Friday, January 23, 2004


Not feeling like myself lately. Nothing really to post. Except I do not agree with our "marriage combination" (the site is linked at Jennie's) and I'm too lazy to link to it myself but this is ours:

Horse Husband and   Rat Wife

"He requires physical as well as mental freedom. She is levelheaded, industrious and affectionate. She will be content to stay in a close.knit family; he must constantly explore uncharted seas. She is resourceful and thrifty. He is adventurous, flirtatious and changeable. They will not see eye to eye on how things should be done because of the differences in their temperament. The Rat views the Horse as selfish and inconsiderate. He finds her too bossy and possessive. After careful appraisal, neither may find each other appealing enough to join forces permanently."

I think they have me really well described but Pete is very much the opposite of the 'horse husband' but he might consider me bossy. Well off to do some work and wallow in my own blah-ness.

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