Saturday, January 31, 2004

Here we go again...

So I knew Pete would blog about the ever present decision over FL or Essex. And I knew he would say what he said to me this morning, that he won't have me living next to druggies and single teenage mothers which honestly cover most of Essex (or at least the areas we could afford straight away.) When he was over here England seemed the more fun decision, away from my family (who I love but they drive me crazy at times.) Also Pete said I often seemed happier when I was there and maybe I am. But thats probably because I'm with him and I'm treated like a real person by his family and friends.

The day after he left I called him on the phone and he told me about his mum's tires - and suddenly I remembered how it was around the not to nice areas of Essex. And his grandparent's hanging plant, which underlines the idiot pissed people who don't have anything better to do with their lives. Overall I feel a bit confused now - not knowing what to make of our decision. People how I talk to it about say "go to England" probably because it sounds like a cool thing to do. Well I'm indecisive at the moment and like Pete said I guess I'll just see how we feel when I go over in the summer. We thought we made a decision but as we've found - nothing is set in stone.

Love you too baby xxxxx we'll decide something eventually or we'll just find an island in the middle of the ocean and live on that ;)


Ok, Florida or Essex ? Feels like an easy decision to make - practically everyday, people make that decision for me within a split second with replies like "What ?? Goto Florida !" Well, words to that effect anyway, family friendly rules means I can't really fully quote the real versions of the answer.

I've spent awhile today thinking about areas me and Juls could live in. Unfortunatly the places I seem to come up with are pretty crappy. The street I live in now is nice, but at the same time, this house costs well over 100,000. One thing I refuse to do is have me and Juls living in a deadend road surrounded by druggies and teen single Mothers who couldn't even keep a plant alive, let alone a kid.

Whats making it hard to think of a real ideal place here is the fact that I've experienced a good area of Ormond Beach and Daytona. Of course Florida has its no go areas and stuff, but overall, its a safer place than Essex.
The day I got home from Florida, I was informed within 10 seconds of seeing my Mum that her tires had been slashed the night before. Then of course theres the nice drunk people that like to rip hanging baskets (which are bolted to a brick wall) off of my Grandparents wall in their front garden.

I love my family of course, but at the same time, I don't want Jul living in a place like that. Overall its going to come down to what she thinks when shes here. I'll be happy as long as I'm with her. :-)

I love you gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, January 30, 2004

Jul's Friday Five

Friday Five
You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?

Ummm probably Pete depending on the time I found out. If it was like 2am I wouldn't call cause I would get Tony and he would insist on a percentage because I woke him up at 2am lol.

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

Ummm maybe a new car ? A new cooper mini or a Toyota of some kind

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

I would buy Pete a MR2 even though he can't drive it lol and a husky. And I would buy my parents something big not sure what lol

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

I would give probably my parents some, a bit to my siblings, maybe some to Pete's parents and grandparents. I dunno I have a big family so I'd soon run low!

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

I would pay off my student loans/financial aid. Wow a millon is not a lot of money considering all this lol.

Cow Mad...

So I know what Pete got me for Valentine's Day hehe. He told me last weekend because I told him what I got him. He's got me another cow from the Cow Parade London Herd hehehe but I dunno which one he got me. I already have Beefeater and Bovingham Palace. I really like Lucky Cow but I guess I'll see when my package comes :) I'm sending out his tomorrow morning too ;) Still no sign of the book - going to buy another one tomorrow from the bookstore - so at least if I do find the other one I can return the new one I buy. Well thats about it for now. Pete's imood was something a bit ummm less family friendly before but I made him change it ;-p

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Ooo seems like blogger has gone to the format on PC's that they've had for awhile now on Macs. In Library on the comp of course, only somewhat working on my 'letter of interest' that I have to turn in by tomorrow. I have been identified as a candidate for membership into Sigma Tau Delta. So I need to turn in the letter and $40 by tomorrow, also my advisor had to submit a letter of recommendation for me. I have class at 2pm - Intro to Visual Communications I. Its pretty interesting all we do is take notes and look at pictures for an hour and 15 mins. I have to remind Pete to censor his language on the blog hehe.

Hi baby xxxx

Just got back from Basildon - Dolphins jacket kept me warm - stupid ice everywhere, nearly fell on my ass like 3 times. Got all the stuff together for your valentines package so I'll be sending it out tomorrow. ;-)
I love you sexy xxxxxxxxxxxxx See you later ;-)

Back again

Yay. I fixed the mysterious template problems by changing the template and then copying and pasting it into the new one. So ta-da. Since Pete's now goingto be posting I added his name to here and changed the title to "Our World Unscripted" but for linking purposes I'm keeping the actual address. Awww what a sweet message Pete wrote me :) Thanks baby xxxx. I told him to report on his travels to Basildon tomorrow since it's suppose to snow again. It snowed today but it melted. It was pretty cold here too - not sure what temp though. Still no book. If it doesn't turn up by Friday I have to either a) order one online which will save me about $30 or b) buy it again from the bookstore here - which will cost more but I'll have it the same day. Either way I need it a few days before the 11th of Feb which will be the first test in that class. Hmph. Eating a milky way bar - haven't had on it ages and they were out of reeses so I got it. Hehehe. Reminds me of one day when Pete and I ate a whole pack of them while watching Fawlty Towers LOL. Remember that baby ? ;) I read in my Principles of Electronic Media book that the average person spends 1.5 hours on the internet per day. How many do I spend on there a day ??? At least that, probably over double that amount today! Geez. Anyway I need to go read before I give myself a headache! Night!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Luckiest guy alive

Hi gorgeous ;-)
Hope your lessons aren't stressing you out too much xxxxxxxxx Just a quick message to say I've been thinking about you non stop and I don't ever wake up without knowing just how lucky I am to have a sexy goddess like you. :-) I love you Juls xxxxxxxxx

Ugh my stomach...

Ugh. Stomach is churning - must have been dinner. I never eat sausage, I have to force it down when I do. The whole thing goes back to when I was little and got sick after I ate sausage. Eating the sausage probably had little to do with it, but since then I never like the stuff very much. Well that being said they had 'sausage skillet' for dinner tonight. So I had some - hence the stomach churning. Of course diet coke doesn't help matters but thats what I'm drinking at the moment. I should be doing reading but I'm not. Still haven't found the missing book. But there's always tomorrow - one of my instructors believes its in a classroom her class is held in so we'll see. Pete and I got into a fight today - I really have to think before I speak (or type in this case) and Pete needs to work on his self concepts. I sound like Dr. Phil which means I will surely kill myself soon. LOL. But we made up :) Anyway I'm not going to post about what I orginally got on here to post about. But thats why this is called unscripted I suppose. Ta.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oooo ahhh

Yes as you can tell I just learned how to change the fonts in html hehe. More good news - Jennie made me a stamp!! Thanks so much!! It's linked to the site where she got the cute little duck for it. I'll have to put it up to pick up sometime soon!

My cute stamp made by Jennie!

But with good news comes bad! I'm sick again! Yes my cold is back! I swear I've had this thing forever and it just keeps coming back. I didn't come back up to school til this morning cause I felt too crappy to drive last night. Planning on going to bed early tonight. Pete called me tonight which was nice :) I got him all his valentines day stuff for his package that I think I'll send out on Friday morning hehe. He already knows what he got: Pirates of the Carribbean on DVD. But the other stuff is a mystery to him, well besides the little Homer poster thing I got him - dunno if that'll fit in the small box with his other stuff!! We'll see. Oh and I'm missing my abnormal psychology book!!! I had it in class on Friday so I must have left it in the classroom or in the following class !!! I have to go to the lost and found tomorrow and pray I wrote my name in it and it gets back to me!! If not I'll have to shell out another $108 for it!!! AHHHH. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 25, 2004


I made a page for stamps. I need to add others from online friends and such but pagebuilder won't load. Ummm anyone interested in making me a stamp ? I would do myself but I don't really have time LOL.

Friday, January 23, 2004


Thanks for all the sweet messages everyone. I'm feeling much better. Feel like a huge weight has been lifted after today, its something personal so I won't go into it here. But at least now I know where I stand. (And it doesn't have anything to do with Pete so don't get all worried hehe.)

Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite...


I've been listening to a lot of the Corr's stuff from like 2001. The CD is in my player in the car so I dunno the song titles off hand.


Been craving Reeses a lot. Which defeats my exercising but oh well.

3. show?

Ab Fab Series 5. Its on again tonight on Oxygen hope I don't fall asleep!!

4. ...scent?

The Gucci perfume Pete got me on the plane duty free hehe.

5. ...quote?

"I want to be the change I see in the world" - Gandhi


Not feeling like myself lately. Nothing really to post. Except I do not agree with our "marriage combination" (the site is linked at Jennie's) and I'm too lazy to link to it myself but this is ours:

Horse Husband and   Rat Wife

"He requires physical as well as mental freedom. She is levelheaded, industrious and affectionate. She will be content to stay in a close.knit family; he must constantly explore uncharted seas. She is resourceful and thrifty. He is adventurous, flirtatious and changeable. They will not see eye to eye on how things should be done because of the differences in their temperament. The Rat views the Horse as selfish and inconsiderate. He finds her too bossy and possessive. After careful appraisal, neither may find each other appealing enough to join forces permanently."

I think they have me really well described but Pete is very much the opposite of the 'horse husband' but he might consider me bossy. Well off to do some work and wallow in my own blah-ness.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

300 Miles

Yes as of yesterday I've walked 300 miles since 1/18/03. Woohoo. Did the WATP Express 2 mile walk again and it seemed to go by faster than it did the night before. Woke up today very achy. Ooo my Cow Parade cows came in the mail yesterday :) I might add a link to this post later of them. Not too much else going on, just class. My 2 and a half hour Web Publishing class was last night, we're doing very simple HTML so thats good as I haven't really been able to learn it on my own hehe. Guess thats about it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hello blogging world. Not too much going on with me lately, just been reading text for my Advanced Expository Writing class (yes it's as scary as it sounds lol - okay not really just a lot of reading.) Am already behind in that. Tomorrow is going to be a mega-busy day for me:

Work: 9am - 11:30am

Class: 2pm until 3:15pm

Class again: 5pm until 7:30pm

Okay so it doesn't look all that busy on the blog but when I have a lot of reading to do and stuff it is lol.

Book recommendation for US/UK people: "Lost and Found" by Jane Sigaloff. At first it confused me because there were a mix of English and American terms in it such as: "jumper" then a few lines after "sweater" etc. But its about an English woman who leaves her diary in a NY hotel and an English/American man (English dad/American mom) finds it. So I thought that was cool because I know that Pete and I really mix with words like that so we have our own little vocab hehe.

I did the 2 Mile walk for WATP Express today - it was pretty good. Up to a total of 298 mile since 1/18/03 :)

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Wedding Planner Page

I just did my first entry in our wedding planner page :) What do you all think?

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Morning. At home now for the weekend as it's my sister's bday tomorrow and we're having a party for her and her husband today (his bday was on Thurs.) I have been waiting all week to see the next epidsode of Series 5 of Ab Fab - but its on Oxygen and since I don't have cable in my room I would have to come home to watch it hehe. It was on last night at 9pm, I was waiting all day and then I was laying on the couch and watched about 10 mins of it at the most when... I FELL ASLEEP !!! Noooo!!! I'm pretty sure it'll be on again either over the weekend or next Friday before or after the newest episode. Pete says he'll get it for me when it comes out on dvd!! yay!!

On Thurs night I did the easy walk one mile of WATP Express - it was pretty good. I like how when using the stretchy you can hold it closer for more resistance but its a bit awkward to use - I'm sure I'll get use to it :) Yesterday I went food shopping when I came home - its really true what they say about going to the grocery store hungry!!! Bought like $47 worth of stuff!! I even got ready made just heat up Chocolate Fondue mmm. Will have to try it soon!! It was like $7 cause it's imported from Switzerland but oh well lol.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hi hi. First day of classes went pretty well, haven't had my class today yet but I worked from 9am til noon. Good old mailroom gotta love it. Ummm last night I was going to exercise but I ended up sleeping as I felt pretty icky. Feel better today. I SWEAR tonight I'm going to try out my Walk Away the Pounds Express!!! I haven't walked for at least a month - bad me. But I did reach a mini goal - a pair of jeans I bought a few years ago, that were pretty tight on me even when I bought them, FIT now!! yay!!! Dunno how I did it as I've been pretty bad with my diet, and Pete being here didn't help much as he loves junk food and eating out and is super thin and can't gain weight - argh. I finally re-did the graphics on my homepage - that you can find a link to on the right side. Getting use to my trackpad on my laptop...I love this thing! I can even lay in bed and chat with Pete hehe. Pete sent my Cow Parade cows he ordered for me when he was here, the ones I wanted were only available in England and it was really expensive to have them shipped here so they were shipped to his house and he sent them on to me hehe. Ummm well I should go do some reading I got assigned yesterday and stuff.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Out with the old...

I'm blogging from my new...dun dun dun... PowerBook G4!!! Yes a MAAAAC as I was saying it when Pete was here and it was official that I got it on ebay. Its an early 20th Birthday present woohoo. Takes some getting use to but anyway. I'm really tired had to move all my stuff myself up to my room, search for parking etc. Roomie already being a pain. Classes tomorrow - have 3 in a row from 11am until 2pm UGH. Anyway goodnight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

On my own again...

Yes here I am - all on my lonesome. But not depressed or even sad. I was a wimp and cried a bit today, on the way to the airport from Cecil's (Pete's favorite rib place in Orlando), and then when I was waiting with him on the line before he had to go through security. He broke down in the line too but I made him stop :) Then I cried on and off on the way back from Orlando. My mom and I stopped at Super Target and got a few little things, and I spent the rest of my gift card except about $1.85 - on Starbucks - mmmm. White chocolate mocha mmm. I told Pete I'd call him tomorrow when I get up ;) I've been looking at flights for the summer, Ebookers seems to be the best deal on British Airways. So hopefully it'll stay at that price until we can book it. Hopefully within a month or so, depending on when Pete finds a job... he left the one he was at to come here as he didn't have any more holiday time left til the first of the year and he wanted to be here for Christmas. So fingers crossed he can either get back into the place he worked before until he can start an IT course and learn how to drive. Or find a new place to work. My mom and I were talking about the wedding on the way back, think its about time to start thinking about it - since it isn't really to far away hehe. We're looking at mid-May or early June 2006, probably a Catholic church wedding. I want to get some good ideas in mind to start planning it - I already have a few in my head but I want to start a planning journal online soon. Well I might go clean my room a bit and finish packing. Need to drive up to school tomorrow for registration - and classes start on Weds. Fun fun. Night!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Hi hi. Yesterday Pete and I went to the mall - he wanted to get me something, a nice top, if I saw one I liked. Well we went into New York and Company and they were having a winter sale :) Before I knew it I had about 6 items to try on. I ended up getting: a long black skirt, a dark gray turtle neck type sweater (jumper), a black top with a V neck and V back with little beads all around the neck, a black top that kinda hangs down at the neck, and a light blue long sleeved shirt with my intial on it ;) All of that came to like $80 which was really good! Then we went into Express, Pete saw a dress that he wanted me to try on, I liked it on the rack but didn't know if it would look good on me. Well it looked pretty good on - only thing was the price - $68 not on sale! UGH. But Pete wanted to get it for me anyway. So we spent almost as much on that one item than we did in the other store for a lot more items. Oh well. We had some lunch then went to the motel and visited with my Granny and great uncle. On our way to the motel it occurred to me that my sister's bday is coming up (Jan 18th) and I didn't know what to get her - so I asked my mom if she had a long sleeved shirt with her initial on it and my mom said she didn't think my sister did - so we went back to the mall and got her a black shirt with her initial on it in NY & Company. :) Then we ended up stopping at Foot Locker on the way home because Pete wanted to see if they had an NFL jersey he wanted - and they did - so he got that. Then we went to Starbucks and got Caramel Macchiatos mmmm.

I finished "Bookends" last night. I give it 4 stars - it was pretty good but kinda sad. I started the other book I got recently "Lost and Found" which I don't think I really like so far - as the author's style is a bit confusing and I found a typo on page 9!!! Sorry but that really annoys me being an English and Comm major. Hmph anyway. It has to be said that I got the book because I liked the cover - it had US and UK flags with a heart in between - its about a London lawyer who left her diary in a hotel room in NYC. We'll see how it goes.

Pete leaves tomorrow at 6:30pm :( He's asleep now - as he didn't get a good night's sleep last night. I've been getting up really early - about 7am but then falling asleep on the couch around 10pm, waking up around 12am then going to bed.

Anyway best be off here - we both have to pack up today as I go back to school for registration on Tuesday morning. Bye!

Friday, January 09, 2004


Wow this past week has gone by so fast! :( Pete leaves on Monday in the evening. I'm not completely thrilled but trying to stay optimistic - we have a pretty settled plan for the future, of course its not definite but we're happy with it. I go back to school on Tuesday for registration and then classes start on Weds, so I'll be busy again soon. We haven't really been doing much lately but watching the DVD's I got for Christmas - we've finished all episodes of Felicity and Mad About You. I'm about half way through "Bookends" and its pretty good :) I'm thinking of starting an engagement/wedding/future planning journal online sometime...inspired by Gem hehe. Well I guess I'll end this one here. Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, January 05, 2004


Not much going on around here. On Friday we got American Wedding on DVD at Walmart - it was on sale for like $12.95, Walmart doesn't have the unrated version for obvious reasons so we just got the regular one. Watched it on Friday night - was pretty funny, but a bit sick in parts - was glad I walked out of the room at one point! Then we watched the first episode of the new series of Ab Fab (Series 5) on Oxygen. It was pretty funny - can't wait til the new series is on DVD!! Ummm yesterday we met my friend Sara at the mall and got presents from her and our friend Tiff. Sara got me the book - Bookends by Jane Green and a $20 gift card to Target!! Tiff got me a Cow Calender from Chick-Fil-A hehe. Sara also surprised us with a belated engagement present - a set of plates for four - which are very nice ;) Then we walked around the mall, decided to get something to eat, drove to Steak N Shake but it was packed so we ended up at Wendy's and had a good chat and laughed a lot. Then Sara had to leave so Pete and I went to the motel to pick up my brother, but stopped off in Target to see if I could use my card on anything - I got fuel for our Fondue Set. Then we went to the motel and then went home. Today we went to the motel and helped my dad with rooms, went to Ci Ci's Pizza, then went to Best Buy and Sports Authority - where Pete got some track bottoms (of course!) and then stopped in Barnes and Noble where Pete got me a book called: Lost and Found by another British author with the first name Jane...last name begins with an S but I'm too lazy to go and see what it is LOL.

The title of this entry is decisions because Pete and I have been trying to decide what country to live in after we get married. They are positive aspects to both so we've decided to try to get some third party I've posted on a few message boards/groups I'm in for LDR's and those who have moved to another country after finding love online...

Pete leaves a week from tomorrow :( Actually its a bit weird as we heard on the news earlier they've grounded a few British Airways flights but we didn't get the full story...but I'm sure he'll depart next Monday :( But I'll be in England this summer probably :) Anyway I think Pete's asleep on the couch so I better go see...

Friday, January 02, 2004

Welcoming 2004

Happy New Year !!!!!

Wow 2004 already! This year is going to be rather big and has already been pretty eventful! Pete and I rung in the New Year at my sister's house while babysitting the twins (who at the age of one were all cuddled up asleep hehe.) Had some food and watched episodes of The Simpsons Series 3 and Mad About You Series 2. Then we watched the History of Sex on the History Channel LOL it was actually pretty interesting. ;) We stayed over at my sister's and then came back home this morning. Pete's mum had called last night at midnight GMT but we weren't in as we were already at my sister's. So Pete called her back this morning. It was such a nice day out that I really wanted to get out of the house so we headed to Saint Augustine around noon. We didn't do much there just walked around and talked a lot about the future - mostly about deciding on a country to live in. At the end of the day we *think* we've settled on one but keep reminding each other that its *not definite.* To be dramatic and secretive I'm not going to say what we decided ;) Ooooo another big thing that happened today - my mom just won something on Ebay for me :) Not going to say what it is either but its v. cool and will come in handy for school! Better get off here and help put away Christmas decorations!

Wishing everyone the best in 2004!!!!!