Saturday, September 04, 2004

Very long day off school.

Yesterday I didn't have school, but we spent the day driving to Georgia, then decided since there were no places to stay from the edge of Georgia all the way up to Atlanta, that we would go somewhere else in Florida. We were originally going to go to my uncle's house in Atlanta - but it would have taken about 9 hours to get there and back. Plus they said the whole of GA would have heavy rain for three days after the hurricane so we would have to go home in that. And it looks like since the hurricane is now going to miss the area my school is in (St Augustine) that I'll have classes on Monday. So we decided to turn back, after attempting to stay at a camp ground - which of course was closing yesterday afternoon because of the hurricane - we made our way back and hit Jacksonville around 6pm. We then decided for the $65 it would be to rent a room for one night (they didn't have any rooms for Sat night) we would be better off going back home. So yeah we were in the car for nearly 12 hours and ended up back home. So this morning my mom and I decided to come back to my school and stay (my brothers and dad didn't want to travel again.) So here we are - it's actually nice. Hopefully my house won't get flooded from ocean surges but other than that we should be okay. Fingers crossed. :)

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