Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hi hi. Busy weekend ahead for us :) Tomorrow we're going to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe in London. Then Saturday is Pete's birthday, and we're going to a BBQ at his Aunt's which should be fun. Sunday is the final of Euro 2004 ;) So we're having a BBQ if the weather is decent, and having a mini 4th of July celebration hehe.

Yesterday we went to Basildon for some shopping and KFC. Of course I looked around NEXT ;) I was tempted by a few tops but only got one, which I took a pic of and will add sometime soon on here. We also went into the Republic and I got a FCUK top for £7 woohoo. It says: "FCUK Football, What about me?..." hehe. I might show the pic of it I took later sometime.

Anyway thats about it on this end, Pete's grandparents and a few of his friends are coming around tonight so that should be nice :) I'm really having a great time here being all normal and coupley. I can't really explain it but I feel really at home here ;)

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Anne said...

Hi Juls,

Glad you're enjoying yourself. Yes, it's so great to feel "normal" when you're together isn't it? I always felt that too when Dennis would come over for a 3 month stay.

Hope you have fun at all your activities! Have a great weekend! *BIG HUGS*