Tuesday, January 13, 2004

On my own again...

Yes here I am - all on my lonesome. But not depressed or even sad. I was a wimp and cried a bit today, on the way to the airport from Cecil's (Pete's favorite rib place in Orlando), and then when I was waiting with him on the line before he had to go through security. He broke down in the line too but I made him stop :) Then I cried on and off on the way back from Orlando. My mom and I stopped at Super Target and got a few little things, and I spent the rest of my gift card except about $1.85 - on Starbucks - mmmm. White chocolate mocha mmm. I told Pete I'd call him tomorrow when I get up ;) I've been looking at flights for the summer, Ebookers seems to be the best deal on British Airways. So hopefully it'll stay at that price until we can book it. Hopefully within a month or so, depending on when Pete finds a job... he left the one he was at to come here as he didn't have any more holiday time left til the first of the year and he wanted to be here for Christmas. So fingers crossed he can either get back into the place he worked before until he can start an IT course and learn how to drive. Or find a new place to work. My mom and I were talking about the wedding on the way back, think its about time to start thinking about it - since it isn't really to far away hehe. We're looking at mid-May or early June 2006, probably a Catholic church wedding. I want to get some good ideas in mind to start planning it - I already have a few in my head but I want to start a planning journal online soon. Well I might go clean my room a bit and finish packing. Need to drive up to school tomorrow for registration - and classes start on Weds. Fun fun. Night!

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