Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hello blogging world. Not too much going on with me lately, just been reading text for my Advanced Expository Writing class (yes it's as scary as it sounds lol - okay not really just a lot of reading.) Am already behind in that. Tomorrow is going to be a mega-busy day for me:

Work: 9am - 11:30am

Class: 2pm until 3:15pm

Class again: 5pm until 7:30pm

Okay so it doesn't look all that busy on the blog but when I have a lot of reading to do and stuff it is lol.

Book recommendation for US/UK people: "Lost and Found" by Jane Sigaloff. At first it confused me because there were a mix of English and American terms in it such as: "jumper" then a few lines after "sweater" etc. But its about an English woman who leaves her diary in a NY hotel and an English/American man (English dad/American mom) finds it. So I thought that was cool because I know that Pete and I really mix with words like that so we have our own little vocab hehe.

I did the 2 Mile walk for WATP Express today - it was pretty good. Up to a total of 298 mile since 1/18/03 :)

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