Sunday, January 11, 2004

Hi hi. Yesterday Pete and I went to the mall - he wanted to get me something, a nice top, if I saw one I liked. Well we went into New York and Company and they were having a winter sale :) Before I knew it I had about 6 items to try on. I ended up getting: a long black skirt, a dark gray turtle neck type sweater (jumper), a black top with a V neck and V back with little beads all around the neck, a black top that kinda hangs down at the neck, and a light blue long sleeved shirt with my intial on it ;) All of that came to like $80 which was really good! Then we went into Express, Pete saw a dress that he wanted me to try on, I liked it on the rack but didn't know if it would look good on me. Well it looked pretty good on - only thing was the price - $68 not on sale! UGH. But Pete wanted to get it for me anyway. So we spent almost as much on that one item than we did in the other store for a lot more items. Oh well. We had some lunch then went to the motel and visited with my Granny and great uncle. On our way to the motel it occurred to me that my sister's bday is coming up (Jan 18th) and I didn't know what to get her - so I asked my mom if she had a long sleeved shirt with her initial on it and my mom said she didn't think my sister did - so we went back to the mall and got her a black shirt with her initial on it in NY & Company. :) Then we ended up stopping at Foot Locker on the way home because Pete wanted to see if they had an NFL jersey he wanted - and they did - so he got that. Then we went to Starbucks and got Caramel Macchiatos mmmm.

I finished "Bookends" last night. I give it 4 stars - it was pretty good but kinda sad. I started the other book I got recently "Lost and Found" which I don't think I really like so far - as the author's style is a bit confusing and I found a typo on page 9!!! Sorry but that really annoys me being an English and Comm major. Hmph anyway. It has to be said that I got the book because I liked the cover - it had US and UK flags with a heart in between - its about a London lawyer who left her diary in a hotel room in NYC. We'll see how it goes.

Pete leaves tomorrow at 6:30pm :( He's asleep now - as he didn't get a good night's sleep last night. I've been getting up really early - about 7am but then falling asleep on the couch around 10pm, waking up around 12am then going to bed.

Anyway best be off here - we both have to pack up today as I go back to school for registration on Tuesday morning. Bye!

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