Tuesday, February 24, 2004

No News is Good News

The much anticipated news isn't very much news at all, or not yet. The news was that Pete had a job interview today in Southend. The un-news-ness of it is he now has to wait to see if he gets a second interview. ::fingers crossed::

Got out of class an hour early! Woohoo. Pete's suppose to blog tonight before he goes to sleep so I have something to read as I had to get off early to eat dinner and go to class. Been looking at DVD's to buy online and other is good. Thinking of getting Eddie Izzard on DVD but I think Pete has the most recent ones and we don't need anymore copies of DVDs, even though my player is region one and the Eddie Izzard ones he has are region two. Thanks to my Principles of Electronic media I actually know what NTSC and PAL stand for and etc. Feel smart, not really.

Talked to my cousin Jessica on MSN today. Hehe. We're a lot a like it's scary ;)

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