Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pete and I saw this movie on Friday afternoon, as part of our first date since we've been married :) We thought it was really funny in parts, but we didn't really like the ending. Though we did seem to be the only ones that were laughing, so maybe its more American humor? Not sure. Anyway I'd give it 7 out of 10 stars :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Week

I've been here one week today, and am finally getting over the jet lag I think! Sorry I've been so quiet, I've been trying to write up my traveling experience to post on here but the entry is only a draft for now as I add bits to it day by day. Hopefully around Tuesday it will be ready to post. But since Pete is off work til then it'll have to wait :) We're having our post-wedding party here tomorrow, 80 people are coming, praying it doesn't rain (aren't I becoming British already?!) hehe.

Friday, August 18, 2006

She's Got a Ticket to Ride...

Well, this will be my last blog entry from the States. Tomorrow I'm off to London, TO LIVE. How weird is that?! Very weird. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely manic (because I'm procrastinating tonight of course) so I'm not even going to try to get online much beyond emailing Pete early tomorrow to say I'll see him on Saturday! Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

From Tea to Wine and Back

Sara, Tiff, and I were going to go to a tea room in Sanford yesterday, but since we didn't make reservations they couldn't let us in - which is pretty stupid. Anyway we ended up going to the Olive Garden and then to World Market, and then on to Designing Wines, in DeLand. Its this really nice little winery where you can make your own wine and sample all of theirs. We sampled a good amount of wine, and I'm feeling a bit of the effects this morning lol. I did get a bottle of peach chardonnay though, which was very nice. Not too sweet, and not too dry, yum!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Just My Luck

I was originally going to fly to London yesterday, but when booking my ticket I realized 1) it was probably too soon to book that date and 2) STA travel was being a pain and their website wasn't working and 3) I wanted the extra week to pack. I can only imagine what chaos it would have been traveling yesterday, but thankfully I didn't have to. I am, however, traveling a week from today. Actually this time next week I'll be (hopefully) on the plane and bound for London Gatwick (ah once again I'm glad I never fly into Heathrow!) So, because of new regulations I've been repacking my suitcases, well, that and because I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. I'm bringing an extra bag (yup paying the excess baggage fee of ::gulp: around $100) and at least one of my other bags are over the 50 lb. limit (thank you airlines for LOWERING the limit in April!) so I'll be paying the "I'm too important to listen to the rules" fee of $35 on each case I'm thinking. This moving stuff is getting expensive.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Making the Transition

Written on July 31st:

So it's the Monday after a busy week last week, and now I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs and avoiding packing. A part of me wishes I booked my flight for earlier in August, because to be honest I'm bored out of my mind here alone. I feel gross, my skin is breaking out, it's hot and humid out, and I just feel unmotivated.

My family is taking the news of my impending departure as well as to be expected. My sister, who's 12 years older than me, was shocked that I was leaving so soon. I explained to her that I was bored out of my mind, she agreed that she could understand that but I don't know. Maybe she can't. My sister and I have always had an odd relationship, with a 12 year age difference and only having the same mom I guess it's to be expected. But as I get older we're becoming more like friends, only sometimes she seems like one of those bossy "I know how you should live your life" kind of friends. My dad is taking it well, he's the one sane person I can always count on. He'll miss me but like he said I have to give it a try, and be with my husband. He also told me how my mom hated it here when they moved to Florida in 1986 and spent all day on the phone with her family in New Jersey, it was only after being down here for two years that they began to re-adjust. That's settling to know that I'm not the only person who's ever done this (and I knew I wasn't before) but knowing my parents went through something similar is comforting.


I wrote that about a week ago, now I'm starting to get cold feet. I know its not like I'm going to change my mind or anything, but I'm nervous about moving. I know it'll all be ok and I'll adjust to it, but I hate the unknown, even when its semi-known. Pete's parents are throwing us a Post-Wedding BBQ on August 27th, for all the family/friends who couldn't fly over for the should be fun :) The Friday before that Pete is taking me out on a date lol we never got to have a final date while being engaged so this is our first proper date as a married couple ;) Should be fun :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Layout

Just changed my layout. I'm hoping it looks ok on PC's since I'm on a Mac and Safari (web browser) always makes things look ok when they're really messed up lol. Let me know if anything looks funky ;)