Thursday, July 08, 2004


Been quiet around here :) If you didn't guess, Tony and Lin are Pete's parents :) The pic was taken at Pete's Aunt's BBQ on Saturday. The weather was actually a bit cool and Lin kept on making fun of me for having my coat on when I was outside on the patio ;)

Not too much going on here this week, Pete's parents are in Cornwall for a little holiday :) Yesterday we went to see Shrek 2 in the cinema, we just made the 1:30 show which was good because if we went to a later on we would have gotten caught more in the rain than we did. By the time we got to the highstreet on the bus it was pissing down (lovely slang there). We ran to Somerfield's to get some stuff for dinner, then ran to the taxi station. But we were still soaked anyway.

Shrek 2 was really good! Pete and I both think it's a lot better than the first :) There are a lot of big name actors for the voices, and some British actors in it as well. John Cleese is Princess Fiona's father and Jennifer Saunders is the Fairy Godmother hehe.

Umm that's about it for now on this end, Pete's mum's birthday is Sunday and we got her Sweet Home Alabama on DVD so she should like that :)

Also I put pics up on my msn group if anyone is interested. If your not a member just email me and I will approve you ;)


Jennie said...

Hi Juls,

Fun to hear what you're up to. Nice photo. :) Ick on the rain - sounds like us the other day too.

I was just checking out that William fan listing you're in. I was surprised to see that there are 197 fans from the USA and only 18 fans from England. Bizarre. Even Canada has more fans.

Anonymous said...

cute photo!!! you must be thrilled to be in England~ nice change of scenery. Annyway, you know Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots? Close your eyes and that is the exact same accent as Dennis!!! So, Have fun with the in-laws :)
Hugs, Erin

Juls said...

Awwww Erin hehe thats funny now I know what Dennis sounds like ;)

Anne said...

Hi Juls,

Shrek 2! We hope to go see that in the next week or so too. I've spoken to a few people who've said the first one is better and some who've said the 2nd one is better, lol. Guess I'll have to judge for myself!

Glad you're enjoying your visit! *Hugs*