Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hi hi blogging world.

Haven't posted in awhile :) On Monday we went to the Tower as I said we would. We were debating on waiting until Tuesday as it looked pretty gray but we decided just to go and make the most of it. We got to the Tower Hill underground stop around noon so we decided to get something to eat around there before going into the Tower. We first went to the KFC which is right across from it pretty much but it was really packed. We were going to go to Pizza Express but it really expensive, so we went to a new place called Wrap. I really recommend it if you see one around in London because the wraps are really good and cheap, it was about £7 for both of us.

The Tower of London was great as usual. We did the guided tour with the yeomen, which of course consisted of a lot of Americans, it felt weird to be around them because I felt like some sort of English/American half breed ;) We were there for almost 4 hours then decided to just walk around the area. We came across St. Katharine's Docks across from the Tower, and had Starbucks there. We were going to go to Picadilly and look around the shops but it was getting to rush hour so we thought we should get on the tube back to Liverpool Street. Of course there were more delays due to "incidents" (ie someone hurling themselves in front of the trains.) But we got home just in time for an in door BBQ with Pete's parents and a few of their friends which was a laugh. Forgot to mention that I got my nephew a red double decker bus to roll around in the Tower giftshop ;) We love the Tower so the gift shops were really tempting but we managed not to get anything, but I did get Pete a book on Japanese Armour for £5 in the Tower.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet, today we went to Basildon to look around at Eastgate (which is a shopping mall pretty much.) They just opened an Asda Supercentre there; Asda is owned by Wal-Mart so it is freakishly bizarre how similar it is to Wal-Mart in there ;) I even found Reese's peanutbutter cups, but Pete didn't find any hershey's kisses or Twizzlers for him :( We did look at the kitchen appliances for when we get our own place and picked out a toaster, kettle, and George Foreman grill we like - going with our black and chrome color theme we have pretty much adopted from our fondue set and other things we have received ;)

Oooo, that reminds me, I forgot to mention that Pete's friend, Kate, got us a Tokoyo dinner set for us for an engagement present :) It has 2 sets of different size oriental style plates, bowls, and mugs ;) I'll have to take some of the set out to take a pic of ;)

Tomorrow we're going to the cinema to see "The Day After Tomorrow" which I'm not too bothered about seeing but Pete wants to see it and nothing else in the movies is any good so we might as well ;)

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Mel said...

Hey Juls
so glad you're enjoying your time over there. I'm getting kinda "homesick" when I read your reports about London...
Wish you and Pete a great Sunday :-)