Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Week

I've been here one week today, and am finally getting over the jet lag I think! Sorry I've been so quiet, I've been trying to write up my traveling experience to post on here but the entry is only a draft for now as I add bits to it day by day. Hopefully around Tuesday it will be ready to post. But since Pete is off work til then it'll have to wait :) We're having our post-wedding party here tomorrow, 80 people are coming, praying it doesn't rain (aren't I becoming British already?!) hehe.


Mel said...

Hi Juls
have a fun and great post-wedding party! Here's hoping too it won't rain.

Me, Myself and I said...

hehe! yup, u just sound like a british! :P

Anonymous said...

hey girl ,just returned form England myself, up to Crewe in Cheshire, visiting the in laws...
I also became "quite English.". I put a toddler harness on Ilan, as I got some peculiar looks for being such an Israeli mama and letting my year and a half old walk free in the town centre , and espcially in Liverpooll( scary collective memories of James Bulger).. in Israel, if you use a toddler harness, you'll get reported for child one uses them here.
anyway, enough about this old fart ... im so excited for you, and cant wait to hear your impressions- where you two love birds will be living, and how it feels to be moved over there finally not only there for a short trip. what are yo uloving? what pissess you off?
im sure there are some pretty daunting challenges before you and big changes ,finding work ,etc..
also, as I see now, after 6 years for going to blighty, , there are some cultural differences i found very different .. in regards to children particualrly
don't be upset if it may take some time to get used to your move, no matter how much in love an happy you are... we went through this all in 2000, when Mr England himself-my husband- moved here.. it took a long while to adjust... he even got ill from differences in water ,air, the firtst few months .. but he came round eventually,
id love to hear about your progress in your new life as a brit- with -accent !
im sure yo uare going to take england by storm and show those brits how its done!!!!
and enjoy your party
best regards
lizzy in jerusalem

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what she (Lizzy) said!