Sunday, February 08, 2004


Hello. Everyone having a good weekend ? Mine has been surprisingly relaxing. Some local news for the reading pleasure of everyone from so far away... President Brush ::cringe:: is coming to Daytona Beach for the races next Sunday. As if traffic and rednecks weren't prevalent enough around this time! That being said the motel needs the business so I shouldn't complain too much. Ugh I really don't like Bush but I won't get into that here. Yesterday we all went to my sister's house for a bday party for my brother Chris (who turned 17 on Thursday) and my mom (who's bday was Monday.) It was a good day but I ate WAY too much cake hehe. Today I need to work on my paper, 3rd draft due for Advanced Expository Writing class tomorrow. Busy week have a Abnormal Psych test on Weds and a Electronic Media text on Friday. ::sigh:: I'm getting my hair cut on Friday afternoon though! yay!! Pete has replied "Nooooooo!" when I mention it hehe. I told him not to worry, it'll grow back by the time I'm there and then I'll get his mum (who's a hair dresser) to cut it all off again just to torment him ::evil laugh::

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