Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Got so many of these nowadays. ;-) And one of them is tomorrow ! Feb 4th is the day me and Jul met in person for the first time. :-)
Seems like ages ago now and I guess it was. ;-)) Still remember it completely though - was waiting around for awhile thanks to a flat tire - but I knew she'd turn up so I wasn't worried. :-)
And here we are 4 years later and still as strong as ever. Right now I'm just counting the days down till Summer, but I'm sure it'll soon come around. Sent off Juls Valentines day package and I've made a promise to grab the latest series of Ab Fab for her when it comes out. ;-)

I love you so much baby. Wherever we end up, it'll be great being with you everyday ! :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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