Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hi. Pete eventually emailed me at about 5am this morning on my phone. It was 10am there, none of the computers were working in his house yesterday and he couldn't find my dorm phone number.

Anyway, today I got my hair cut ;) Its short but I like it, I'll probably add a picture from my digital camera to my MSN site maybe tomorrow. Bit annoyed at the moment, Ab Fab isn't on Oxygen tonight :( But I think in a minute I'm going to put on a DVD - was thinking about putting on an old Ab Fab episode but my Series 4 dvd is in my dorm room and I've seen the other series like 100 times. Can't wait until the Series 5 DVD comes out on March 2nd hehe.

Yesterday I got my package from Pete for Valentine's Day in the mail finally. He got me a Me to You bear fianceƩ card, Guylian seashells and this cow parade cow ;) But he DID NOT get it from that site and pay that much for it! Plus he sent me his old gray sweater/jumper. He recently found it again while cleaning his room and I commented that he better not lose it because it has special meaning. (The first picture he sent me of himself online he was wearing that jumper.) So now I have it ;) Slept with it around me as another cover last night as its pretty big (but its a size small) lol. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day! As it's 2+ hours into it in England. I wished Pete a happy v-day before he went to bed ;)

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