Saturday, January 17, 2004

Morning. At home now for the weekend as it's my sister's bday tomorrow and we're having a party for her and her husband today (his bday was on Thurs.) I have been waiting all week to see the next epidsode of Series 5 of Ab Fab - but its on Oxygen and since I don't have cable in my room I would have to come home to watch it hehe. It was on last night at 9pm, I was waiting all day and then I was laying on the couch and watched about 10 mins of it at the most when... I FELL ASLEEP !!! Noooo!!! I'm pretty sure it'll be on again either over the weekend or next Friday before or after the newest episode. Pete says he'll get it for me when it comes out on dvd!! yay!!

On Thurs night I did the easy walk one mile of WATP Express - it was pretty good. I like how when using the stretchy you can hold it closer for more resistance but its a bit awkward to use - I'm sure I'll get use to it :) Yesterday I went food shopping when I came home - its really true what they say about going to the grocery store hungry!!! Bought like $47 worth of stuff!! I even got ready made just heat up Chocolate Fondue mmm. Will have to try it soon!! It was like $7 cause it's imported from Switzerland but oh well lol.

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