Monday, February 23, 2004

Good Morning

This weekend was complete chaos. Racing to hit today's deadline, however, it was not a college paper or project deadline but in fact an advertising one. My parents own and operate a small motel in Daytona as some of you know. Anyway being the only competent (slightly), and willing (mildly) person to do a half page ad for the motel in two days I was given the task on Friday (well really on about Weds but I couldn't start on it until the weekend.) So that is how I spent 2 days, filled with many annoyed comments and phrases. My mom is not the easiest person to work with in the first place, but given two days and no real concrete blue print for the ad it was indeed an interesting experience. Anyway it's over - which is great! Now back to my real deadlines - such as a paper due at 1pm today, luckily I just have to proof read it and print it out. Good news is on Friday I got the most adorable purse/handbag. It was 50% off and came to about $18 ;) I hope this picture isn't too gigantic:

My new purse

There is also something else that is good news but I don't want to jinx it so I won't say but fingered crossed ;)

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