Saturday, July 31, 2004

Happy weekend

Yesterday we went to see King Arthur in the cinema :) It was a pretty good film, and we both thought it was really interesting that they told the classic story in a different way etc. We went to Pizza Hut before the cinema and had a yummy stuffed crust hawaiian pizza mmmm. Walking to the nearest bus stop to the cinema we passed Pete's grandparent's house and Pete's granddad was mowing the lawn in front so we stopped and said hello to them ;) I guess since both sets of my grandparents always lived far away it seems really lovely to me to be able to be walking down the street and seeing Pete's like that :)

I think today the new gas BBQ is going to be christened ;) I've counted and I think I've been to something like 8 BBQ's in about 5 weeks hehe.

Time is passing by very fast which is depressing :( Though we're pretty much broke so we won't be doing much the whole of next week so it should pass by slowly :) Then on Monday around noon I fly home :( I'm waiting til I get home to change my blog layout because I know it'll make me depressed if I have to look at it when I'm in FL.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Hi blogging world

Been about a week since I've posted. Hmmmm. On Thursday we went bowling with Pete's friends Dan and Kate. It wasn't as fun as the first time we went with Kate and Carla, because Dan plays a lot so we all sucked compared to him ;) After bowling we went to Chili's for dinner where Pete's friend Nicky and her fiance met up with us. Of course the UK Chili's cramped our party of 6 into a table meant for 4 people so it was interesting trying to eat. Pete and I were both in the middle of two rows of 3 people so it was fun to try to eat our food properly. It was a laugh though.

On Saturday we went around to Pete's grandparents for another BBQ. Good family friends Josie and Pete were there with a set of their grandchildren so that was interesting, but we all had fun with the 3 kids all under of 5 years old ;) Pete was so cute with them and I took pics of him cuddling Aimee and Louis ;) Yesterday Pete's parents went out and bought a really cool gas BBQ so Pete helped Tony set it up and Lin and I watched them, which was entertainment enough.

We went shopping today and NEXT is having their summer sale so I got 2 tops and a present for my friend Sara (I'm not saying what as she might read this ;))

Well that's about it for now, I have to go peg up my towels so they will dry ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Very funny quote from the book I got today: "Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination" by Helen Fielding...

"She had seen her friends' older sisters, radiant and triumphant, flashing minuscule H. Samuel's solitaires on their engagement fingers, spending months obsessed with dresses, flowers, and event-planning, only to be found a couple of years later in the shopping centre, fat, broke and hassled, pushing prams through the rain, moaning about being hit, or belittled, or left. And she thought: Sod that."

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hi hi.
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Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was pretty good, tis the season for BBQ's here in England, so we went to one that Tony's cousin was having on Saturday, and then we had on here yesterday.   
On Friday we were going to go to the movies as I said on here, but on Thursday night we were having dinner and talking and Tony wanted to see "The Day After Tomorrow" and I wasn't too interested in seeing it so we decided that Pete and Tony would go. On Friday I felt pretty crappy anyway with cramps so I stayed home and hung out with all the girls who came over for Lin's candle party. It was a lot of fun and Lin and I bonded a bit. She offered to get me a cute little blue elephant candle holder that she was getting as well off her commission from the party, I told her she didn't have to but she persisted hehe.

Then on Saturday at the BBQ we chatted a lot which was nice. When we all got home that night she checked the lottery and she won £450 !


That was very exciting! Yesterday was fun, the couple next door and their little 3 and a 1/2 year old came over as well as Pete's grandparents. Pete was so cute with little Jordan, they ended up crawling in the garden attacking Tony with little suction cup guns. Spinning I'll have to upload the pics of them it was so cute!

Not too much planned this week, I'm cooking dinner I think tomorrow and Weds, as Lin won't be home until late. I'm going to be doing my chicken, ranch dressing, and pasta dish. But Tony doesn't eat pasta so I'll have to make him mash potatoes instead grrr  Dizzy 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The dog we're sponsoring, Mojo ;)
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I forgot to mention that Pete and I got a dog...well kind of ;) Today we started sponsoring Mojo from Dogs Trust. (He's the first one on the left on the 3rd page of dogs to sponsor) Pete's been talking about him all day, he really loves doggies and this is the next best thing to having his own again ;)
Hi hi blogging world.

Haven't posted in awhile :) On Monday we went to the Tower as I said we would. We were debating on waiting until Tuesday as it looked pretty gray but we decided just to go and make the most of it. We got to the Tower Hill underground stop around noon so we decided to get something to eat around there before going into the Tower. We first went to the KFC which is right across from it pretty much but it was really packed. We were going to go to Pizza Express but it really expensive, so we went to a new place called Wrap. I really recommend it if you see one around in London because the wraps are really good and cheap, it was about £7 for both of us.

The Tower of London was great as usual. We did the guided tour with the yeomen, which of course consisted of a lot of Americans, it felt weird to be around them because I felt like some sort of English/American half breed ;) We were there for almost 4 hours then decided to just walk around the area. We came across St. Katharine's Docks across from the Tower, and had Starbucks there. We were going to go to Picadilly and look around the shops but it was getting to rush hour so we thought we should get on the tube back to Liverpool Street. Of course there were more delays due to "incidents" (ie someone hurling themselves in front of the trains.) But we got home just in time for an in door BBQ with Pete's parents and a few of their friends which was a laugh. Forgot to mention that I got my nephew a red double decker bus to roll around in the Tower giftshop ;) We love the Tower so the gift shops were really tempting but we managed not to get anything, but I did get Pete a book on Japanese Armour for £5 in the Tower.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet, today we went to Basildon to look around at Eastgate (which is a shopping mall pretty much.) They just opened an Asda Supercentre there; Asda is owned by Wal-Mart so it is freakishly bizarre how similar it is to Wal-Mart in there ;) I even found Reese's peanutbutter cups, but Pete didn't find any hershey's kisses or Twizzlers for him :( We did look at the kitchen appliances for when we get our own place and picked out a toaster, kettle, and George Foreman grill we like - going with our black and chrome color theme we have pretty much adopted from our fondue set and other things we have received ;)

Oooo, that reminds me, I forgot to mention that Pete's friend, Kate, got us a Tokoyo dinner set for us for an engagement present :) It has 2 sets of different size oriental style plates, bowls, and mugs ;) I'll have to take some of the set out to take a pic of ;)

Tomorrow we're going to the cinema to see "The Day After Tomorrow" which I'm not too bothered about seeing but Pete wants to see it and nothing else in the movies is any good so we might as well ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Again, not up to much around here. The weather has been pretty crappy, and we're broke so we're trying to make our limited amount of money go as far as possible.

On Thursday we went bowling with Pete's friends, Kate and Carla It was a lot of fun and since we've kept on saying that we have to go again. We went to Hollywood Bowl, and it was really cool; there was a cafe, bar and arcade in there. We played 3 games and Pete won the last one, and I only came in last twice lol. Yeah I suck. ;) On the way home with only place open to eat was KFC so we went in there around 10:45pm and they closed at 11pm so we ate quickly and Kate dropped us off at home.

Today is Pete's mum's birthday and of course they're out at a friend's celebrating

Tomorrow we're going to the Tower of London so that should be great, we've been there twice already and it never gets boring.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Been quiet around here :) If you didn't guess, Tony and Lin are Pete's parents :) The pic was taken at Pete's Aunt's BBQ on Saturday. The weather was actually a bit cool and Lin kept on making fun of me for having my coat on when I was outside on the patio ;)

Not too much going on here this week, Pete's parents are in Cornwall for a little holiday :) Yesterday we went to see Shrek 2 in the cinema, we just made the 1:30 show which was good because if we went to a later on we would have gotten caught more in the rain than we did. By the time we got to the highstreet on the bus it was pissing down (lovely slang there). We ran to Somerfield's to get some stuff for dinner, then ran to the taxi station. But we were still soaked anyway.

Shrek 2 was really good! Pete and I both think it's a lot better than the first :) There are a lot of big name actors for the voices, and some British actors in it as well. John Cleese is Princess Fiona's father and Jennifer Saunders is the Fairy Godmother hehe.

Umm that's about it for now on this end, Pete's mum's birthday is Sunday and we got her Sweet Home Alabama on DVD so she should like that :)

Also I put pics up on my msn group if anyone is interested. If your not a member just email me and I will approve you ;)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Tony, Lin, Pete and I on Saturday
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Sunday, July 04, 2004


Saturday, July 03, 2004

Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday we went to see Romeo and Juliet. We left the house about 11:45am and got on the train around noon. Good thing we gave ourselves some time to find the Globe again, because we forgot where it was from last summer when we went. We were walking towards Tower Bridge, so we got some pics of us there. Hehe.

We finally found the Globe after having to walk over to the other side of the Thames. By that time I was really thirsty and my feet were really hurting me (because I was stupid and wanted to wear my boots even though I knew my feet would hurt.) So we spent £2 on a glass of orange juice outside the theatre. We had good seats in the first level of the seating area pretty much in the middle. The only complaints we had that people that were seated on the inside of our row were late and the seating is on wooden benches and cramped anyway so we had to get up to let them pass. There was an intermission about half way through the play, as Pete stood to get up a woman in the opposite set of rows next to us tripped and fell down the wooden steps, hitting her head on the wood banister

They found a member of staff for her and we left to get out of the way, which I was happy about because it freaked me out and I felt really bad for her. She went unconscious, and they stupidly moved her before the pharametics arrived; but I guess it would be dangerous for her to stay there with the amount of people that were going to be around. Anyway, the second half was good, and I thought the ending was the best. The cast ended in a clapping dance thing like in A Knight's Tale.

After the play, we went to the gift shop and I got 4 postcards to send out, I took pics of the postcards with my camera to show online because I couldn't take pics inside the theatre. Then we went to Starbucks for some Caramel Macchiatos, and Pete got me a huge Starbucks England mug with Shakespeare on it.

It was around 5:45pm by the time we left Starbucks, so we decided to find a underground station and head home even though it was rush hour in London. It took us a long time to find Cannon Street station which was the one we had got off at to get there. There were delays on the District and Circle Line, which of course were the lines we needed to get back to Liverpool Street. So after a lot of we decided to go on next District line train that went to Algate East, then got the Hammersmith & City line to Liverpool Street. That will make some sense to anyone familiar with the underground system. After we got home, around 7:30pm, we ordered Dominos pizza and chatted with Lin and Tony.

BTW, today is Pete's 26th Birthday

So we're off to a BBQ this afternoon at Pete's Aunt's, which might be a traditional English BBQ indoors as it is suppose to rain later. That's about it for now.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hi hi. Busy weekend ahead for us :) Tomorrow we're going to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe in London. Then Saturday is Pete's birthday, and we're going to a BBQ at his Aunt's which should be fun. Sunday is the final of Euro 2004 ;) So we're having a BBQ if the weather is decent, and having a mini 4th of July celebration hehe.

Yesterday we went to Basildon for some shopping and KFC. Of course I looked around NEXT ;) I was tempted by a few tops but only got one, which I took a pic of and will add sometime soon on here. We also went into the Republic and I got a FCUK top for £7 woohoo. It says: "FCUK Football, What about me?..." hehe. I might show the pic of it I took later sometime.

Anyway thats about it on this end, Pete's grandparents and a few of his friends are coming around tonight so that should be nice :) I'm really having a great time here being all normal and coupley. I can't really explain it but I feel really at home here ;)