Saturday, July 31, 2004

Happy weekend

Yesterday we went to see King Arthur in the cinema :) It was a pretty good film, and we both thought it was really interesting that they told the classic story in a different way etc. We went to Pizza Hut before the cinema and had a yummy stuffed crust hawaiian pizza mmmm. Walking to the nearest bus stop to the cinema we passed Pete's grandparent's house and Pete's granddad was mowing the lawn in front so we stopped and said hello to them ;) I guess since both sets of my grandparents always lived far away it seems really lovely to me to be able to be walking down the street and seeing Pete's like that :)

I think today the new gas BBQ is going to be christened ;) I've counted and I think I've been to something like 8 BBQ's in about 5 weeks hehe.

Time is passing by very fast which is depressing :( Though we're pretty much broke so we won't be doing much the whole of next week so it should pass by slowly :) Then on Monday around noon I fly home :( I'm waiting til I get home to change my blog layout because I know it'll make me depressed if I have to look at it when I'm in FL.


Jennie said...

Hope time passes slowly until you leave.

Anne said...

LOL that's alot of BBQ's there! Still, they're always fun and so easy to prepare for. That's one of the things I look forward to doing alot when we get our own home (long way down the track though!).

Juls, did you receive an email from me? I wanted to ask you something. Can you please email me at

Thanks *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

its lizzy!
hello earringed -essex -girl- observer! sounds like you're having a great time,(waving hello to grandad cutting grass is very cute) and getting plenty of barbies in as well!too bad those english hot dogs just cant beat a Sabretts, Nathans or Hebrew National franks ! drooooooooool (we brought back five pounds of Sabretts from new jersey.. heaven!)
in liverpool , they vend franks from carts, and david said they are canned.. how terribly uncivilized! can this really be the people that gave the world shakespeare ?
im sorry you are getting blue over the trip's end.. I just said goodby to my family for another year, so I know how you must feel,,, I m in a missing fog as well. just start counting down the days till the next good time your together...
and yup, im 3 months gone, with code named " bert" who could be bert-essa..( his in -utero name is after a bbc monster) we are all thirlled,, and im eating enough for 5 berts,, arghghgh( its those new -yawk franks!)
david flew off to mum and dad last night,( via Istanbul, to manchester,,, oy vey) and ill be going next saturday..( Sigh... same way) they are going absolutley mad over there,,their first blood grandchild...( eden and iris , although they love granny helen, are from my first marriage) and cant wait to get their spoling hooks into me.... sounds good! even sister Sue is going to show up in Jerusalem for the big day in march.. ( ill have to get in a good supply of newkie brown for her.. lol)
is pete coming for christmas again? thats not too far off, and after that , its next summer and the wedding to look forward to,, so enjoy your last week , sweety, and don't be too sad.
all the best

Juls said...

Congrats again Lizzy :) I'll be coming here to Essex for Xmas hopefully :)

Anne - I didn't get your emails :( I'll email you right now though :)

Thanks Jennie - hope you have a good time with your parents when they arrive :)