ;)

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