Saturday, July 03, 2004

Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday we went to see Romeo and Juliet. We left the house about 11:45am and got on the train around noon. Good thing we gave ourselves some time to find the Globe again, because we forgot where it was from last summer when we went. We were walking towards Tower Bridge, so we got some pics of us there. Hehe.

We finally found the Globe after having to walk over to the other side of the Thames. By that time I was really thirsty and my feet were really hurting me (because I was stupid and wanted to wear my boots even though I knew my feet would hurt.) So we spent £2 on a glass of orange juice outside the theatre. We had good seats in the first level of the seating area pretty much in the middle. The only complaints we had that people that were seated on the inside of our row were late and the seating is on wooden benches and cramped anyway so we had to get up to let them pass. There was an intermission about half way through the play, as Pete stood to get up a woman in the opposite set of rows next to us tripped and fell down the wooden steps, hitting her head on the wood banister

They found a member of staff for her and we left to get out of the way, which I was happy about because it freaked me out and I felt really bad for her. She went unconscious, and they stupidly moved her before the pharametics arrived; but I guess it would be dangerous for her to stay there with the amount of people that were going to be around. Anyway, the second half was good, and I thought the ending was the best. The cast ended in a clapping dance thing like in A Knight's Tale.

After the play, we went to the gift shop and I got 4 postcards to send out, I took pics of the postcards with my camera to show online because I couldn't take pics inside the theatre. Then we went to Starbucks for some Caramel Macchiatos, and Pete got me a huge Starbucks England mug with Shakespeare on it.

It was around 5:45pm by the time we left Starbucks, so we decided to find a underground station and head home even though it was rush hour in London. It took us a long time to find Cannon Street station which was the one we had got off at to get there. There were delays on the District and Circle Line, which of course were the lines we needed to get back to Liverpool Street. So after a lot of we decided to go on next District line train that went to Algate East, then got the Hammersmith & City line to Liverpool Street. That will make some sense to anyone familiar with the underground system. After we got home, around 7:30pm, we ordered Dominos pizza and chatted with Lin and Tony.

BTW, today is Pete's 26th Birthday

So we're off to a BBQ this afternoon at Pete's Aunt's, which might be a traditional English BBQ indoors as it is suppose to rain later. That's about it for now.


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Hi Juls

Wow! Your trip to the theatre ended up being quite eventful! That poor lady though, hope she is ok and yes I'd be quite freaked out about it too!

Glad your enjoying your time together with Pete and it's good that the time is passing slowly for you :)