Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oooo ahhh

Yes as you can tell I just learned how to change the fonts in html hehe. More good news - Jennie made me a stamp!! Thanks so much!! It's linked to the site where she got the cute little duck for it. I'll have to put it up to pick up sometime soon!

My cute stamp made by Jennie!

But with good news comes bad! I'm sick again! Yes my cold is back! I swear I've had this thing forever and it just keeps coming back. I didn't come back up to school til this morning cause I felt too crappy to drive last night. Planning on going to bed early tonight. Pete called me tonight which was nice :) I got him all his valentines day stuff for his package that I think I'll send out on Friday morning hehe. He already knows what he got: Pirates of the Carribbean on DVD. But the other stuff is a mystery to him, well besides the little Homer poster thing I got him - dunno if that'll fit in the small box with his other stuff!! We'll see. Oh and I'm missing my abnormal psychology book!!! I had it in class on Friday so I must have left it in the classroom or in the following class !!! I have to go to the lost and found tomorrow and pray I wrote my name in it and it gets back to me!! If not I'll have to shell out another $108 for it!!! AHHHH. Wish me luck!

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