Monday, July 26, 2004

Hi blogging world

Been about a week since I've posted. Hmmmm. On Thursday we went bowling with Pete's friends Dan and Kate. It wasn't as fun as the first time we went with Kate and Carla, because Dan plays a lot so we all sucked compared to him ;) After bowling we went to Chili's for dinner where Pete's friend Nicky and her fiance met up with us. Of course the UK Chili's cramped our party of 6 into a table meant for 4 people so it was interesting trying to eat. Pete and I were both in the middle of two rows of 3 people so it was fun to try to eat our food properly. It was a laugh though.

On Saturday we went around to Pete's grandparents for another BBQ. Good family friends Josie and Pete were there with a set of their grandchildren so that was interesting, but we all had fun with the 3 kids all under of 5 years old ;) Pete was so cute with them and I took pics of him cuddling Aimee and Louis ;) Yesterday Pete's parents went out and bought a really cool gas BBQ so Pete helped Tony set it up and Lin and I watched them, which was entertainment enough.

We went shopping today and NEXT is having their summer sale so I got 2 tops and a present for my friend Sara (I'm not saying what as she might read this ;))

Well that's about it for now, I have to go peg up my towels so they will dry ;)


Mel said...

I love BBQ's :-)) esp. in England, don't know why lol. Shame I'm missing the summer sales from Next, one of my fave shops over there.
Have a great week!

Stacie said...

Sounds fun! Hmm I wonder if I could get Alex's family to bbq for me in Oct lol. Just so I can have my first bbq in England. Glad to hear your having fun Juls! I can't wait to be back in England myself!