Saturday, December 12, 2009

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

It's inching, or flying, towards Christmas and my mood is a bit topsy-turvy. I love Christmas, but being homesick and missing my mom usually means that Christmas it a bit of a difficult time. I recognize this, I don't avoid it, but my mindset isn't as bad as it was last year. I like remaining positive, it makes my natural tendency towards physical displays of frustration more infrequent.

So on this postive note, here are the things I love about Christmas-time:

Cadbury's Hot Chocolate
Present buying
Christmas trees
Receiving Christmas packages
The Christmas Movie Classic: A Christmas Story
Eating chocolate and watching the above on Christmas eve

And, on a slight downer, things I don't like about Christmas:

That Crap Christmas Song
No Advent Calendars left at Thornton's
Storing Christmas presents
Wrapping Awkwardly shaped Christmas presents
Christmas boredom
The Christmas Comedown - which happens just after presents are opened.
Not being closer to my next-of-kin
Missing my mom slightly more because she loved Christmas

Tomorrow we're going to see the second most famous Christmas story of all time. (This one being the first)